The Alien Manipulation of Humanity

In the movie The Matrix (1999) reality as perceived by most humans is actually a simulated reality created by sentient machines to pacify and subdue the human population, while their bodies’ heat and electrical activity are used as an energy source. When the lead character Neo wakes up in his real physical body, and thus in the real physical world, he discovers that the real reality people live in (in contrast to the simulated, illusionary reality they think they live in) is not that nice. For a long time, mankind’s consciousness has been manipulated and they have been taken advantage of.

Although the movie is fictional, it clearly explains the state in which humanity finds itself at the present. Humanity is waking up and is discovering that we have been manipulated and taken advantage of for a very long time. The secret rulers of humanity are not machines, but groups of extraterrestrials who have exploited the Earth and humanity for a long time. We are starting to discover who they, and why they are here, and what they are doing to the planet and mankind. The emerging picture is not pretty at all, unless you want to desperately believe that all ETs are benevolent. Reality is different, shocking and far reaching. We have to start accepting that humanity is not the “crown of creation”, and that many races of ETs are here purely for their own selfish interests. And, we have to learn that they are capable of technological feats that dwarf even the most advanced human technology. If you are not willing to accept concepts and possibilities that are way out of the mainstream UFO literature, don’t read this article.


In this article I want to give an overview of several aspects of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth and in our solar system. So many UFO enthusiasts focus only on the strange lights in the sky but don’t understand the intelligence behind it. Other people are fascinated by abductions, but don’t have a clue what that is all about. All too often people interested into aliens focus on one or more of the trees but don’t see the forest. By doing this they actually become victims of the alien phenomenon which is, on purpose, very deceptive.

The following is based on many, many years of study and critical thinking. It was a slow process of connecting many dots together, putting many puzzle pieces on the right place, and trying to see the overall picture that would explain the many seemingly bizarre and mysterious phenomena associated with the alien presence. I am presenting here my ideas based on available information that is out there. I am not interested in proving anything. The following information is for your reflection, and then you can make up your own mind.

The Reason for the ET Traders Presence

mining2First I should clarify what I understand by the term ET Visitors. These are physical alien races who come from other planets. They come here only for one purpose: to mine and take physical resources they need for their own civilizations. I also call them ET Traders, because they are (in analogy with our human terms) businessmen. They are the predominant alien visitors. They are not spiritually evolved, and they care only about obtaining  resources (and that includes biological life forms) and they sell and trade them with other alien races. They don’t care at all about the well-being of the life forms on this planet (including humans).

There are also benevolent (towards humans) alien races who come and visit us, but they are rare. They are more spiritually evolved. They do not engage (or very little) in the cosmic trade. They do not interfere with humanity’s evolution. At most they give us valuable information and knowledge. Because the ET Traders control this section of the Milky Way galaxy, the benevolent alien races are generally not allowed to visit humanity on Earth. Nevertheless, at present there is an active, although covert, support for humanity from the side of the benevolent ETs.

However, I am going to talk about several aspects of the ET Traders that you really need to understand for your own sake, because you are in the middle of it, whether you realize it or not.

LightshipFirst, you have to understand that planet Earth has been ‘geo-engineered’ from in the beginning by spiritually advanced cosmic beings. Our solar system is only about 5 billion years old, while the universe is at least 15 billion years old. Before our solar system took form, there were already countless intelligent beings swarming all over the universe. Some of them evolved spiritually and gained tremendous knowledge and understanding, others advanced technologically to a degree that we presently cannot understand. Our own technology is only 150 years old. Alien races had millions, even billions of years to figure things out and to construct extremely advanced technology. We, as humans, are just babies in this regard.

So, since the beginning of the formation of the Earth, certain cosmic creators seeded life forms on this planet, and installed energy grids, with the purpose of the creation of intelligent life forms. These cosmic creators are a group of different alien races, some physical some non-physical. They created the different hominids. Homo Sapiens, or modern man, was introduced on Earth a couple of millions years ago. Humans had always lived in peace and harmony on this planet. They established several civilizations that came and went. Lemuria and Atlantis refer primarily to two time periods, as their civilizations spanned the entire globe, although the primary centers were in different locations. During this entire period, humanity always had contact with extraterrestrials. Some of them came here in their spaceships and brought technology with them. Some came here in spirit form and brought knowledge and wisdom.

