Intelligent Life-forms in Galaxies

I had another wonderful dream. Dreams sometimes come with information that the mind has glimpsed from the vast reservoir of the universe. Or our spiritual guides sometimes insert information in our dreams for us to think about. Unfortunately, I cannot convey to you the marvelous feelings I experienced, so I have to resort to a description in words.

I found myself in a group of people under the leadership of Hungarian shaman Joska Soos (I knew him when I was still living in Belgium). He led us all into a trance, and higher state of consciousness, in which we left our bodies and explored the galaxy. This was a wonderful experience, as my soul moved around freely through space. I was the only one who went further ‘out’ and saw the multiple galaxies spread throughout the universe. I understood, but also experienced in a certain way, that our galaxy (the Milky Way) was designed to support the human(oid) life-form; and that that there were other galaxies who were designed differently (in regard to energy-matter make-up) to support other (non-human(oid)) intelligent life-forms. That was quite a realization for me.

I then came back to the physical body. When I opened my eyes, a young woman was assisting me in bringing me back to every day consciousness. But I was still in the higher state, and when I looked into her eyes, I saw her beautiful soul and fell in love with her. Then I realized that I could not stay in that state of consciousness, and had to come back to my bodily state of consciousness, and resume ordinary life. When I managed to do that, I was still in a state of awe, and couldn’t speak for a while. I got up and noticed that I had difficulty walking, my legs still being stiff (the body can become stiff and rigid in trance states).

Then I woke up.

So, there you have it. Intelligent life-forms are not necessarily human(oid)-like. The way they take form seems to depend on the nature of energy-matter in a galaxy. There are also spiritual beings who create the galaxies and thus decide what kind of life-forms can develop in each galaxy.

These are light-sound beings from another galaxy. By way of speaking, they came out of their galaxy (the half circle on top) to show themselves to Joska Soos. They are male, female, or androgynous in nature.

About Cosmick Traveler

I am a life long spiritual seeker, exploring the mysteries of man, life, and the universe. I had many mystical experiences during my life. There is nothing spectacular about them. These experiences are often unexpected, and lie outside what we have been told is possible. They served to learn about the Greater Reality, that part of reality that is not talked about in school, government or corporation. Nevertheless it is very real, and a part of being human on this planet. I have studied many different doctrines and teachings, both esoteric and scientific. I have learned to see the common essence in all these disciplines, and the many connections between them. I have found that many people have spiritual, mystical or just unusual experiences they never talk about because of the many taboos this society has about certain subjects. However when they encounter someone they see they can trust they open up. It is time now for people to talk openly, and not to fear ridicule. I see it as my task to write about all these subjects and experiences that can enrich a person's life. Exchanging ideas, opinions, beliefs and experiences will bring us together and we will realize that we are not different from each other. It does not matter where you live on the earth, or what your cultural background is. If we pay attention to our humanness, then we can create a better world for all of us.
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