Atmospheric Beings

We have life forms that live in the earth, in water, on land and in the air, but are there also life forms that live high up in the atmosphere? Life forms on earth take many different shapes and forms. Could it be that in the atmosphere there are biological beings of a nature quite different than we are familiar with?

Trevor James Constable and the Critters


One of Constable’s pictures taken with infrared film. he compares this being with an amoeba like form replete with nucleoli, vacuoles and the general appearance of an unicellular organism.


Another infrared picture taken while he was working with his Reich style Cloudbuster.

Trevor James Constable, an aviation and military historian, experimented with the Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster in the 1950’s, in an effort to create rain with ‘etheric engineering’. I can’t go into this aspect of his research. Basically it is the manipulation of the aether (subtle energy) in the atmosphere by which one can create rain. During his research, ufos showed up repeatedly. He distinguished two kinds of these strange objects: physical spacecraft of extraterrestrials (in which he wasn’t that interested), and luminous biological forms which appeared to be alive and seemed to be living in the atmosphere. He called them Critters. They seemed to be curious about his manipulation of the atmospheric aether. He took a number of pictures of them. Of course, very few people believed him.

Constable was intrigued by these Critters. He went to the then famous Dr. Ruth Brown, who developed the field of radionics. She found that the Critters were composed mostly out of calcium and fluids, but both were in a plasmatic state. Their plasmatic state is the reason why the Critters normally are not visible to the wavelengths that our eyes can pick up. But when they move through an area where there are microwaves, then the mineral in this plasmatic state is able to reflect radar echoes. Thus they show up on radar screens. At the same time the microwaves are an irritant to the life force energies (of all biological beings). With the Critters, their life force is trying to fight off these damaging microwaves, resulting in a luminous glow of their bodies, thus becoming visible to our eyes.

Dr. Brown also found that the level of consciousness of the Critters was on the level of fish.

In his book The Cosmic Pulse of Life Trevor Constable gives an interesting account of a man who encountered one of these atmospheric beings close by: “Don Wood Jr. may have been the first person to get a close terrifying look at a couple of these critters. He saw them in full physical density and in light-reflecting negative polarity when pursuing  of his hobby of flying. The experience shook him sufficiently to make him keep silent for several decades. Mr. Woods story was originally published in Ray Palmers publication, Flying Saucers, October 1959. Mr. Wood’s experience found the light of day thanks to Palmer’s open-mindedness.

Mr. Wood’s account:
I must write you of what happened to me in 1925, which I think solves most UFO reports. I have never told this to anyone, but can get signed affidavit if needed. Four of us were flying old ‘Jennies’ (OX5 motors) over the Nevada desert. One plane was a two-seater, the one I was in. We landed on Flat Mesa, near Battle Mountain, Nevada. The mesa is about 5,000 square feet and the walls are too steep to climb unless a lot of work is done.

We wanted to see what was on top of this flat place. We landed at 1 p.m. While walking about the top of this place we noticed something coming in for a landing. It was about 8 feet across and was round and flat like a saucer. The undersides were a reddish color. It skidded to a stop about 30 feet away. This next you won’t believe, and I don’t care but it’s the truth. We walked up to the thing and it was some animal like we never saw before. It was hurt, and as it breathed the top would rise and fall making a half-foot hole all around it like a clam opening and closing.

Quite a hunk had been chewed out of one side of this rim and a sort of metal-looking froth issued. When it saw us, it breathed frantically and rose up only a few inches, only to fall back to earth again. It was moist and glistened on the top side. We could see no eyes or legs.

After about 20 minutes rest, it started pulsating once more. (We stayed 10 feet away.) And so help me the thing grew as bright as all get out, except where it was hurt. It had a mica-like shell body. It tried to rise up again, but sank back again. Then we saw a large, round shadow fall on us. We looked up and ran. Coming in was a much larger animal 30 feet across.

It paid no attention to us, but settled itself over the small one. Four sucker-like tongues settled on the little one and the big one got so dazzling bright you couldn’t look at it. Both rose straight up and were out of sight in a second. They must have been traveling a thousand miles an hour to get so high so fast. When we walked over there was an awful stench, and the frothy stuff the little one had bled looked like fine aluminum wire. There was more frothy, wiry stuff in a 30 foot circle where the big one had breathed.

This stuff finally melted in the sun, and we took off. So help me, this was an animal. I have never told this before as we knew no one would believe us. I only write now because this animal would be one big 30-foot light if seen at night. I don’t expect belief, but I simply had to write.”

The Age of Cell Phone and Video Cameras

Interest in UFOs has soared, and with the advance in video technology and cell phone cameras, people have began to record what they see in the skies. Their primary interest is of course UFOs or spaceships, but some of the strange phenomena that they have captured resembles more living organisms, beings with some kind of intelligence, or behavior that is more animal like than what would be a physical spaceship.

The following is from videos posted on YouTube. As they are high up in the sky, one cannot do more than guess what kind of life forms they are.

Most sightings are from Mexico, people over there are more accepting of these strange phenomena.

An OpenMinds TV crew photographs an unusual object over Mexico City. The photographs were taken with professional equipment and at a professional level of skill. YouTube link

Very interesting. It is spherical, has an appendix or ‘tail’ that seems to be knotty, and the reflection of the light shows a rib like structure on the surface.

mexcity01mexcity02 mexcity03 mexcity04 mexcity05

A sighting in Argentina, with no reference. YouTube link

It moves around a lot and morphs into different shapes. It seems that some of these beings are very flexible in their form, maybe because they are plasmatic in their nature.

argentina01 argentina02 argentina03

Mexico, YouTube link

Serpent-like bio forms have been observed. They move around and wiggle and turn.

serpentmex01 serpentmex02

Mexico, an unusual pink ribbon like serpent. YouTube link

serpentmex04 serpentmex03

Mexico, YouTube link

A similar green and red ribbon like serpent

serpentmex06 serpentmex05

Mexico, YouTube link

serpentmex07 serpentmex08

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