Humanity, which was a genetically created form based on the DNA of twelve different alien races, became unbalanced somewhere in the second half of the Atlantis period.

vistorIt was around this time that a different group of ETs showed up: the ET Traders. When they found this solar system, they discovered great commercial opportunities. This solar system was full of resources. Not only metals and minerals, but Earth had a tremendous biodiversity rarely found in our galaxy, and humanity was still in a rather primitive state of being, despite their already advanced civilizations. Humanity was not able to defend their territory, planet Earth, from the Et Traders’ intrusion. The ET Traders decided to move into this solar system and start mining its resources.

Because military invasion is not allowed in this section of the galaxy (that would upset the flow of goods), they had to resort to other means in order to subdue humanity. They did not want to wipe out humanity because humans themselves are a biological resource in more than one way. Thus, they took control over humanity in many different ways which are normally not recognized because their methods are subtle but very effective.

But first you need to understand a little history.

The Arrival of the ET Traders

The ET Traders group arrived initially in the second half of the Atlantean period. I think they already took advantage from the disputes that were going on among the ruling classes of Atlantis. But they made their grand entrance about 12,000 years ago. It was a grand entrance because they brought in a huge planetoid body that would serve as a base of operations: the Moon.

moon2The following might be unbelievable, but take into account these alien races are millions of years ahead of us in technological achievements. They brought in a base of operations in regards to Earth. Look up into the sky and you will see it: the Moon. When you want to mine a planet you bring a satellite into orbit that serves as a base of operations. One that can withstand occasional cosmic bombardments of asteroids with a shield thick enough to protect you from lethal cosmic radiation.

It might sound strange to claim that our Moon is a satellite that actually does not belong to the Earth. It is a small planetary body that came from somewhere else. It might have been a moon from one of the larger planets in our solar system, and it probably had been inhabited at that time. The Moon is littered with ruins, what shows that it once had an atmosphere and a civilization. That civilization was probably wiped out by the ET Traders long ago. We know from scientific experiments that the Moon is largely hollow, that is, it has been hollowed out. I don’t think it is completely hollow, but it probably has a lot of hollow spaces in it.

The Earth might have captured the Moon when it flung away due to the explosion of the former fifth planet (now the asteroid belt), but I think it might have been brought here by the ET Traders. I think it has an immense technological device in it that serves as a transport mechanism for moving the Moon through space. The rest of the hollow spaces then serve as living quarters and for what ever else they need them for. This is speculation of course, but there are enough indications that this happened about 12,000 years ago, when the Earth was ravaged by tremendous earthquakes and floods, due to the gravitational tug when the Moon arrived.

I find it revealing that mankind has memory and records of a time when the Earth did not have the (present) Moon. Thus, the arrival of the Moon cannot have been that long ago. More about this later.

Over the last hundred years a lot of Moon anomalies have been recorded. It is extremely big to be the companion for a planet like the Earth. Its size is one quarter the diameter of the Earth. The Moon’s orbital distance causes it to appear almost the same size in the sky as the Sun, allowing it to cover the Sun nearly precisely in total solar eclipses. On top of that, the Moon is in synchronous rotation. It rotates about its axis in about the same time it takes to orbit the Earth. This results in it nearly always keeping the same face turned towards the Earth. These are very rare occurrences.

Since the invention of the telescope, astronomers have observed extremely bright lights on its surface, occasionally uprising vapors, hexagonal domed ‘craters’. Apollo pictures, although blurred out by NASA intentionally, show buildings and towers. And there is more…, just look it up on the internet.

Apollo astronauts, while orbiting the Moon, observed many times, structures on the Moon, including space crafts on its surface. It was heard by vhf radio hams, bypassing the official NASA broadcastings. There are also several intriguing remarks made by the astronauts while orbiting, found in transcripts of audio recordings that were not public.

