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Giants Skulls and Skeletons

Contents: Introduction Kurdistan Giants, Iraq The Borjomi Giants, Republic of Georgia The Lovelock Cave Giants, Nevada, USA The Giant’s Finger, Egypt Old newspaper Stories: The Giant of Leixlip, Ireland A Giant Bone from Pine Grove, Nevada The Giant of St. … Continue reading

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Twelve Foot Giants

Giants seem to be some fairy-like creatures that you only find in children’s books or movies. The existence of giants is denied by orthodox scientists. However, there are plenty reports of giant skeletons found all over the world, collected by … Continue reading

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Horned Humanoid Skulls

back to Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings index Horned human skull. Acquired by the Surnateum in 1959 Origin: France (1920-1940) Probably a relic of a satanic cult or a cult devoted to the Great God Pan. Although we thought that … Continue reading

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Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings

Once in a while a strange skull, skeleton or body is found that seem to be from a humanoid being, sufficiently different from a normal human being that we can say that it might belong to a different human-like being. … Continue reading

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The Six Digits Phenomenon

It is saidm that the giants who roamed the earth had six fingers. It is even mentioned in the Bible. It seems that this characteristic was passed on to humans. Although normally recessive (dormant), this DNA code can become dominant.  … Continue reading

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Wéris Notes

(1) One wonders why prehistoric people with only stone tools would cut a slanting stone column out of a hill top. I would be much easier to cut the stone first and then erect it on top of the hill, … Continue reading

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The Visionary Experiences of Hungarian Shaman Joska Soos de Sovar

The Visionary Experience of Hungarian Shaman Joska Soos de Sovar. Joska Soos was a most remarkable shaman. I have never met anyone else who was always in his center, in clear awareness. He was initiated into sound, the highest initiation … Continue reading