Ancient Megalithic Site in Siberia

In the past couple of years a remote region in Russia has gained some attention because of the presence of very large rocks, singular or stacked upon each other that seem to point to the remains of a very ancient civilization. Geologist are quickly to point out that they are natural formations, but the pictures available show that these are most probably man-made. Considering the scale of the stones, some of which weigh many, many tons, and their flat surfaces, sharp corners, right angles, the way they are stacked and other features gives credence to being sculpted by intelligent beings. Because they are granite, a extremely hard rock, it is without question that these stones have been sculpted by technology. Copper or iron chisel and hammer just won’t do it. We find many similar examples all over the world.The rock are in Gornaya Shoria, in Southern Siberia, east of the Altai Mountains. It is reported that the largest pieces or blocks of stone have estimated weights between three and four thousand tons. Like Ollantaytambo in Peru, these tremendous stones are also stacked upon a mountain top. The ancients didn’t have a problem cutting and shaping large multi-ton blocks of stones, but they also did not have a problem carrying them around down or up mountain tops.

Georgy Sidorov, another investigator into the megalithic site, came to the conclusion that place once had a large building, made of these megalithic blocks of granite, but was blasted apart by a tremendous explosion. They found signs of heat, burned rocks, parts of a wall thrown away for over five hundred meters, and other rocks thrown around. Some high heat, or high energy created particular ‘pits’ in the rocks. Some rocks showed a negative magnetic field. Sidorov thinks that the site was originally a power plant, using the earth’s energies by a Hyperborean civilization.

Georgy Sidorov interview, part 1

Georgy Sidorov interview, part 2

Russia, and even the former Soviet Union territory, has a lot of ancient megalithic constructions and ruins, that have been largely neglected over the past centuries. Only in the past decades have they been explored, photographed and commented on. One example are the numerous dolmens. Let us also mention the recently discovered Bosnian pyramids which are about 30,000 years old, and are evidence of a large advanced civilization in the middle of the European continent. China also has large pyramids from a distant past.

It seems that what they have discovered in Gornaya Shoria is another example of an very ancient site, similar to other sites all over the world. Evidence is of a world wide civilization that had the technology to cut and shape hard granite rocks to multi-ton blocks, with ninety degree angles, level surfaces. These blocks were so level that they fit next to each other and you could not even get a knife in between. They also had no problem to move these rocks around. Often these multi-ton blocks were quarried many miles, even hundreds of miles away, and were transported up and down mountains.

We also find evidence that some of these sites were destroyed by energetic blasts. Some show signs of vitrified rocks, a sign that they were exposed to intense heat. Other sites were destroyed by large tsunamis. Some of the ancient cities are now underwater, like Yonagunu at Japan, and two underwater cities near the coast of India.

As Gornaya Shoria is in a remote area, we don’t have much information about it. However the available pictures do show it is another of these very ancient sites. Hopefully more people will go and investigate the site, and they might come up with more interesting things. If Gornaya Shoria was a center, power plant or not, a lot of people must have lived around or nearby. I expect that a lot more ruins and artifact are still undiscovered.

The following pictures are floating around on the internet. I think they originate with Georgy Sidorov (see the links above).