Also significant is the few tests NASA did with satellites deliberately crashed onto the surface of the Moon in order to record the propagation of seismic waves through its interior. These tests showed that “the Moon rings like a bell”, strongly suggesting that it is hollow, or hollowed out to some extent. By the way NASA said that Phobos (one of the moons of Mars) is also hollow, based on measurements of a bypassing satellite.

In 1994 a military satellite, Clementine, was brought in orbit around the Moon to take high resolution pictures on the entire surface. Why is the Ministry of Defense interested in the Moon’s surface? Some of the pictures have intentionally blurred areas; structures on the Moon’s surface blurred out.

moontower1 moonstructure

The Japanese and the European Space Agencies put a satellite around the Moon, equally mapping its surface. They hardly made any pictures public.

When you look around the internet you can find many more anomalies that point to an artificial moon, and the moon being the base for extraterrestrials. Too many to mention here.

There are a few abductees that have reported to be taken to underground bases on the Moon. The Moon is where the so-called Greys live and work, and a couple of other races that control the Greys.

Have you ever wondered why, after all that talk about putting (human) bases on the moon, we stopped going to the Moon after only a couple of Apollo flights In spite of the tremendous advances in technology?

We mentioned that the Moon came into earth orbit rather recently, about  12,000 years ago.

tiahuanaco-sun-gate2This was already brought forward in 1956 by Professor Schindler-Bellamy who studied the famous Sun Gate of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia. He published his result in his book The Calendar of Tiahuanaco. Now largely forgotten, it is a tremendous work with far reaching implications, and probably the reason why archeologists do not want to touch the subject. He did not talk about aliens. He thought that the Moon was a planetary body that came too close to the Earth and was captured by its gravitational forces. This happened twelve thousand years ago. Before this event, the Earth had a different rotational speed and a different moon. He came to this conclusion by carefully studying the so-called Sun Gate at Tiahianaco. The hieroglyphs on the Sun Gate is not a simple calendar as we normally understand it, but a detailed, astronomical and mathematical calendar showing that the solar year of the Earth used to have 290 days instead of the 365 of today. The Earth was rotating on it’s axis slower, resulting in a longer day. The 290 day year was divided in 12 ‘months’ of 94 days plus two extra days. But it also shows that the Earth had a smaller moon at a much closer distance, giving many solar eclipses. The Sun gate also gives information on the obliquity of the ecliptic (axial tilt of the Earth was then about 16.5 degrees; now 23.5 degrees) and on Tiahuanaco’s latitude (then about 10 degrees; now 16.27). The arrival of our present Moon changed all this. It was a traumatic event for the Earth.

Judging from the present remains of Tiahuanaco, it was once an extremely advanced civilization. Tiahuanaco itself and a nearby site Puma Punku, were built with stone blocks weighing up to 440 tons, with no signs of chisel marks. The stones shows many signs of a technologically advanced society. Look it up yourself. Around the turn of the 20th century Bolivian scholar Arthur Broznansky began a fifty year study of the ruins of Tiahuanaco. Using astronomical information, he concluded that the city was constructed more than 17,000 years ago (during the Atlantean period).

Tiahuanaco shows that the arrival of the Moon caused tremendous cataclysm on Earth. Tiahuanaco  lies 12,500 feet (over 2 miles) above sea-level. However, Tiahuanacu was a seaport at one time. The port of Tiahuanacu was Puma Punku. At the time of Atlantis, they were at sea level. But when the Moon arrived all that changed. In the Tiahuanaca area much of the ruins were found under six feet of silt, showing that it was covered by a great flood. Subsequently, the gravitational forces caused an uprising of the land mass to a height of 12,500 feet, creating what is now known as the Andes mountains. It shows that a catastrophic event took place, not only at Tiahuanaco, but all over the world. (If you want to read more about all this, a great article is The Mystery of Tiahuanaco).

