Accidentally Viewing of Past Scenes

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The Akashic Records

People’s Experiences

The Oregon Vortex

1950s School and Cars

Woman in Colonial America

Native Indians

1800s Bedroom

Old Railway Station

New York City

The Red Room in the Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala

The Akashic Records

It is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. An unsuspecting person is walking along, and suddenly sees a scene that happened at that location some time ago. It usually lasts a very short time, and as suddenly the vision disappears. The person will find himself as being in that past time period, experiencing, the past scene in vision, sound, even smells, as if they are real. How is this possible?

Esoteric doctrines, but also people who practice out-of-the-body-experiences and psychics, talk about the Akashic records. The Akashic records are a medium that is present everywhere, and that records everything that has happened and is happening. It is not a particular place in the astral realms or any other dimension, although the human mind, when in the astral planes, will shape it into a gigantic library, for example, because the mind likes familiar structures. By itself it is only an energetic structure and does not have any particular shape. Consulting the Akashic Records is done by tuning into the desired target.

Akashic Records contains every act, emotion, thought, event that has ever happened. When consulting the Akashic Records one can view them as an observer, but one can also enter the scene and experience it as if one is really there at that location in that time period.

How does this tie in with accidentally viewing of past scenes? Earth contains many energy structures on its surface. They are usually called dimensional doorways, or vortexes. They have many kinds of energies and functions. You can call them ‘energy spots’ to simplify the concept. These energy spots fluctuate in their energy structures, intensity and even their location. At certain times they can interact with the human energy system in a profound way. On such energy spots one can get healed, converse with other cosmic beings etc. Once in a while its interaction with the human energy system will be such that the person will accidentally tune into the Akashic Records of that location, and thus view a scene of the past. This will be of course quite startling as it can be experienced as very real.

I have gathered a few first-hand accounts of people who stumbled into such scenes, just to give you an idea that this can happen to anyone.

People’s Experiences

The Oregon Vortex

The first account is a rather lengthy one, but quite interesting because it involves a well-known energy vortex: the Oregon Vortex with its House of Mystery. This energy spot has strange visual and perceptual phenomena that can be witnessed by the many tourists. The Oregon Vortex is described as a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below the ground. If you ant to know more about its particular features, read the book The Golden Vortex, by Nick Nelson, who was the caretaker of the vortex for many years, or go to the present website The Oregon Vortex. To understand the following quote from the above mentioned book, it is necessary to know that the site contains a House of Mystery, which is actually an old 1904 assay shack of a mining company that slid off its foundation at an angle and still sits that way. Around the shack are several places, like benches and platform built over time to mark and observe certain phenomena.

Many of them were built by the original caretaker of the area, John Litster, who was a geologist, mining engineer, and physicist. He developed the area in the early 1920s and opened it to the public in 1930. He conducted thousands of experiments within the Vortex until his death in 1959.

One day, Nick Nelson, unsuspectingly, observed a major shift in the reality of the place, and witnessed a scene of the past with a man most likely to be John Lister.

