5. Human Bodies in Glass Cylinders

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There are a couple of accounts from abductees in which human bodies in glass cylinders are mentioned. In the previous chapter a case was mentioned in which the human bodies were missing body parts.
Some abductees have spoken about human body clones stored in glass cylinders. They appear to be clones of real people here on Earth, and sometimes there is a body clone of the abductee himself. The purpose of these clones is to transfer the soul of a person into the cloned body in order to prolong his life on Earth. This is done when his normal body is on the point of dying. They want the abductee to continue ‘his mission’. One wonders, if they would use these cloned bodies to replace certain people, with an alien soul in it?
From the accounts of the abductees it is clear that the aliens do this without permission of the person.
There seem to be several purposes to create these clones. I think they will also be used at the time of the faked Return of Christ when people with be taken up into ships and transferred into their (much younger looking) cloned bodies, and put back on Earth as a (faked) evidence that they have been ‘resurrected’ according to their Christian beliefs. Speculation on my part.

from Glimpses of Other realities, by Linda Moulton Howe, p. 256-262
Linda Porter case:

LINDA PORTER: “I was shown at some time a room with very tall, clear tube-like containers or cylinders on a raised platform which seemed to be at the center of the room. Inside these tubes — standing upright, naked, and appearing to be asleep —were humans, or at least they looked human to me. They looked like they were in some kind of suspended animation.
“I don’t think they were dead because their color was too good. They were floating in what appeared to be a purple gas. It was very thick and hard to see through, but it swirled around so much that you could see the people as it moved. I was never told anything, at least that I remember. It was just like I was taken into the room, showed them, and then brought back out, and that was it. I don’t remember asking questions, and I don’t remember them saying anything.”
Linda ended her letter saying, “I really need to know what’s going on. I mean this is ridiculous. This has screwed up my whole life, as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t like it.”

Drawing by Linda Porter for Linda Moulton Howe © 1991

Drawing by Linda Porter for Linda Moulton Howe © 1991

Then on October 24, 1991, she wrote me that she had been trying self-hypnosis tapes to help her relax and remember more. She said she realized that the praying mantis creature and the room of light were connected to the people in the tubes and enclosed two more sketches to “make up the last part of the memory.” This is what she recalled.
PORTER: “When I was twelve, I became deathly ill with a high fever and a badly infected throat. The fever was so high that I know, for at least one day, I was delirious. I have a memory of floating on the ceiling and looking down at ‘myself’ in bed. I was that sick. My parents did not believe in doctors, so I was left to recover on my own — which I did — or at least thought that I did!
“I was taken aboard the craft that all of this occurred on. Even though it began with the praying mantis type, the alien who was actually with me through all this was whitish, about five feet tall (maybe a little taller), and had huge eyes with black pupils.
“All of the sketches I have mentioned relate to the following — I was taken into ‘the room of light’ and shown a man about forty-six years old who was very close to death. He was lying in a rectangular container.
“I do not remember the mechanics of how this was done, but his soul was then lifted up out of his dying body! It left the body in the area of the solar plexus (behind stomach organ). It was about two and one-half feet long, five inches wide and was a breathtakingly beautiful, soft, iridescent yellow with a white, glowing inner core that radiated a very gentle heat. There was a pastel orange layer around the yellow.
“The soul floated across the room to another body that looked like the man would have appeared at about twenty-five years of age. The new body appeared empty. I don’t know any other way to describe it — like an empty container. The ‘old body’ was now bluish in color and obviously dead.
“The soul floated above the new body which was standing upright outside the tube, unsupported, and slumping forward a little. It then descended, entering the body at the top of the back of the head, all the way down to the area midway between the shoulder blades. It then merged into the body totally and settled in front of the spinal column in the area of the solar plexus.
“It then seemed to stretch itself out longer, a few inches up, a few inches down. The body at this point took on an ‘occupied’ look as if the person were merely asleep.
“The rectangular container that held the ‘old’ vacant body filled up with a liquid to preserve the tissues until it could be dissected. They wanted to find out how some kind of poison had entered the body, how it had progressed through the bodily systems, and at what point the poison (contaminant) had reached a level that the body could no longer deal with the poison.
“After the dissection, I was told that the body would be discarded. They seemed very surprised that I was upset that the body was just going to be tossed overboard! They told me it was just a container for the soul and of no other value.
“They think our concept of funerals is barbarous. To them there is no difference between an empty beer can and an empty body.
“I was told that the (resurrected) cloned man would be relocated elsewhere (maybe Australia) and would continue on with his life. Part of the reason they take tissue samples from abductees when they are quite young is to have this tissue in reserve in case a new body becomes necessary later on. (Howe’s emphasis.)
“New bodies can be stored indefinitely. The containers in the sketch with the three people in the tubes are storage containers (Plate 15). The containers in both new sketches I sent you are `activation’ containers. They have a light in the top that must be on the person for (unknown) amount of hours before a body can be activated — if a body has been in storage. If newly made, it does not need light. In the sketch with the three people in the tubes, the body on the far right was the (younger) one given to the man.
“I got the impression they (aliens) do not like to do this soul transfer very often. Actually, I got the feeling they’re not supposed to be doing this at all.
“But they seemed to be backed into a corner and have no other recourse. They also seem to be trying to hide all this from some ‘higher’ form of life — whatever the ‘authority’ is that prohibits this soul transfer also prohibits them from interfering on this planet. (?) Whoever it is, is much higher evolved than they are and wields a great deal of power over many, many other realms of existence.”