Mankind has stories about a time when the Moon was not in our skies, stories that would not exist if the Moon would have been a natural companion of the Earth since the creation of the solar system, as most scientists believe.

The following are references to these stories gathered by Immanuel Velikovsky.

The period when the Earth was Moonless is probably the most remote recollection of mankind. Democritus and Anaxagoras taught that there was a time when the Earth was without the Moon. Aristotle wrote that Arcadia in Greece, before being inhabited by the Hellenes, had a population of Pelasgians, and that these aborigines occupied the land already before there was a moon in the sky above the Earth; for this reason they were called Proselenes.

Apollonius of Rhodes mentioned the time “when not all the orbs were yet in the heavens, before the Danai and Deukalion races came into existence, and only the Arcadians lived, of whom it is said that they dwelt on mountains and fed on acorns, before there was a moon.”

Plutarch wrote in The Roman Questions: “There were Arcadians of Evander’s following, the so-called pre-Lunar people.” Similarly wrote Ovid: “The Arcadians are said to have possessed their land before the birth of Jove, and the folk is older than the Moon.”  Hippolytus refers to a legend that “Arcadia brought forth Pelasgus, of greater antiquity than the moon.” Lucian in his Astrology says that “the Arcadians affirm in their folly that they are older than the moon.”

Censorinus also alludes to the time in the past when there was no moon in the sky.

Some allusions to the time before there was a Moon may be found also in the Scriptures. In Job 25:5 the grandeur of the Lord who “Makes peace in the heights” is praised and the time is mentioned “before [there was] a moon and it did not shine.” Also in Psalm 72:5 it is said: “Thou wast feared since [the time of] the sun and before [the time of] the moon, a generation of generations.” A “generation of generations” means a very long time. Of course, it is of no use to counter this psalm with the myth of the first chapter of Genesis, a tale brought down from exotic and later sources.

The memory of a world without a moon lives in oral tradition among the Indians. The Indians of the Bogota highlands in the eastern Cordilleras of Colombia relate some of their tribal reminiscences to the time before there was a moon. “In the earliest times, when the moon was not yet in the heavens,” say the tribesmen of Chibchas.

When the Moon arrived, 12,000 years ago, it created great physical changes of the Earth’s surface due the gravitational forces. There were many earthquakes, large pieces of land rose up to great heights, while others sank down into the ocean. There was flooding all over the planet giving rise to the Great Flood stories found in all civilizations around the world). Of course, it is also possible that the Earth captured the Moon in a ‘natural’ way, much earlier in the history of the Earth. Some scientist are of the opinion that the Moon might have come from a planetary catastrophe in our solar system. When the ET Traders came by, they found the Moon a suitable place to build their bases from where they could harvest the Earth.

I wanted to elaborate a little bit about the effects of the arrival of the moon to show that the ET Traders didn’t care one bit about the flourishing human civilization on this planet. And they still don’t. They have destroyed all of humanities advanced cultures. In one swoop humanity was left scrambling for survival. Then it became very easy to change humanity societal structure in one that would allow for easy domination and control by the ET Traders.

Putting Humanity under Total Control

Promote Division and War

The next phase was the control and manipulation of those humans that managed to survive. You have to understand that the ET Traders have great knowledge and technology in relation to manipulation and subjugation of a native intelligent race. They have done it many times before on other planets. They work on many levels simultaneously.

They interfered with our genetics. They shortened our life span. This would not give us enough time, in one lifespan, to figure out why the ETs were here for, or even to be aware that they are here. Our energetic body was tampered with, so we were not able anymore to perceive the spiritual worlds. Thus we were cut off from our spiritual guides.

