This is a collection of my esoteric and spiritual articles. They touch a broad spectrum of alternative subjects. I hope it will make you aware of your Self, your True Divine Center. Then you can go your own path in full Awareness.

Never accept the established doctrines at face value. Find out for yourself if what someone else wrote is true of not. Knowledge is essential for one’s spiritual path, but discrimination is equally important.

My message to you is: always be yourself, be your Self. Everything has been and still is present inside yourself. All you have to do is to become aware of what is inside of you, to become aware who you are. You do not need to belief in something, to worship somebody, to give your energy away, or receive any outside energy. It is all about learning and to become aware of who you truly are.

Enlightenment: it is time to question the old doctrines about enlightenment, and to start analyzing what this state of consciousness really is, and how it manifests in different people.

Beyond Enlightenment: In most meditation system enlightenment is seen as the end goal. However it is possible to even further develop and bring the Divine down all the way into the physical.

Gnosticism, Answers To Who We Are: An overview of Gnosticism, and a view of life at the time of Jesus Christ, shared by many religious groups in those ancient times, trying to understand what life is about and who we are.

The Hymn of the Pearl: is an ancient Gnostic text that clearly explains, in story form, who you are. This is one of my favorite texts.

Being a Center of Consciousness: an exploration into three spiritual experiences

The Spiritual Layers of Man: Answers to questions about who you are as a multi-layered entity existing in a multi-layered World.

Life After Death: What happens when the physical body dies and the soul enters the hereafter?

Tales of an Incarnating Soul: This article is about the process of incarnating, during the entire period of pregnancy, seen from both the mother’s side and the incarnating soul. First you will see how Carol’s experienced the conception, pregnancy and birth of her son, expressing it visually in the form of a series of pastel paintings. The second part of the page is a book review of a French book by a couple who during their out-of-the-body experiences could talk freely with a soul during the process of pregnancy of its mother-to-be.

The Individuation Process: summary of the writings of Carl Gustav Jung regarding the Individuation Process, a psychological/spiritual process we all go through in this life to reach realization of our complete Self.

God, Who Or What Is It?: One could write a book about the concepts and experiences people have about God. This article gives you a short overview about who or what God, or the Divine, is, based on people who have experienced the Divine, or God, each in their own way.

The Dream World: an article about the importance of taking dreams seriously, the kind of dreams, dream symbols and dream work.

Fear is the Only Darkness: why fear and love are the basis of our existence. The need to give up fear in order to experience love.

Spirits: A Cause of Mental and Physical Illness: It is an idea that many people are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with: might mental and physical illness be caused by spirits, disincarnate entities of various kinds?

Protection Prayer: A prayer for protection based on the book of Shakuntala Modi.

The Best Protection You Can Get: the best protection is the cultivation of your awareness of your divine essence.

Cutting Energy Cords: what are the energy cord connections we have with other people, and how to cut them when they are unwanted or harmful.

Living Machines: from subtle energy beings associated with technological devices, to organic, living space ships. An exploration into a new possibilities.

The Pitfall Of Emotions: a translated text from a book by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. It is a teaching from the historical Jesus who appeared at the couple while in Damascus, Syria.

Reports Of A Traveler In The Astral Worlds: a review of the book by  Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. It describes Daniel’s experiences in the astral world and the teachings of his guide.

The Final Journey: an excerpt of the book Multidimensional Man, by Jurgen Ziewe. The excerpt gives an excellent overview of what the astral or spiritual realms are, how they relate to the consciousness of their inhabitants, and how we all create our own worlds.

The Tombs: An Adepts’ Solemn Message: a chapter from Paul Brunton’s book A Search in Secret Egypt. The danger of opening spirit protected tombs; and the mystery of entombed but living Masters or Adepts in Egypt.

The Atlantean Ring and Bar: The Atlantean Ring and the lesser known Atlantean Bar are intriguing energy objects which can be used for healing. I have a small number of custom made Atlantean Bars (as pendants) for sale.


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