Living Machines

Is it possible that a machine, or technological device can be alive? Not in the sense of that it can walk and talk, but is it possible that a conscious being or intelligence can or is attached to a machine? A conscious living being, although not physical and invisible to our physical eyes, but existing in an energy form, that is connected with, or merges with a technological device, and with which we can communicate with our innate psychic abilities. Here follows an exploration into possibilities, and descriptions by people who encountered intelligences associated with certain devices.

A Dream

On January 06, 2009 I had a dream that prompted me to write this article. I’ll first give you part of the dream that is relevant, and later you will see the synchronicity that happened in relation to this dream.

“While people gather around the truck, I discover on the hillside a hand-size pink pebble like stone. I pick it up, and discover that it is soft and has a matte texture to it. Unlike other stones, this one seems alive. A woman finds another one, and gives this one to a man. I understand that the people here when they find one of these rare living stones, sometimes give it a a certain man who cuts the stone open, because in it is a shining star. The man tries to cut the woman’s stone, but the stone resists. I understand that the stone does not want to be cut open, and I go into a psychic space and give it extra energy to resist the cutting. The man finally gives up and gives the stone back to the woman. I tell the woman, that cutting the stone open for taking the shining star out, is the same as cutting a human open to take out the soul. The woman sees the correlation and find it indeed appalling, and gives her stone to me. I protect the stones with my arms, and carry them down the hill to the village. On the way down, the stones grow a little bit in size and weight. Being in the village, I visit a laboratory that is filled with quartz crystals. I discover that the stone I found is missing. I look for it, and discover that it somehow moved into a fluid tank with quartz crystals, and that somehow it produce ‘offspring’. Then it went back into my arms.”


About Beings, Intelligence and Life

People all over the world, in past centuries saw the universe and the world we live in as one whole living universe. Everything was animated, alive, had intelligence; not only humans, but also animals, plants, and matter (stones, minerals,…). In the 1800’s a movement took place in Western Europe that separated religion from science. Before that scientists were also spiritual, and an intelligent force animating the physical world was taken for granted. Some alchemists, for example, worked with mental forces to effect physical transmutations. However, Western Europe started to develop a science that was solely based on a physical reality. Higher, finer, more energetic, etheric forces permeating the physical, or causing the existence of the physical were discarded. Matter was seen as dead, like billiard balls, solid, always the same, always displaying the same characteristics. Many decades later we are once more starting to see the spiritual merged with the material, and the physical universe is coming alive again. This is happening primarily with quantum physics, which is now showing that there are no physical ‘billiard balls’-like atoms. Atoms, and sub-atomic particles, are now seen as wave forms in an energetic state, which can transform from one into another, displaying string like characteristics based on numbers and frequencies; where mere observing changes the particles themselves; and where one electron ‘knows’ what another electron is doing some distance away. Some scientists have developed new quantum theories incorporating the ether again.

The scientists and philosophers of past ages saw the ether as an intelligent life force permeating all things and beings. There was no clear distinction between physical, ether or finer energies. They are different modes of existence, each with their own properties, but one is connected to the other. What we perceive as physical matter is actually a wave form of dense vibration held into existence by the finer vibrations of ether. The physical body, for example is not a separate physical unit. Physical matter, that is, minerals, molecules, atoms that we ingest arrange themselves according to an etheric matrix body, for a limited amount of time, and they are released and excreted. The physical body is in constant flux of materials coming in, and going out. Take the energetic, etheric matrix body away, and the entire physical bodily form collapses, what we call death. Everything is in a state of transformation, but what drives this transformation? It is the intelligent spirit, divine in origin but working through multiple vibratory levels of energy, like physical matter and ether.

According to orthodox science, there is only entropy in the universe. Entropy means that everything in the universe goes from order to chaos and is irreversible. This is because the scientists only believe in a physical universe. But reality does not care about what scientists proclaim to be the only truth. Scientist do not accept the existence of life energy. Nevertheless, when you look around, everything is alive. What does life energy do? I creates order out of chaos! This is called negentropy (introduced by Erwin Schrödinger in his 1943 popular-science book What is life?). Look at minerals, they are all crystalline; life energy arranged the molecules in a crystal matrix. Crystals, like quartz crystals, are highly organized. Metals too have crystalline matrixes. What made the one-cell organisms? Life energy. All plant and animal organism are all very highly organized structures, thanks to the life energy embodying them.