The presence of the Moon itself, as a planetary body, had and still has an influence on our emotions (as seen in astrology). This allows for control of the emotions of the entire human race. It is not a coincidence that in the last twelve thousand years, and up to the very present, humanity has been denied any emotional education. The very little education it got was limited to intellectual facts and figures. By its emotional deprivation, humanity has been very easy to manipulate, especially to cause endless conflicts and wars.

werewolfmoonThis Moon’s energetic influence on human emotions is foreign (it replaced the previous moon under which humanity had evolved for millions of years) and disharmonious, even upsetting. The Moon has a long association with insanity and irrationality. The full moon has been linked to crime, suicide, and mental illness. It also has associations with dangerous entities like werewolves, which is an animal image showing that human emotions are adversely affected by the moon. Moon magic is a common practice among Wicca. The term ‘lunatic’ is derived from the Latin word for moon (luna)

pyramideyeOnce humanity (what remained of it) struggled to survive and formed their first communities, the ET Traders stepped in to insert totally new concepts into humanity’s new civilizations. In the image of their own societal structures, the ET traders introduced to humanity the ideas of hierarchy, domination and control. The stimulation of greed, insecurity and fear caused a select few to gather more wealth than others, which they then had to protect by keeping the ‘ordinary’ people under domination and  control. For the first time in humanity’s history money was created. Monetary systems allowed the rulers to exert control over individuals. A hierarchical society arose in which a few at the top of the pyramid control the many on the bottom.

This system created division, even greater fear, and more greed in an effort to satisfy an ever restless insecurity feeling. In essence, it was a cycle that would feed itself for thousands of years, up to the present day. Money is not the evil, it is the feeling of insecurity that causes all the problems.

For about twelve thousand years the ET Traders have kept humanity in a constant state of insecurity, by allowing the human rulers to live in luxury in return for suppressing the rest of the population, putting them in poverty, slavery and ignorance. Any truly spiritual person or groups were persecuted and put to death. But the human rulers are victims too, because they always live in fear of losing their power and life style, and thus they continuously create intrigues, manipulation and wars against other members of the ruling elite. The ensuing game has always been disastrous for human civilizations. For the past thousands of years, numerous wars have destroyed any progress humanity had made.

For the last twelve thousand years mankind has also not gotten a chance to develop spiritually. Actually mankind was much more evolved before the ET Traders came, than at present. At present we are still fighting, killing, torturing, and denying the majority of humanity even the basics of a normal life.

While humanity is continuously fighting and destroying itself, the ET Traders go along harvesting this planet.

Control of Subtle Energy Systems

earthgridAnother manner of control is at the subtle energy level. The Earth is surrounded with an energy grid. This network consists of interconnected ley lines. They are high frequency energy waves in the order of about 900 MH to 5 GHz. Yes, it is no coincidence that cell phones use this bandwidth. This Earth Grid is very important, because it contains information that is used by all the life forms on this planet, including humans. It is directly related to the ability of expressing consciousness and awareness.

The Et Traders have used the earth energy grid by having the human power elite build pyramids at the access points, or vortexes. Pyramids amplify the natural energy of the Earth’s energy grid, and through these pyramids, the natural; energy system of the Earth can be manipulated for the purpose of controlling the consciousness of the masses. For example, human sacrifices at pyramids will insert the fear of the person killed into the energy grid, and will be subconsciously felt by all humans. All important buildings of the power elite have been and are still built on energy lines or power spots.

Abductions of Humans and Mind Control

alien_abductionAn additional control method is the so-called abductions by (mostly) the Greys. I believe that the abductions are not physical, but mere images and scenery implanted into the mind of the abductees. As humanity is waking up out of the matrix of reality manipulation, these abductions have increased dramatically too. Abductions serve different purposes. Among them, they clearly manipulate the mind of the abductees. As with hypnosis, they put instructions and programs into their minds. They retrieve information from the mind of the abductees to figure out what is going on with humans.

Lately there has been a lot of talk that the rulers of the world are strongly mind controlled by the aliens.

Control in the Astral World

Another control method, one that most people would not even suspect, is on the astral level, actually in what we call the Hereafter. The Western mind has been so locked onto the physical world, that most people are not even aware of the existence of the astral world, and what is going on there. The astral world is as important as the physical world in term of the evolution of mankind, opportunities to grow, and the expansion of consciousness. The astral world is the place where you go after death of the physical body and where you plan to get reborn again into the physical world.


