A Singing Bowls Story and Healing

Singing bowls have become well-known in spiritual and New Age circles. They are brass bowls, of various metal compositions (they have other metals added for sound quality and spiritual purposes), which lend to harmonious sounds when struck or rubbed. If you want to now more about them, go read my two free online books about singing bowls at my website Soul Guidance. I first came across the singing bowls when I was about eighteen years old. I attended a lecture by the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos, in Mechelen, Belgium. He was talking about how he was introduced to the singing bowls by the Tibetan lamas in London. Joska also played the singing bowls that evening, and I remember I was hearing the sounds as if they were traveling through the space in waves.

The legendary tomb of Kin Arthur in the ruins of Glastonbury abbey.
The legendary tomb of Kin Arthur in the ruins of Glastonbury abbey.

At that time it was little more than a curiosity to me and I completely forgot about it. When I about thirty, I went for a magical tour of Southern England with friends. Passing through Glastonbury, we visited the ruins of the famous abbey. In this abbey is the legendary tomb of King Arthur. At the tomb, a young man was making strange sounds with two shining metal bowls. One of my companions explained that these were singing bowls. She said she knew Joska Soos, a Hungarian born shaman living in Antwerp was using these bowls in healing sessions that he called “shamanizations”. I remembered vaguely the lecture I once attended. I decided to visit him. Joska Soos had a large collection of extremely good quality singing bowls that he had bought from the Tibetan monks in London. I bought a couple of singing bowls from him that are still the best ones I have ever encountered. A couple of weeks after my first visit I had a dream about a large singing bowl with a particular deep, low sound. I went back to Joska, and told him my dream. He went into the back room and pulled out some large singing bowls. They were all nice but did not have the sound I heard in the dream. He went back many times, and getting a little tired of it, he finally brought down the last one he actually did not intend to sell … and that was the one! He did sell it, as Joska was not attached to anything.

Joska Soos, the Hungarian shaman, playing his drum and the singing bowls

Joska Soos, the Hungarian shaman, playing his drum and the singing bowls

When I started playing them for myself, I discovered that I had a natural feel for them. It was as if I was already familiar with them, maybe from a past life. Sounds are powerful, and the harmonious sounds of the singing bowls had a subtle but progressive impact on me. It was as if certain (psychological) walls were falling away. Then I became engaged in a Reiki healing group. I started to bring singing bowls with me to play them for the group after the Reiki session. I have to mention here that when I would play the singing bowls for a group, my intention was one of healing, and I let the energies of the singing bowl spirits come through. Yes, there are sound spirits connected to the singing bowls. I have never heard anyone mentioning this, but Joska Soos confirmed it for me. Playing the singing bowls for a group (I continued doing this when I came to the USA), I started noticing that the people present were having all kinds of experiences. Some were seeing lights, in colors, or in flashes, others were seeing power animals. A few were making astral travels (these people were already engaged in spiritual or shamanic practices). Sometimes a physical ailment would resolve, sometimes an emotional upwelling would take place, like crying. The best healing took place a short time after I had joined the Reiki group. Gerda, the group leader, asked if the bowls could help relieve her frequent severe migraine. Sometime it lasted fr several weeks. With a migraine she felt as if her head was split in two. Gerda sat on a chair, while I played a singing bowl with a clear sustaining sound around her head for five minutes. It was the best singing bowl I had, it was one of the first two I bought from Joska Soos. After a deep breath she told me that as I played the singing bowl, energy in her head focused itself in the center of the forehead, or Ajna chakra, and then left her head in a forceful stream. Her migraine was gone, but she remained skeptical because in the past it would return quickly. This time it was different and a few weeks later a happy Gerda told me that her migraine had not returned at all. She was really amazed as nothing had ever helped to get rid of her headaches.

For those interested in a singing bowls CD, my Soul Sounds CD is a professional recording of a healing session; click on the image below:



About Cosmick Traveler

I am a life long spiritual seeker, exploring the mysteries of man, life, and the universe. I had many mystical experiences during my life. There is nothing spectacular about them. These experiences are often unexpected, and lie outside what we have been told is possible. They served to learn about the Greater Reality, that part of reality that is not talked about in school, government or corporation. Nevertheless it is very real, and a part of being human on this planet. I have studied many different doctrines and teachings, both esoteric and scientific. I have learned to see the common essence in all these disciplines, and the many connections between them. I have found that many people have spiritual, mystical or just unusual experiences they never talk about because of the many taboos this society has about certain subjects. However when they encounter someone they see they can trust they open up. It is time now for people to talk openly, and not to fear ridicule. I see it as my task to write about all these subjects and experiences that can enrich a person's life. Exchanging ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences will bring us together and we will realize that we are not different from each other. It does not matter where you live on the earth, or what your cultural background is. If we pay attention to our humanness, then we can create a better world for all of us.
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  1. Lin says:

    Fascinating.. I’ve long wondered about singing bowls but have never really taken the time to get to know what they are. This piqued my interest once more… 🙂

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