On the seventh morning, Bryton and I were alone at the Vortex without customers, so I used the free time to climb up the hill and into the brush with a compass, dowsing rods, and a magnet on a string. I thought looking at some other aspects we don’t show might shed light on this new mystery. I first checked the position of the equivalent of the Queen’s Chamber on the ground south of the old shack. This seemed to register no problem, so I thought to check circumstances on the line of demarcation at what I call the subterranean chamber equivalent.
This “basement” position of the Vortex exists on a steep side hill, and to face toward the apex position, or upper platform 165 feet away, I have to place my back to the slope of the hill. This creates a strange impulse to fall backward uphill, and I found myself fighting the impulse more aggressively than at other visits to this position.
I started to bring the compass up to my eyes to take a reading toward the “apex” upper platform. A strange feeling stopped me from completing the motion. Without the compass, my eyes told me that something was out of whack. I was directly opposite of the upper platform “apex”, and always when I had sighted across the diameter of the Vortex from this position, a huge Douglas fir tree beside the house blocked the platform from view.
The tree used to block that view, but this time the platform was in plain sight through leafless trees! I could see the platform beyond the tree to its right.
The scenery had shifted on me, and it was not a subtle shift! I didn’t get a chance to check, but the difference was at least five-degrees.
I didn’t get a chance to check because something else was out of the ordinary.
A hair or two stood up on the back of my neck. Things looked normal, but something felt alien, and that feeling melted quickly into what I can only describe as panic. Immediately every hair on my neck stood straight up. I could fathom no logical reason for this crazy emotion.
I was completely, and without rational foundation, terrified, and was welded to the spot.
To make matters worse, just below my position, about 25 feet away, a man stood with his back toward me. I didn’t see him walk up, or even magically appear. He was just there, and this somehow struck me with a new wave of that intense, irrational fear.
The man’s left hand rested on a knurled walking stick, and he studied a fairly large magnetic compass in his outstretched right hand. A pile of gray hair adorned the top and back of his head. He wore what looked like a heavy wool suit coat with matching brown pants tucked into high leather boots.
My thoughts seemed divorced from the unreasonable feeling of terror, which was making my skin pulsate. This was an area of the woods where Maria doesn’t let patrons roam, yet when I tried to ask him if I could be of assistance, I couldn’t even clear my throat. My real intent was to crawl into a hole and pull the ground in after me. Without any reason, I was frozen in a silent spasm of utter, senseless dread of a sort I’ve never experienced before.
Apparently the intruder was unaware of me, and that suited me just fine. If I could have made my legs function, I would have fled. Perhaps ten seconds into this sighting, he looked up from the compass and peered toward the assay shack. As if from an outside command, my head raised to gaze where he was looking.
A hole developed in my stomach, all that nutty fear fell into it, and dragged me along. The old board fence around the shack didn’t look right. It took the beat of at least two seconds to focus on a slight skein of snow on the roof, and this sight brought on another round of instant terror.
The temperature of the world in which I embarked on my short hike was in the low forties; chilly, but not cold enough to produce snow!
I saw him glance down at his compass. This movement evidently caused me to look at the compass I had forgotten I was holding. The sight of it couldn’t have been more frightening if I had just discovered a snake in my hand. I gasped and dropped it. At light-speed my thoughts built a scenario of the instrument clattering as it hit the ground, thus alerting the man to my presence.
With a reaction I can only regard as superhuman, I snatched the compass out of midair. This is a feat I have since tried to duplicate with other objects without success. The fear magnified with a vengeance so intense I was knocked backward and staggered to catch my balance. I was sure all this commotion had betrayed my position to the enemy, and with gargantuan effort I raised my eyes to meet whatever was out there.
The man was still visible, but somehow in two or three seconds, he had gotten over beside the shack, which was probably 70 feet away. He was turned toward me, and I suddenly realized that perspective had gone completely insane.
There were two shacks; a big shack, and a smaller shack superimposed on the other. In front of the small shack with snow on the roof, the man was looking right at me. My body felt huge – a thousand feet high, and it tingled with a strange, heavy vibration. The scene of the man near the assay shack was disappearing as if it was being pulled into a hole in the air. He seemed a thousand yards away, yet I saw his eyes open wide.
A voice entered my right ear, and only my right ear. The sound appeared to come from six inches away. It was flat, yet almost breathless.
“Oh Jesus!”
I felt a dull thud in my solar plexus, and then the strange bloating anxiety bled away. My breath was coming in steam-engine huffs, and I sat heavily on the moss that carpets the side hill. For long moments I let my breath slow, and then I looked back up at the shack.
The sight was normal. The fir tree now blocked the view of the upper platform.
I intended to tell Bryton what had happened, but halfway back to the gift shop I decided to keep such an improbable thing as this to myself, at least until I could think about it. Because of its dubious nature, I later made the decision to keep the story out of this book, but was persuaded to recount it by an insistent editor who I had entrusted with the incident.
Was it Litster in another time that I saw?
Did seeing me, and seeing the world rotate before his eyes convince him that humanity wasn’t ready for what he had learned?
I can pose the questions, but the only answer I really have involves that intense fright that nearly consumed me.
I’m sure it was body fear.
My mind in that strange encounter was normal. Intellectually I was sharp, and I managed to remember everything. I think, like the house cat, or the deer at the line of demarcation, my body sensed mortal danger, and knew that one step in any direction would have plunged me into that world.