The first sign I got that something was not right with what happens to humans in the astral world, came from a single paragraph in the book Ufo-Contact from Planet Iarga, by Stefan Denaerde. It was first published in The Netherlands in 1969: “A detailed explanation will come later, so let it suffice here to say that beings on Iarga who possess a mentality of negative, egotistic tendencies are denied reincarnation. This selection is the cause of continuing improvement in mentality, generation after generation, which enables a race to become unselfish. On Earth, this selection process was blocked some twenty centuries ago by extraterrestrial intervention whereby we (humans) cannot improve our average mentality. This system is  unsuitable and undesirable for us because it  stimulates negative egoism. The lazy and the profiteers continue to disrupt our system. The universal economic system (practiced on Iarga) is just an utopian dream for us.”

   “Due to her planetary conditions, Iarga has a different cycle of evolution than the Earth. Due to this, we have the ability to continually improve our mentality through many generations. Iarga’s secret is that we are bound by the law of cause and effect and are therefore subject to reincarnation-selection. This law lost its validity on Earth long ago. On Earth, the weeds grow up with the corn until the harvest, and then the selection takes place. Because of this, mankind cannot improve her mentality. You are still troubled by the demonic element of human dualism and there is no escape. “On Iarga, on the other hand, the weeds are constantly removed, which neutralizes the demonic element. Naturally, the children’s upbringing plays a large part in the mental attitude, but it is not the cause of the improvement. “Your supposition that a human born on Iarga would grow into a normal Iargan is incorrect. In the first place, he would not have taken part in the reincarnation cycle of Iarga and what is more, his character would not fit. “Due to the planet conditions, a human is willful and disobedient. He obeys no God, no commandment, and no conscience; he even pretends that he doesn’t have one. He knows everything better. I hope that we never have to accept one of these beings into our system, it would be a terrible mistake, without counting the damage it would do to his surroundings. A large dose of unselfishness can only exist in an environment that is protected from evil. You see that it is not as simple as you think.”

This statement contains some interesting concepts. The reincarnation process was interfered with some twenty thousand years ago by ETs. This places the beginning of the intervention at 8000 years before the fall of the end of the Atlantean period. I know from my own visions and other information that The ET traders had discovered this planet in the second half of the Atlantic period, and had already worked on the human population to sow the seeds of division and destruction. The visionary Edgar Cayce mentioned that in the latter days of Atlantis two groups formed who were battling each other: the Sons of the Law of One, and the Sons of Belial. The Law of One still maintained the highest standards of consciousness and its followers were able to continue vibrating at only the very highest level of light and energy and they still remained very close and true to the one Creator/God. The Sons of Belial, on the other hand, were only interested in the amplification of the ego, self-aggrandizement and carnal pursuits. They tried and controlled all the spiritual laws to enhance all their materialistic purposes.

Humanity was already unbalanced at the time this corruption was instigated by the ET Traders. This corruption extended into the astral world, or the Hereafter. Human consciousness at present is only aware of the physical world, but most alien races can easily extend their consciousness into the astral world. The ET Traders knew that they had to corrupt the reincarnation process. After all, how can you corrupt the physical humans on Earth, if a soul in the astral world is not allowed to choose a life time on earth that includes, for example, theft, violence, rape, murder war. Have you ever thought about it why a soul is allowed to reincarnate and commit cruel acts towards it fellow humans? It is often explained in terms of karma. You did a bad thing in your past life, now you have to undergo a bad thing in this life. But that means that the spiritual guides on the astral plane have to give a soul a life plan to commit a bad act towards another human. No true spiritual guide that act according to divine law, will allow this to happen. Karma does not exist! I say it again: Karma does not exist! Humans have become very unbalanced during the last twelve thousand years, and when they reincarnate they need to straighten out their unbalances in a positive way, not in the way of undergoing bad deeds of others, who they themselves have to come back to undergo bad deeds of others and so on. This way it never ends. It keeps us in an endless cycle of negative emotions and acts, and duality.

