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An Extraterrestrial, an Energy Place and Subterranean People

This is a mysterious story that happened around 1990. I knew Gerda from a Reiki group (hands on healing) she was leading. Gerda had bought herself an old farm in the countryside of Flanders, Belgium. She was fixing up the … Continue reading

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A Sweat Lodge, Magic and a Templar

In 1992, I went for a sweat lodge ceremony my friend Mia was organizing. A sweat lodge ceremony is always preceded by preparatory work. The wood for the fire needs to he hauled, the stones to be heated are carefully … Continue reading

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Past Life Reliving of a Lost Paradise

It is important to see your present life, and its issues, in a larger perspective. When you are ready, memories of past lives will surface and give you insight in another part of your self that is important. As I … Continue reading

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Being As Pure Awareness

I started with meditation when I was 20 years old. Originally I tried to use visualization of an object as a means of focus, as explained in the books I was reading. But after months of practice, I was still … Continue reading

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A Past Life At the End of the Atlantean Period

Memories of past life scenes often happen spontaneously, like they did in the following experience. At night, we not only have the usual dreams, but we go through many forms of consciousness, which we usually do not remember. Our nightly … Continue reading

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Past Life in Ancient Egypt

Once I had a special dream. It was in full color and in detail. My normal dreams are always without colors and fuzzy. It started out with a scene in my bedroom, seeing three witches (in the positive sense) sitting … Continue reading

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Orgonite Experiences

In 2004, while surfing the world wide web, I stumbled upon the term orgonite. People were making it for neutralizing chemtrails, and converting the harmful microwave from cell towers into more beneficial waves. Although I found it all a little … Continue reading

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