About Me

Growing up in Belgium, my early childhood years were uneventful, but that was to be changed when a series of mystical experiences spontaneously happened to me, causing fears and turmoil, but they also pushed me into the exploration of life in its widest sense. I became interested in finding the answers to the questions ‘who am I’ and ‘what is life about’ and at sixteen I started exploring parapsychology, reincarnation and other alternative subjects. I became very interested in science and psychology as well. It became an intense and never ending road of self-discovery. I completed my regular education, got a degree of Industrial Engineer in Horticulture and I had a couple of jobs, but life in common society did not interest me. I was more driven to explore the age old questions and answers of one’s identity and the mysteries of life.

In my blogs (see right column, up to the end of June 2013) I have posted my main spiritual experiences of almost 50 years. Since July 2013 I have been posting different ideas and insights.

In the top menu you can find links to my articles and other topics of interest.

The posts of my spiritual experiences is primarily intended to show you my experiences over the course of almost 50 years. I had many mystical experiences during my life. My experiences were often unexpected, and usually are outside what we have been told is possible. Our Western society has provided us with school knowledge that is so very limited (and often plain wrong and misleading), and a world view fed by the media that is so childlike and ridiculous, that most people are now living in a very narrow reality.  But life does not care about what people think. Since the beginning of mankind, people have experienced many aspects of life, which today they are told don’t exist. However, people still continue to see UFOs, have contact with extraterrestrial beings, have out-of-the-body-experiences, see nature beings and dimensional portals, encounter ghosts and poltergeist phenomena, go through miraculous cures, and so on. It is more than time for everybody to get back in contact with these experiences, understand them and talk about them. This is important because there is always a reason why it happens to a person, and it can be tremendously beneficial. It also brings us together, and it gives us greater insight into the Greater Reality.

mercurialThis is a painting of a cosmic light-sound being, painted by the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos. I bought it from him in 1989.



One Response to About Me

  1. You are very open. I follow a lot of blogs on WordPress but am writing your name down so I can make sure I read up on your experiences. Thank you for taking the time to voice, share, and question.

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