The following is a summary of my out-of-the-body-experiences (OBE’s) that happened when I was in my twenties. They happened while I was relaxing on my bed. I learned to induce them, but they wouldn’t always happen. After a couple of years my situation changed, and I didn’t have time anymore to continue. It is my understanding that during these OBE’s I stayed within my own psychic ‘envelope’, that is, I explored the immediate astral environment of my room and scenes created by my mind. I did not go to any of the lower or higher astral realms that some people have written about. Nevertheless my scientific mind was eager to explore this new environment and what its reality was. The following summary and examples of my OBE’s give an idea about a level of reality that one can encounter. The nature of an OBE experience depends on many factors. OBE’s are not that uncommon. I have met ordinary people who had left their bodies during accidents and did not even know what an OBE was. So maybe the following explanation might help you in understanding your own experience. The text between quotes are from my diary.

“I had been relaxing on my bed for about an hour, and I am deeply relaxed, in body and spirit. My left arm starts to feel loose and is kind of floating. I can move it freely, even thru and above the sheet that is covering me. I am reflecting if I could do the same with the rest of my body. My right arm does the same thing. I am trying to raise my body, but have difficulty with it. Each time I am raising myself, my cheeks pull inwards. I try to remedy it by rubbing my cheeks. I can feel my face but the feeling of touch is different than normal. I try to raise myself again, but now by stretching my arms towards my toes. Now I feel an oppression in my throat. I lie down again. With my left hand I rub over my throat. I feel the beard stubble on my chin. My legs are going up and down like a yo-yo. After a while they stop and I try to raise myself up again by placing my hands against my hips using my elbows for support. Once I am raised up I turn left and I am sitting on the edge of the bed. I really feel I am present on that spot, but when I open my eyes, my physical eyes open and I notice I am lying in bed under the cover.”

This was my first out-of-the-body-experience (OBE) although I had no idea at that time what it was. It took several more, similar experiences to realize they were OBEs. Somehow I was feeling and moving my aetheric body. My consciousness was one of deep rest, and not that clear. Most of the movements were automatic and with little self control. Many months later after reading Out-of-the-Body-Experiences of Robert Crookall I finally clarified the nature of my experiences. The way OBEs happen are different for almost every person, but the experiences of people in the book were similar to mine.

In the beginning, whenever feeling or rubbing my skin while in an OBE, sexual feelings would come up. Sometimes it would so strong that it would end the OBE. However I was able to control it and let it ebb away. This is not an uncommon phenomenon, as in real life skin sensations and sex are closely related. Other people have reported that with OBEs sexual feelings often spontaneously arise.

With the first experiences I did not realize I was in the OBE state. My consciousness was at a lower level than normal clear day consciousness, and it would also fluctuate. I was conscious of what was happening at that moment but I did not have the capacities of memory, reflection or decision. I was often not really sure if I was in the OBE state or still in the physical body. Afterward I knew I had had an OBE, but at the moment itself it was not always easy to figure out. When coming back into the physical body, I always had trouble remembering what had happened. Often memories were just out of my reach, and it took some effort to get them back. I learned to program myself in advance to increase my awareness, to do certain things while in the OBE-state and to remember them afterward.

“In one of my experiences I realized that I was in an OBE because my right arm got “loose”. To verify the new state of being I brought my right index finger to my chin and mouth, and experienced the same feeling as in my previous experience. Again strong sexual feeling arose. To be able to suppress it I had to concentrate strongly. Meanwhile, I tried to raise myself by pushing against the mattress with my right arm, but each time I fell back. Suddenly I fell back so quickly that I was rolling around on the horizontal plane of the mattress. I lost every sense of orientation. Because of this I opened my eyes and I was back in the physical body.”

Getting fully out of my physical body was always difficult. In the beginning my limbs would become loose first, but then my body would constantly pull me back. After several experiences I was able to go out of my body more easily, but between experiences the body would pull me back for a short moment. At first I would try to sit up. Later I discovered I could also turn 180°, along my body’s axis, and then sit up. On occasions I would fall out of my bed (out of body), or pull myself out through my head. My first movements in the OBE state would generally be automatic. My hand would rub over my chest, or my thumb over my forehead for no apparent reason. Then I would act in a more conscious manner.