Why do people reincarnate? I mean, what is their motivation? The esoteric community has told us many times, and now hypnotic regressions into life before reincarnation have affirmed it, that when people die, they get a ‘life review’ shortly after. The soul gets called before a panel of ‘guides’, and his entire past life is shown to him and certain actions are pointed out. The soul feels bad about certain things they did, and then he gets a chance to go back to Earth to pay off his karmic debt. Other ‘guides’ pick out a couple of bodies who can choose from and a general life plan is drawn up that will allow the soul to rectify his ‘bad’ behavior. Usually the soul, once on Earth, doesn’t do a good job of straightening our his bad tendencies, because there is nobody here that can help him in understanding why he is here, as all essential education about being a true human was taken away a long time ago by the ETs themselves. The whole process of that ‘life review’ has only one purpose: instilling guilt into the soul, and that he needs to suffer. I am not saying that the life review is bad. One should be aware of one’s imbalances and the need to correct them. But it is all to obvious that guilt is the primary reason why a soul decides to return to Earth. The real reasons should be: studying himself as a human being, becoming aware that he is a divine being, that he is connected with the entire universe and can connect and communicate with all the life forms around him, and striving to ever balance, improve himself, and to create a truly positive, peaceful, and nurturing society. Guilt is an absolute useless emotion that keeps you in the dark and does not create anything positive.

It is the ET Traders that corrupted the human reincarnation process, by turning the life review process in to guilt instilling trip. One should ask who are these ‘guides’ behind the table in the life review hall? Some people who had past life regressions (with hypnosis) reported the presence of one or more aliens in the council of guides with the past life review. By itself this is not necessarily negative, as humanity always has been connected with alien races on the spiritual level. But I think we should start to question their presence in the light of the knowledge that the human reincarnation process has been tampered with for the last twenty thousand years by extraterrestrials.

It is interesting that Edgar Cayce stated that in 1999 a “battle of Armagedon would start, a spiritual struggle between the “higher forces of light” and “lower forces of darkness” for 1000 years of Earth time, in order to prevent souls from lower afterlife realms from reincarnating to Earth. It seems that the “higher forces of light” really deem it necessary to engage is such a struggle. It must be that it is very necessary for humanity’s (spiritual) survival that we are freed from the alien control over the reincarnation process, at least for a long enough time to get our act together and start building a strong and flourishing civilization that eventually will be able to deal with any negative forces.

Persecution of Awakened People

Illustration of Joan of Arc Being Burned at the StakeAfter humanity had lost its ability to connect with the spiritual world and its guides, by the ET Intervention, any remaining spiritually gifted people have always been put into service of the suppressing rulers/authorities, or they have been persecuted and destroyed. We will call these people with the general name of psychics (ranging from spiritual seekers to clairvoyants). Look at history. The Catholic Church persecuted anyone who had a psychic gift or adhered to true spirituality. These people, with their enhanced awareness were able to find out that this planet, and humanity, were under the influence of an evil force. By lack of understanding these evil forces were often called demons, but the description of these beings corresponds very well with what nowadays describe as aliens, especially the Grays and the Reptilians. The Gnostics were very adamant about the existence of cosmic beings seated around this planet which very much hindered the spiritual progress of humans.

Over my many years of study I have come across testimony of psychic and clairvoyant people who, at one point in their life, were visited by aliens, which always resulted in severe disruption and manipulation of their psychic abilities, even extending in their personal life. The ET Traders, psychic by themselves, are quick to find out who has the psychic capacity to find out the truth about the ET motives here on Earth, and they will do everything they can to prevent this. I have found accounts of people who had taken mind-altering substances, and were visited, in their expanded awareness, by Greys who would give them misinformation or faulty scary predictions (fear element!).

Misdirection of Awakened People: Channeling

If there is an area where aliens, or extraterrestrials, figure prominently, it is channeling. Channeling ETs has been going on for many decades. Its popularity has only increased. Sometimes the channels first had a genuine contact/abduction with the ETs.

Originally I was very interested in the ET messages given to the  human channels. It was first hand information from the ETs themselves. But there were always discrepancies which gave me the feeling something wasn’t quite right.