Linda Porter was shocked next to see her own 17-year-old body die and its soul transferred to her clone that was identical in age and form.
PORTER: “I was laid upon a table and rendered unconscious. My soul was then lifted up and out of my body and placed into another one that looked exactly like it!
“I was then awakened in the ‘new body.’ The creature took me over to the ‘old body.’ It was lying on the table with the chest open. The creature then lifted the heart out of the chest cavity and showed it to me!!!
“It told me my heart had been badly damaged because of illness (rheumatic fever?) and would have stopped very soon!
“I looked at the opening in the chest and did not see one drop of blood anywhere! No blood at all! The area didn’t even look moist! When he held the heart up, not one drop of blood fell from it! There was no blood on his hand! The heart looked as dry as the chest cavity!”

from Glimpses of Other realities, by Linda Moulton Howe, p. 287-291
Wanna Lawson case:
(She is being led around the ship by a humanoid)

“Calm. Immediate calm. I felt that I knew him and we were very close. Matter of fact, I felt that we were like mates. We walked through the ship. And we ended up in this humongous room with tubes. The walls were lined with these tubes. They appeared to be glass, but they weren’t glass. The tubes were about two feet wide and about eight feet high. Cylinder tubes. Round. Wide enough to hold the tall, pale bodies.”
“How many of them were there? How big was this room?”
“City blocks long. I couldn’t see the end of the room.”
“Hundreds of these tubes?”
“Is the surface of the tube clear, transparent — or a color?” “Silverfish, but you could see what’s inside it.”
“What is it you were seeing on the inside?”
“Female body. With black, wavy hair. Almond-shaped eyes. It’s not human.
“What’s not human?”
“The grey-white color of the skin and the tall height, about eight feet.” “Does the tube have gas or liquid or gel in it?”
“I don’t know. It just appears that the body is standing in the tube with nothing around it.”
“Wanna, why is it that you remember this black-haired girl in the tube so clearly?”
“Because he took me directly to that particular tube. And said, ‘This is your body.”‘
“Is he talking to you, or is it in your head?”
“It’s in my head. I knew he was talking to me, like a male, but I didn’t hear a voice out loud.”
“Was he touching you in any way?”
“He was holding my hand.”
“And he leads you up to in front of that tube?”
“Right. We walked past several others. And we stop at this one.” “What happens when he puts you in front of that tube?”
“And now, I change bodies. But how I did it, I don’t know. …The only thing I can remember is that it was my ‘other body’ — that he missed me and it was personal stuff. It was weird! It’s an embarrassing thing. It was unbelievable. It makes you feel like a sex thing, fantasizing.”
“What did he say?”
“He said he missed me and he wanted me and he needed me to go into ‘my’ body (tall female.) But how I did it, I don’t remember.”
Richard Butler was listening to our conversation and interrupted to add that during Wanna’s hypnosis session, she remembered a violet-colored light. Afterward, without knowing how, she was “inside” the other tall, grey-white female body that had long, black hair.
“So the tall male somehow transfers a part of you into the tube body?”
“Right, and all I know is that I went into that other body and then we walked back up the corridor and into another room. And I get the feeling of a dome-shaped ceiling with glass. We could see stars all around. And a large bed. And we had sex.”

The implication was that humanoid bodies were put on and taken off at will for a specific goal. Other abductees have used the phrase, “I’m coming out of myself. My body is like a robe I can take off and put back on.”

Plate 25 - The huge room filled with tall and shorter humanoid bodies in tubes that the "American Indian" male showed Wanna Lawson. The second female from the left with the black, wavy hair is the tall, thin body that Wanna said she was placed into —"changed bodies with" — for communication and a sexual experience with the tall male. Wanna did not understand how the transfer between bodies occurred. Drawing by L. Hoffman for author © 1992.