On occasions, during an OBE, I could feel myself “breathe”, and notice that this “breathing” was different from my physical breathing, being felt at the same time. On the aetheric level one does not need to breathe as their is no air, but the mind often continues its physical habits when in the spiritual realms. At times I would feel strange, oppressive sensations in parts of the body, especially the chest, throat and head. These were probably localized tensions.

Sometimes I would still hear the sounds produced in the physical world, through my physical hearing, although being completely out of my physical body. It is a know phenomena with OBEs to have, at times, a dual awareness. One’s consciousness receives impressions from both the aetheric and the physical world at the same time.

In my journal I wrote about another phenomenon: “I sat down on my bed. Suddenly I could see my room, or at least my mind had created the scene of my room. From the east, through the door, the Devil came in. He looked like the old European image of the Devil. A flamboyant, robust man, in a red coat. He was eight to nine feet (2.5 to 3 meters) tall. He was not scary at all. I was not afraid, no emotions came up. I was just watching. He went by me and disappeared in the west. Then, from the west an equally tall woman dressed in red came in. I went up to her and kissed her. Then she disappeared in the east.” This was one of the few visual experiences during an OBE. During this experience everything looked real, but afterward it became obvious that the two beings and the image of my room were created by my mind and the entire scene must have had a psychological content. During my OBEs I never could see my room as my aetheric eyes were always closed. However I could feel everything, knowing my position relative to the physical body, but when opening the eyes, I often was back into my physical body, also opening my physical eyes. On occasions, when carefully trying to open the eyes, landscapes and scenes would appear. Sometimes I would be in the middle of it, walking through the scenery. Some of them were clearly dream landscapes, but my consciousness was entirely clear. I could calmly walk in any direction and observe things and people around me. A few times I saw scenery like on a movie screen. All these visuals were obviously produced by my mind.

“When I was out, I wanted to ‘see’. I stood in front of the west wall of my bedroom, and on the wall appeared several maps in color. It tried to read the names but it demanded too much concentration. It was as if a lens had to be focused in order to read the names. One map showed a part of Africa with a lot of lakes; another map showed the original mother continent of the Earth.”

A similar experience: “I sat down on my bed, facing the west wall and concentrating on the Light, but after a few seconds I was in a scene. Although not fully understanding it, my consciousness now was clear, quiet, observing. Standing next to a low wall, separating a front yard from the street, I was observing my environment. The buildings in front of me were made of brick with a clear red color, partly because of the intense sunshine. The building probably was a parsonage. At the right was a building that looked like a church. At the right of the church were probably monastery buildings in equally red brick. At several places were crates of fruit stacked up against the wall. I asked my self what all this has to do with the Light. I noticed that among the fruit were a lot of oranges. Oranges have a symbolic meaning related to the sun, but for the rest, I did not understand the situation I was in. I took off my coat and hung it on the wall and went to the right. There were people around. Suddenly they ran inside the buildings. I went back and picked up my coat. A man came up and said something to me. We both went through a door in the wall and entered a small, open corridor. Just before I entered I looked to my left and saw a low car coming. There was a big man in it wearing a red coat and a kind of safety helmet. In the open corridor I told the man, who was with me, what I just had seen outside, and that the man in the car looked like a kind of ‘destroyer’. We went into the front yard, looking over the wall and saw that the people outside had to go through a checkpoint. After a while I went back, through the door onto the street and went with the people who had already been checked. I heard that those people had to go and get something. They all went into a certain direction. At this point I decide to break off the experience because I still did not see any relation with the Light.” It all looked real and my consciousness was clear. I knew I was in a scene, but what did it all mean?

Most of the time the OBEs were spent with eyes closed. I was aware of my movements and my position in the room. So I started to explore my room by touch. I could feel the book shelf above my bed, the alarm clock, the desk and the walls. Soon I discovered that the room was not an exact duplicate of the physical room. I felt object that were not there on the physical plane. I curled up the antenna of my radio just to see if the physical antenna would also have been curled when I would come out of the OBE. Of course it did not. During the OBE both my consciousness as my reasoning were different. Although the walls felt solid, once I started to remember (I had programmed myself before the OBE) that aetheric substance is not solid like physical matter but flexible, I could put my hands in the wall and mold it, or push holes in it. The ethereal body is flexible too, and from in the beginning it felt elastic, like a sponge. One time I mentally projected a sixth finger on my hand, and feeling my hand, there were indeed six fingers on it. The aetheric plane is a copy from the physical plane, but the mind plays a great role in it too, as the aetheric plane is elastic and can be changed and formed by the mind.