The problem with channeling is always the same: you can’t verify who is talking, and you can’t verify the information. You accept/believe it or not. Unfortunately I have seen it over and over again, people readily believe every word the ETs say, even when it is obvious that the information is false. Especially the channelers themselves will rationalize and make sense of what is fed to them.

When you read the messages from the many ET groups given to the many channelers, and you compare them, it is obvious that the information always reflects what the channeler is interested in and what his cultural/religious background is. In other words, the ETs tell you what you want to believe, in a form that shapes the mind of the channelers, their followers and the readers who read their books, in a particular direction. This direction is one in which the ETs, that is the ET Traders, are benevolent beings, who all came here to help humanity. But most importantly, it stimulates people to accept their presence without questioning their motives. It generates passivity, and a believe in a generated, fictitious new age spirituality.

The channeled ETs talk about anything you are interested in, but one of the recurrent themes that always bewildered me was their talk about Jesus Christ and his immanent Second Return. They never talk about Buddha or Mohammed. Why are all those ETs, from Sirius, the Pleiades, Orion, Arcturius etc., so interested in Christ? Some even claim to know him personally, or to work alongside him. Others tell us that they will appear in their ships next to Christ when he returns to earth in the clouds. There stories are different according what ET group is channeling (what is also the case for any other subject). Sometimes the Second Return is tied in with the Great Changes on earth, a time of great catastrophes. during which the ETs claim they will lift off many people into their ships, and then put them back to Earth when things have quieted down. One woman was even shown a mother ship that would hold all those people. Well, ask yourself, why would an alien race spend so much time, energy, materials and manpower to save a couple of thousand humans? If they would really do that, then there must be something in for them of equal value. There is always self-interest involved. And, think also of the tremendous task of holding thousands of people in a confined space for a prolonged amount of time. Think practical: people need to pee and poo every day and that has to go somewhere too. People need to keep themselves clean. They need to wash their clothes. They need medical attention, psychological attention, and so on.

If the ETs really would show up to lift people off, they might do so for other reasons.

The ET Traders also give a lot of visions and predictions of catastrophes. This is intended to create confusion and fear, and who is coming to the rescue? You guessed it.

Other subjects they talk about: planet X, sometimes called Niburu, the ever elusive planet, that you can’t see because it is too dark, too far away, or always just behind the sun. The Earth that is going to shift into the third or fourth dimension (what about Mars, Venus or any of the other planet, or our own Moon?). Many explanation for this one. Some say the Earth will split into two Earths (one more subtle, aetheric).

Have you ever noticed that some of the channeled ETs have biblical or Egyptian names? Why does nobody question this? One woman talks about an ET mother ship that is called the New Jerusalem.

It is all too obvious, the whole ET channeling is one big mind manipulation. All this is geared to direct the attention of spiritual people away from themselves. By focusing on what the ETs have to say, they get swept away into a fabricated world world of half truths and deception. In the meantime those people have forgotten to look into themselves, where all the answers to their problems can be found. They forget to bring out the divine light that is shining inside themselves. They forget that they can create the reality they want, and built a better life for themselves and their fellow humans. We don’t need the ET Traders. However we can make friends with those ET races that respect humanity and honor our own rules of engagement.

Where Do We Go From Here?

There must be something very powerful in the human spirit, for in spite of all that has been done to us we still have the spark of light. Nothing can stomp it out, it is the divine essence of our being.  We have the capacity to overcome and evolve. People are waking up, each one who does so adds to the balance of our collective spirit, increasing our chances of survival. You can decide right now to be the master of your self, to be aware of your energy, your emotions, your actions. You can decide to make that little extra effort each day (and that is al lit really takes, it is NOT hard to do, your mind and your intentions are powerful) to override all those negative programs that are being sent to you. Bad mood? Why go there? Fear? Breathe deep, let it pass by. Anger? don’t act it out. The list goes on. In other words, work on yourself, do as much as you can with the little time any of us has to become what a human was intended to become. May the human spirit rise up and fly free!


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