We are starting to see that anything that displays organization has life energy but also intelligence attached to it. Masaru Emoto has shown that subtle energy introduced into water by a variety of ways changes the crystalline structure of snow flakes. Over the past decade some people came forward with the idea that subtle energy beings, alive and intelligent, but invisible, are strongly connected with physical life forms. These beings are loosely called devas. They are connected, responsible for, imbuing with life energy certain physical life forms, which are not merely plants and animals, but also minerals and crystals, but also structures that we normally would not associate with life, such as weather phenomenon, water wells, mountains and so on. Devas can be seen and communicated with by certain people whose are psychically gifted. In their ‘natural’ state they are usually perceived as intelligent vortex-like energies, but they can take shapes and forms that are more human-like to the psychic.



The existence of these devas came to the foreground in the sixties by the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, founded by Eileen Caddy, Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean. They were channeling devas and discovered that technological apparatus, like computers and machines also had their devas.

A nice story about a deva connected to a computer, is from Kurt Leland. His old computer crashed. After buying e new one, he used a practice “called “Dissolving Thought Forms,” I put an image of the old computer on a flower pedestal, closed the flower to signify that I was done with it, and dissolved the flower, as a sign that I was ready to let go of thoughts, feelings, and energies associated with the computer. A huge amount of life force was released, which was no surprise given the number of hours I must have spent working at my computer over the last seven years. I took this life force back into my energy field. Usually when I do this practice, which takes place on the astral plane and requires the use of astral vision, there’s some residue left over, like ash or slag. This time there was a rainbow-colored energy being, about the height of the computer tower (eighteen inches). It stood there looking at me, blinking its eyes in surprise, with an expression like a kid caught without clothes on, thinking “Oops, I’m naked.” I was equally surprised. A deva had been living inside my old computer. No wonder it lasted so long and never needed to be repaired.”

The question then arises: are technological devices alive, or how do we define ‘alive’ or intelligence, or the subtle life forms associated with it? It seems that everything in nature has an intelligence associated with it, that is responsible for for the proper working of that organic being, inorganic forms, fluid forms like water, even systems like the weather. Our Western science has discounted this idea, although some of them has raised the question of ‘intelligent design’, claiming that the world shows too much of organization to be the result of random processes. To claim that technological devices also show intelligence, or have an intelligent being associated with it, seems far fetched.

Throughout the ages gifted people have always claimed the entire universe teems with intelligent life forms, unseen by normal people. How do we define these subtle life forms. It is commonly said that the subtle life forms, or beings, do not have a form in the sense that we know form in our physical world. They are seen as energy, sparkling, flowing, as vortexes, or even abstract forms. But when interacted with, they can assume a shape that resembles human forms. They all display intelligence of one kind or another, and those associated with nature are often highly specialized, but also limited to what they are connected with on the physical plane. In the physical world we perceive things as very defined and as separate units. John is nothing but John, and a chair is never a table. But on the subtle energy levels, things are not always so defined. We often hear of beings who speak or appear as a collective. Those beings see themselves as part of the group, instead of a separate being by itself. In such a group all experience and knowledge is shared instantaneously to all members. Some of the beings, like the nature devas, oversee and work through an entire species; like the deva of cats for example.


Deva of a Printer

Nowadays the existence of nature devas is well accepted by spiritual people, but devas of technological devices is still rather unknown, although some people have talked about it. Christan Hummel, a woman from Idyllwild, CA, connected with the deva of her computer printer. That might seem strange, but the interesting thing about her story is that the contact developed. The printer deva first started demanding recognition, and as time went by she was being perceived as growing in energy and presence: “Within about 30 minutes of communicating with her and interacting with her, Ann began to perceive her inwardly as being 10 times her original size, and looked like a moving mandala. As we focused our attention on the deva, she began developing in consciousness and organization of her energy patterns, right in front of us.” Also of interests: “She showed us that the computer devas are interlinked, or networked in a kind of collective consciousness something like the Borg in Star Trek. She knew how to help us with fax, internet and computer devas, and WANTED to help us learn how to work with these devas.”