The astral cord is well known in OBE studies. It is an energy link between the physical and the ethereal or astral body, which is commonly seen as a silvery cord coming out of the solar plexus. One time, during an OBE, I decided to investigate it.

“I sat down at the end of the bed, with my back towards my physical body. Feeling around the area of the solar plexus, I did not find anything. Then I noticed that when holding my hands in front of and at a certain distance of the solar plexus, I was feeling a slight tingling in the hands. An “energy tube” was leaving the solar plexus perpendicular to the body.”

One time after lying down and relaxing I heard a short, sharp sound, after which I went out of my body. I soon discovered that whenever I heard that sound my consciousness was immediately disconnected from the physical body. It was obviously a threshold between the two states of mind. When focusing my attention to it, I discovered that I had always passed that sound level, but was able to hear it only when passing the threshold slowly. After some efforts I was able to stay still at that sound level for longer. The sound was first heard in my left ear, sometimes also in my right ear, but finally I heard it in the center of my head. The longer I stayed still at that level the stronger the sound would be. Have you ever been at a train station when a train pulled in, loud squealing breaks needing an oil job, and people putting their hands on their ears? Well, that is how it sounds. One time it was so loud it had to break it off and enter the OBE, because I was afraid it would do some damage in my head. It was one continuous tone on one particular level that can be encountered when the body relaxes and awareness descends through many levels of consciousness.

Concentration was always difficult while in an OBE state. I was able to focus on exploring my room, on specific experiments, but focused concentration on one particular thing was always short lived. Because my consciousness was rather dim during an OBE, I programmed myself beforehand to sit on my bed, facing the wall and concentrate on the Light, in order to raise the clarity of my consciousness. I never succeeded because of the short duration of the concentration. One time something unexpected happened. A visual image appeared before me, very clear, of a symbol, some three feet in diameter and maybe ten feet in front of me. Circles within circles, with triangles around it, and a cross in the center circle. When I came out of the OBE I was able to remember it in detail and drew it on a piece of paper. It is a most intriguing symbol, which, I believe, has a direct relationship with the Light.

Shamans all over the world talk about the network of energies they see when going into other dimensions. Well, I had the chance to see them once. One day I was going in and out my physical body several times, and suddenly, at the moment of separating from the physical body… “I discovered an inner view that was different from what one has when closing one’s eyes. I saw a flat, vertical structure in front of me, consisting of empty squares (only the lines making up the squares were visible). All the rest was infinite space. As I concentrated on it, it became clearer and sharper. Many more geometrical, symmetrical structures took its place, but in such a fast order that I could not remember them afterward. It was like moving through several matrices.”

Out-of-the-body-experiences are not that uncommon. Many people experience them. Often it is a one time event. Not knowing what OBEs are, because they have never heard of it, they are afraid to talk about it. However, it is part of being human and totally natural. Some people, while in an OBE, visit other places in the astral world and also in the physical world. A former friend of mine, a clairvoyant woman, would go out of her body while relaxing in the bath tub, and visit Kathmandu. She had no idea why she was drawn to that city. Perhaps she had lived over there in a past life. One summer she actually went to visit that city with a group of tourists and was able to walk through the complex of numerous little streets without getting lost.



About Cosmick Traveler

I am a life long spiritual seeker, exploring the mysteries of man, life, and the universe. I had many mystical experiences during my life. There is nothing spectacular about them. These experiences are often unexpected, and lie outside what we have been told is possible. They served to learn about the Greater Reality, that part of reality that is not talked about in school, government or corporation. Nevertheless it is very real, and a part of being human on this planet. I have studied many different doctrines and teachings, both esoteric and scientific. I have learned to see the common essence in all these disciplines, and the many connections between them. I have found that many people have spiritual, mystical or just unusual experiences they never talk about because of the many taboos this society has about certain subjects. However when they encounter someone they see they can trust they open up. It is time now for people to talk openly, and not to fear ridicule. I see it as my task to write about all these subjects and experiences that can enrich a person's life. Exchanging ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences will bring us together and we will realize that we are not different from each other. It does not matter where you live on the earth, or what your cultural background is. If we pay attention to our humanness, then we can create a better world for all of us.
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