1950s School and Cars

In June 1980, I received word that my paternal twin had been in an accident, and was not expected to live. I immediately came home to see him. He was in a coma, and my mother, his wife, and I took turns staying at the hospital to watch over him.

On one of the days when I was “off watch”, I wandered next door to the old school I had attended in junior high. I sat on the steps, and thought about the old days at school. I thought about going inside and touring the halls, but didn’t because there had recently been news reports about a possible child molester hanging around playgrounds. Then I noticed 1950s vintage cars coming to pick kids up about the time the bell rang. I left the school, and went home.

My mother asked, “What have you been doing?” I told her about visiting my old junior high school, and how I had been sitting on the steps and reminiscing about old times.

She replied, “That’s impossible! The school was torn down two years ago!”

My brother lived by the way, but is handicapped. (Reality Shifters)

Woman in Colonial America

When connected with the Akashic Records, one can experience a past scene through the senses of a person in that scene, as if one was that person him/herself:

I have always been in love with Victorian culture and fashion. I’ve always felt some part of me belonged in that era. A few years ago I was in a VERY historic area of Virginia known as Old Town Winchester, living in a battered Women’s shelter after fleeing a violent boyfriend. Ford Motors got its start in Virginia, and there was an old closed dealership, now an antique shop. I suspect all that old historic stuff, on an Appalachian ley line, opened some sort of portal. All I know is I was walking beside this building and I felt the air shiver around me. I was aware that my physical body was still in the present, but my eyes and whatever part of our body senses psychic energy and our astral self, saw Colonial America. I could hear horses and carriages, a market, and when I looked in the shop window I was wearing a period dress, and was thinner with different hair. It only lasted for a few minutes, and then everything was normal. (Reddit)

Native Indians

Somebody replied to the previous post with his own story:

I had a moment walking back to my dorm through some woods (it was a school in the middle of nowhere), and all of a sudden I felt the world shift around me. I was still in the present but around me I saw native Americans running towards something down the tree like and heard them shouting and energetic. It was a very odd feeling but then I snapped out of it and was back in real time. I’m not sure if it’s similar, but it seems to be.

1800s Bedroom

It can also happen inside a house:

A few years ago when I was living in my apartment, I was walking from my living room to my kitchen to get a drink and I had to pass my bedroom to get into my kitchen. As I walked past my bedroom I glanced into my room and I saw what was not my bedroom. What I saw was a bedroom from another time period. My bedroom looked like a bedroom from the 1800s. I saw old farmer style boots neatly tucked under the bed, a pitcher of water with a wash bowl, old looking bedding and an older looking bed. The whole room looked like a bedroom from the 1800s period. It was a quick glance but it seemed like time had slowed down so that I could see this. (Darkness Radio – June 13, 2016)

Old Railway Station

Years ago when I was about 10 or 11 years old, myself and a few other friends were walking along a disused railway line in Scotland which we had done previously many times that summer. Through a short tunnel under a bridge was the old station and ticket office which had been empty and abandoned for some years with the roof partly gone. We would often climb inside as kids do. On approaching the end of the tunnel this Sunday afternoon we could see smoke rising up from the chimney and the building looked like it was fully occupied with doors open etc. We then caught sight of a man holding back a curtain and looking at us through a window. He had a large mustache kind of Victorian-style. I can’t remember who spotted him first I just remember bemusement then panic as we tore back through the tunnel. I can’t explain it, but we all saw it. I can’t remember if we ever went back to investigate but I remember being driven over the bridge and looking down at the station sometime after and the place was derelict. (A comment on a YouTube video.)