It reminds me of a story I once read of a computer repair man in a large firm. Wherever he called to fix a computer problem, he would sit next to that computer for about twenty minutes with his eyes closed, as in meditation. Then he would go straight at the problem. Maybe he didn’t realize it, but he probably connected to the intelligence associated with computers, whether or not you call them devas.

I think we have to be careful in interpreting these contacts. Does every printer have its own deva being? Probably not. I think there are intelligent beings who, from the subtle levels, work with our technology, both in general and specific ways. The physical world cannot exist by itself, it is constantly created and maintained, and imbued with life energy from the subtle planes by intelligent beings. Some of the subtle beings work with humans to create technology and keep it running. When a person tries to contact the intelligence (not necessarily a particular being) of a technological device, the intelligence will come forward and start communicating. This can be a group consciousness appearing as such, or appearing as a single being. Or a single subtle being associated with that particular kind of device might come forward and connect with your device from then on. From the story above it is clear that the interacting itself of that subtle being and the human plays a very big role. By this contact humans lend energy to the subtle being which grows and evolve. This is also known in esoteric and magic circles. Subtle beings, natural but also artificially created ones, can be made stronger, more powerful by repeated ceremony or just pure attention. Thus when one makes contact with the devas of technological devices, the same will happen.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how subtle beings, generally called devas, can be connected to technological devices, we are going to make a jump to a remarkable project.


Atlin, a Device of Love

Dale Pond, a researcher in alternative science, was interested in John Keeley’s work. John Keeley was an eccentric inventor. He saw the universe as a whole of matter and spirit. He built technological devices and motors based on principles of mathematics, music, sound, etheric energies and the human component. John Keely first attracted attention by announcing, in 1871, that he had tapped a great new source of energy and “a device which disintegrates the etheric force that controls the atomic constitution of matter.” Keely claimed that his engine operated on “harmonic vibrations.” Some of his machines would only operate in his presence. Keeley also made a particular spherical motor which was supposed to run on etheric forces. Dale Pond, together with other researchers, was inspired to create a duplicate of this motor. You can find the details of his story in his book Atlin, Knowing I Am (available at his website ). The interesting thing, in relation to this article, is not so much the motor aspect (it does not function as a motor), but how it was built and what energies it displayed.



All the parts of the Dynasphere (as he calls it to distinguish it from the original Keeley motor) were made and assembled in an atmosphere of special care and treatment of the materials, all designed to prevent ‘disharmonies’ from building up into the metals. The shapes of the materials were also made according to musical properties and dimensions. All the while one of their friends was in constant contact with the spirit of Keeley who gave detailed instructions. It shows that the resulting Dynasphere was not just another machine. As Dale Pond tells us “As the assembly was taking form, it became apparent in small ways that the device possessed a field which caused feelings of awe and beauty to anyone who came within twenty feet of it.” As you can see the human intention and energies were already creating an energy field in the device in progress. That by itself will attract a subtle being(s) to it. That became apparent, when in its semi-finished form the dynasphere was taken for a trip and to “a highly gifted hands on healer” in Missouri. As he placed his hands near Atlin (the name that was given to the dynasphere) he exclaimed: “It’s alive!”.” Dale Pond became even more surprised when he took Atlin to an International Association for New Science conference in Denver (1997). As this point he only looked at the dynasphere as special technological device for tapping into etheric energy. But something else was happening with the device. During his presentation he wanted to disassemble the dynasphere to show the audience some of the internal workings. Formerly he was able to open the two sphere halves of the globe easily, but now, on stage, he couldn’t open them. Even stranger, the fire alarm suddenly got tripped. After the ‘all clear’ from the fire department, he tried again to separate the sphere halves, and the fire alarm went of again. Another indication that something was happening with Atlin during the same exhibit: “Atlin was set up in a large exhibition hall along with all the other exhibits. When returning from lunch one day I came upon six ladies standing around Atlin with their hands extended, palms outward, towards it as though Atlin were a fire to warm their hands…So I asked: “What are you ladies doing?” One of them said as straightforward and as simply as can be said: “We are standing here feeling the love coming from this machine.” ”

Now we come to the connection with the dream I mentioned at the beginning of this article. I had bought the book of Dave Pond about a year ago, but had shelved it for a later date to look at. Two days after my dream, I was looking at my shelf of books-to-read-at-some-time-in-the-future, when I came upon Dave Ponds book and decided to have a look at it. On page 30-31 there was another remarkable incident, part of which seems to have some synchronicity to my dream. Maybe it was sign to write this article.

