Two Spiritual Masters

Several years ago, I was in deep depressed state because of a physical ailment that wasn’t getting better. One night, I woke up on the astral plane, sitting on the ground with my back against a wall, depressed. Then, I could feel their energy although they were still a distance away. Two spiritual masters were approaching. These masters were not what you read about on the internet or in new age circles and books. These two men were absolute master of their own self. They had worked out all their fears and inner problems, and now reside permanently in their own divine consciousness. They are not like the gurus or ‘enlightened’ people you find here on Earth. They were simply two ordinary looking men, although both sturdy built, but extremely strong in energy, that is, their own self-energy. In some teachings it is called the manifestation of one’s own True Self.

These masters were going, on the astral plane, from one place towards another, doing their own work. They were both dressed in an ordinary white robe. When they came close, they noticed me, and one of them left the path they were on, approached me, and said to me in a rather stern voice: “Get up!” He immediately turned around, joined his companion, and both continued their walk, in a quick and decisive pace.

They didn’t tell me who they were, what they were doing, or give me an extensive lecture, or anything like that. They didn’t even give me any special attention. However, the one that approached me, clearly recognized the emotional state I was in, and gave me a down-to-earth, an exactly-to-the-point comment, or rather a reprimand, that touched me to the core.

This short but meaningful encounter changed my life around. I understood that I had to get myself out of that depression by myself, and start working on myself. To keep it short, it motivated me to get all my esoteric knowledge out. I created our website Soul Guidance for that purpose, and since then it has grown into many facets of our creative expression.


About Cosmick Traveler

I am a life long spiritual seeker, exploring the mysteries of man, life, and the universe. I had many mystical experiences during my life. There is nothing spectacular about them. These experiences are often unexpected, and lie outside what we have been told is possible. They served to learn about the Greater Reality, that part of reality that is not talked about in school, government or corporation. Nevertheless it is very real, and a part of being human on this planet. I have studied many different doctrines and teachings, both esoteric and scientific. I have learned to see the common essence in all these disciplines, and the many connections between them. I have found that many people have spiritual, mystical or just unusual experiences they never talk about because of the many taboos this society has about certain subjects. However when they encounter someone they see they can trust they open up. It is time now for people to talk openly, and not to fear ridicule. I see it as my task to write about all these subjects and experiences that can enrich a person's life. Exchanging ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences will bring us together and we will realize that we are not different from each other. It does not matter where you live on the earth, or what your cultural background is. If we pay attention to our humanness, then we can create a better world for all of us.
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