New York City

I was on 5th Avenue near Central Park and walked toward lower Manhattan. I went maybe 3 blocks and decided to cut over to 4th to the East. I turned a corner, not into an alley but a regular cross street and the second I took one step into it I was shocked into standing still. The buildings and cars were gone. The noise of the city was gone. There were just trees and a field to my right. A dirt road was where the paved street and sidewalk had been. I was standing on dry dirt. The road was full of deep ruts. Further down the dirt road was a dark brown house with a low fence in front. In the road at least a block away a horse drawn buckboard full of wood crates was creaking and bouncing on the rutted dirt road. I was overwhelmed with panic. My mind raced. What if I was trapped there forever. I was dressed in a shorter skirt. I didn’t speak the way people of that time would speak. I had visions of being thrown into an asylum for the insane and being lost there for the rest of my life. I quickly walked backwards and instantly was back on 5th Avenue. A man slammed into my back since I was walking in reverse. I mumbled an apology. The street I had just backed out of looked normal. The traffic was loud. My heart was pounding and I stopped a cab and got out of the city as fast as I could. Even though it was fascinating it was also terrifying. (Reddit)

The Red Room in the Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala

Two people visiting Mayan ruins saw a room freshly painted with scenes, Most likely they saw an akashic record of that place as it once existed many centuries ago. They also heard an unfamiliar language. The reason for their experience might lie in the fact that many ancient buildings were built on special energy spots. The mentioning of the trance state is also interesting.

This is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me, and even though it happened years ago I have never stopped thinking about it.

When I was 12 years old (around 2007) my family and I went to visit the Mayan City of Tikal, in Guatemala. There were a lot of people at the park as it was a high season for tourism.

We spent the whole day at the place and around lunchtime we all sat in front of a small ruin to eat and rest for a little bit. I finished eating quickly and asked if anyone wanted to look inside that particular ruin with me; my aunt agreed to come along and the rest of the family stayed outside.

That particular ruin was much smaller compared to all the main structures and it was only built on floor level. My aunt and I went inside and walked through a few small doorways or portals of the ruin. We walked for a few minutes and then realized everything was really, really quiet, which made us a bit nervous.

As the ruin was small, there was no way we could have walked a long distance from the outside where the rest of the tourists were. We also realized that unlike the other ruins we had visited that day, there was no one else in there, just my aunt and I.

We got anxious and decided to return to the rest of our family. We started walking through the same small doorways on our way back.

As we walked through one of the doorways we suddenly saw something we hadn’t seen on our way in. There was a painting on the wall. It was a drawing of people standing and sitting around some kind of plaza. It looked like an ancient Mayan market.

My aunt and I where completely mesmerized by the painting as the colors looked extremely vibrant and it looked as it had been painted quite recently, definitely not centuries ago.

We started discussing that, and when we looked around the whole room was painted in vibrant red instead of the normally washed gray of the ruins It looked like a place where people were currently living or using.

We turned back to stare at the painting, and then we could hear a lot of people talking, though we couldn’t really understand what they were saying.

We spent a few minutes just staring at the painting and listening, we were in some sort of trance as we didn’t move or talk anymore, we could just stare at the painting for what felt at the same time both as seconds and as hours.

Suddenly, my aunt mentioned that we should go back to our family, so we left, but made sure we knew exactly how to get back to the red room, so we could show how amazing it was to our family.

We got back to our family, and they asked why we had taken so long inside there. Apparently we had left for about half an hour, and they thought we might have gone somewhere else but were waiting for us to come back.

My aunt and I were still really excited about the red room, so we told our family to come see it with us. We went inside and walked through all the same doorways to get back to the place, but we were never able to find it.

We walked all the way around the ruin, in and out of it, but it was gone. The only thing we could find was a room that kind of looked similar in structure but without any of the vibrant colors, just the normal ancient gray of the discolored ruins.

On one of the walls we saw what we think could have been the painting we saw earlier, but the paint was almost completely gone. We couldn’t even make out the figures on it anymore.

My aunt and I were really, really anxious and kept looking around, we couldn’t believe it was gone. We had been there just minutes ago. The rest of our family just laughed and dismissed it saying we were probably trying to make a dumb joke.

We left the place but my aunt and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. We never found any explanation, and we still talk about it nowadays, even if no one else believed us. We both know we saw something really strange.


Link to the park’s site

Coordinates to the ruins

17°13’00.0″N 89°37’00.0″W