Mysterious ‘rains’ again: fish and money

Three recent mysterious rains: one of fish and … yes, one of money.

Fish Rain:

The fish rain happened in Iran in late April of this year. The fish were discovered on a Golpayegen roadway after rain. An accompanying video shows many small fish, some alive, distributed along a section of paved highway. People appear to have stopped their vehicles to collect the live fish. The video that appeared on YouTube shows hundreds of little fish on the road, and some people picking them up. The footage is from a cellphone recording. Also reported on the Iranian Farda news website.

If you want to know more about fish rains, and rains of other small animals like frogs, snakes etc. go to my Who is Dumping All that Stuff on Our Heads?  article.

It’s Raining Money, again!

Money falling out of the sky… would you believe it? Yet, it does happen. It is a rare phenomenon. Although documented in a few cases, there might be more of these money showers that do not get any publicity. I have been able to find about twelve of these cases, some are very recent. The last one was in India, which I am reporting here.

In case you might think that someone is throwing money from the roof of a building, there are cases with gold and silver coins. Who would ever throw that away?

Back to the recent rain of coins in India, this happened in September 2017. Jaisinagar village in India is a small rural village, and the coins fell with the rain. (Jaisinagar village is located in Sagar Tehsil of Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh, India). The coins literally fell from the sky. Here is the news story from, a Hindu news website, September 21, 2017:

Rainfall of coins from sky in this village of Madhya Pradesh  … know what this strange event is

So far, you have heard this many times that the fish and turtles have fallen from the sky in the rainy season, but perhaps maybe you heard it for the first time that coins are raining with water. It is not one coin, or two, but hundreds of coins. This incident, which seems impossible and strange in the first place, is being reported in Devlochri block of Jaisinagar village. On Wednesday, there were heavy rains with thunderstorms in the district. In the afternoon it was dark with clouds, then in this village, coins start falling from the sky with water. In the village there were dozens of witnesses, including children. People listened to the story and were speechless. Some people went out to collect the coins. Although by that time the rain had already stopped, and some children were seen with coins in their hands in the middle of the rain.

What the villagers say

Villager Hemraj Pal said that he was returning home after bathing, and that there was a crowd of children near the house, and he was very upset, and asked if the coins from the sky were hot. At first, he did not believe it, but when he came to see the scene himself, it was correct, and he said that as soon as the coin fell, they would make noise hitting the ground. There were all coins of one, two, five and ten rupees. Apart from this, some children of the village, Bira, Shiva, Jaya, Deepesh and Som, have collected hundreds of coins.

Coins falling in two to three places.

According to information from the villagers, coins have fallen not in one place but in two to three places. Children and adults saw coins fall in the village Panchayat Bhawan, at the river banks and at the hillside.

If you want to read more cases in which coins and paper money fell from the sky, and an explanation of the phenomenon behind this and other strange object falling down from the sky, read my article of Anomalous Showers of Stones, Water and Other Objects.


About Cosmick Traveler

I am a life long spiritual seeker, exploring the mysteries of man, life, and the universe. I had many mystical experiences during my life. There is nothing spectacular about them. These experiences are often unexpected, and lie outside what we have been told is possible. They served to learn about the Greater Reality, that part of reality that is not talked about in school, government or corporation. Nevertheless it is very real, and a part of being human on this planet. I have studied many different doctrines and teachings, both esoteric and scientific. I have learned to see the common essence in all these disciplines, and the many connections between them. I have found that many people have spiritual, mystical or just unusual experiences they never talk about because of the many taboos this society has about certain subjects. However when they encounter someone they see they can trust they open up. It is time now for people to talk openly, and not to fear ridicule. I see it as my task to write about all these subjects and experiences that can enrich a person's life. Exchanging ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences will bring us together and we will realize that we are not different from each other. It does not matter where you live on the earth, or what your cultural background is. If we pay attention to our humanness, then we can create a better world for all of us.
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