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The Abstract Light-Sound Matrix on the High Spiritual Levels

This is a short experience, but often these are intended to learn from and gain insight. One night my spirit went to one of the higher astral worlds. I went up a hill and entered a small temple. Once inside … Continue reading

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Cosmic Guardian at a Globular Star Cluster

One day I decided to mentally visit a particular globular star cluster in space. I used my shamanic drum, with rhythmic drumming, to get into the right state of mind. After about five minutes of drumming, I projected my consciousness … Continue reading

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We Are the Divine

One day, after having been asleep for a while, I awoke slightly and found myself in a state between sleeping and being awake. Suddenly I was one with The Light, for a short time. There was only The Light, and … Continue reading

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Energetic Egg Vehicle in Ancient Times

This is a clear visual memory that surfaced when in a relaxed state. It was a past life, long time ago, in very ancient times. I have noticed, from other experiences, that in ancient time, the Earth and its inhabitants … Continue reading

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Stone Circle Energies at Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England

In my previous post I talked about the energy at certain megalithic sites in Scotland. In 1991, I went to Southern England with a couple of people to visit ancient sacred places. We drove to Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and … Continue reading

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Ley Lines and Earth Energies at and Around Findhorn, Scotland

The Findhorn community is a well-known spiritual community in Scotland situated on a peninsula with, at its tip, the old village of Findhorn. The old village is actually the third village. The former two villages were further down the peninsula, … Continue reading

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King of the Gnomes

One night, while in the spirit, the king of the Gnomes had invited me for a little feast they were having. Inside a subterranean tunnel. A long table was set with food and drink. The King of the Gnomes was … Continue reading

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