Plate 25 – The huge room filled with tall and shorter humanoid bodies in tubes that the “American Indian” male showed Wanna Lawson. The second female from the left with the black, wavy hair is the tall, thin body that Wanna said she was placed into —”changed bodies with” — for communication and a sexual experience with the tall male. Wanna did not understand how the transfer between bodies occurred. Drawing by L. Hoffman for author © 1992.

In the Ammach interviews, Simon Parkes. who we mentioned before, talks about being transferred for short time into a Mantis body, so he could see and understand what it is like from the mantis perspective. He says that, while in the mantis body, he had complete disdain for the Gray workers.
In the Ammach Conference 2012, Simon Parkes. who we mentioned before shows a drawing of glass cylinders he saw in an underground base. In these cylinders were stored both tall Grays and humans.

Grays stored in cylinders on the left, and humans on the right. Simon Parks as a child in the front, with his Mantis guide next to him.

Grays stored in cylinders on the left, and humans on the right. Simon Parks as a child in the front, with his Mantis guide next to him.

Simon and his mantis guide traveling along the corridor and looking at the cylinders on a floating disk.

Simon and his mantis guide traveling along the corridor and looking at the cylinders on a floating disk.

From: Masquerade of Angels, Karla Turner, Ph.D. with Ted Rice, p. 202-204

“A moment before he had felt nothing and known nothing, but now he was aware of who he was. He remembered everything he had thought and felt when he was in his original body, and with a surge of emotion he mentally cried out that he wanted to go home. But there was more for him to endure. The grays helped him up from the table-he was now clearly back in a body, the body they had created and activated-and led him out to another room. Waiting for him there was a different person, a man dressed in a purple suit and long cape, tall and skinny, more human-looking than the others. His skin was almost an orangish-white, a melon color, and his eyes looked strange because there were no eyebrows above them. His dark hair, which made a sharp widow’s peak on his forehead, looked unnatural, as if it were painted on his head. The tall man jerked Teddy up impatiently and seemed to have a nasty disposition that made the boy very uncomfortable. But before anything else could happen, another man entered the room. This one looked totally human, with kind eyes and short, blond hair. He wore blousy, old-fashioned clothes of emerald green trimmed in gold and white. The blond man said something to the bad-tempered man that Masquerade of Angels 202 Teddy could not understand, but he got the impression they were arguing about him. Then the dark-haired man angrily stomped his foot, whirled around, and left the room. The blond man squatted down beside Teddy and put his arm around the little boy’s shoulder. His gentle, soothing, almost sensual actions calmed Teddy’s fears. The man began to explain what had been going on, telling Teddy about the lockers and the procedures that had been performed. Speaking as if the child were an adult, the man told him that he would be able instantly to absorb this information. He explained that there were periodic changes in the evolutionary process of the original Teddy, and that from time to time, for different reasons, such a switching-out procedure would be necessary for Teddy to fulfill his purpose here. He told the boy that he would be visited occasionally to make sure everything was progressing as it should, for the man was studying the beginnings of a new approach to something Teddy couldn’t really comprehend. He also told Teddy that something had been done to his mother, and that the genealogical structure of both his parents had been used along with something else. Teddy understood that he was part of an experiment for the continuity of life, in some way involved with the final stages of growth. When the explanation was finished, the blond man took Teddy’s hand and led him through a doorway into a large auditorium area. They stood together on a stage, and as Teddy looked out at the crowd of beings in the room, he saw many more of the gray people. There were also numerous animals present among them, including some creatures he had never seen before. They were all gathered there as an audience, waiting and watching, Teddy thought, with their attention focused on him. From the opposite side of the stage, Teddy saw the dark-haired man walk out leading two other young children, a boy and a girl, who were also naked. The red-headed woman also arrived, and she took the two children from the man and brought them over to where Teddy and his companion stood. The blond man picked up Teddy in his arms and held him out for the audience to observe, and then he did the same thing with the other two children. “Everybody, this group of people that was watching,” Ted said, “it’s like they approve it. I don’t know what that means. They were pleased with us for some reason.” “What did you say this area looks like?” Barbara asked. “It’s an auditorium,” he repeated. “There’s a bunch of people there, and a lot of animals. I don’t know what some of these things are. I see some tall, hairy creatures like a Bigfoot, and some horrible things that look like they’re half-human, half-ant or half-cockroach. Those praying-mantis type things are big and have some almost human features. Strange reddish- brown, worm-like creatures, and some furry brown fat ones, even some that look like a mix of human and monkey. And all of them have their eyes on us.” The blond man began to address the audience, talking about future generations. On a screen behind them, images flashed showing the ‘before’ and the ‘after’ products of the procedure Teddy had endured. “See,” the man said proudly, “these are just like the original children.” He explained to the audience that these children were the beginnings of products of future generations on earth. “


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