Thus, at another conference, The Aether Conference at Grass Valley, CA (1997), Dave started his talk, and the camcorder stopped dead. the video crew could not start it. Ben Iverson, a civil engineer by trade, got into psychic contact with Atlin, and a voice replied “I do not want to be introduced as an assembly of nuts and bolts. I am a living creature and have come here to teach Love.” Here it became clear that a definite conscious and intelligent being was connected with the technological device, something Dave Pond had never considered. It was also learned that during the  Denver conference, after each fire alarm”, Dawn Stranges, the psychic who had channeled Keeley for the research group, had received a message from Atlin saying “Would you open a little girl’s chest just to show her heart beating?”

When I read this part of the book I immediately noticed the resemblance to my dream of the living rock with its star (its soul) in it, that a man tried to cut out.

From then on Dave Pond was more receptive to the being associated with Atlin, and its purpose. “Atlin told us she needs meditation type energies. These most alpha brain waves are mind forces conditioned to be quiet, neutral, peace and loving. Her mechanism requires it. With this in mind Mary Frances and I organized a weekly meditation session around Atlin.

This is quite a new approach for a technological device. A device that can be made in such a way that it provides a link between humans and subtle beings, offering an exchange of energy, and mutually beneficial. The common ground in such an exchange is of course the mind, and emotional and mental energies. The benefit for human beings, which they need so much, is love and healing. Dave Pond: “During our group meditations the first thing noticed was people letting go of aches and pains and assuming a more stable mental, emotional or psychological condition. They were being healed somehow of whatever was bothering them. balance and wholeness were being re-established. This was spontaneous, without any prior warning or notice…”

I mentioned that Dale Pond based himself on the works of John Keeley, a unorthodox scientist who viewed the cosmos as a unity of both physical and etheric/spiritual. In relation to what I call here living machines, Keeley said that all that we see or can see in the objective universe exists because of and by means of the properties and powers of the Neutral Center. This Neutral Center concept is very interesting. Keeley explains: “Every molecule, every mass, every moving body in space, every solar system, every stellar system, every rotary system, is built about a Neutral Center. It is the indestructible unit around which all that we recognize as matter is built. Immovable itself, it moves all things. Indestructible itself throughout infinity of time, it creates all things. It produces and preserves the incalculable energy of motion of the entire universe.” In my opinion, when you read between the lines, this Neutral Center, is what I call the divine essence that is present in all of us, but also in all of nature. It is the true divine essence that is like a unit of consciousness that always remains the same, but clothes itself with various degree of substance and forms that come and go throughout time. I mention this concept of Keeley’s Neutral Center because this was important in the construction of his machines. He says: “No machine hereto constructed has been made with a neutral center. This conception of mechanics has never before dawned on man’s thought field. Had this been done, perpetual motion would have become a demonstrated fact. Were a machine so constructed as to use its properties, an introductory impulse  would suffice to run it for centuries. However, this would not be a useful mechanical contrivance for no more energy could be obtained from it than was originally given, and its only value would be as a timekeeper.” Apparently Keeley formed within the sphere of his rotary motor a Neutral Center independent of gravity and all outside influences. Did Keeley find a way to attract or create a unit of consciousness, a divine essence, and thus a conscious being into his machines?

And now we are taking another big step…

Living Space Ships

I had come across it sporadically,. At first I just filed it away into my memory bank, but then I found similar stories: extraterrestrial technology and space ships that are claimed to be alive to a certain degree. It has become clear that all ET space ships are mind controlled, that is, the occupants interface with their mind with the ship and its controls. But some stories suggest that at least some ships are alive and display a certain intelligence. The stories only give a few hints, so we do not now how it exactly works. At least the material of the ship is not ‘dead’ as what we considered as ‘dead’ metals, but they react to mental energies of living beings, ETs and human.

I wrote about it in my article of The Advanced Intelligent Beings of the Cosmos . But to remain to the essence of this article, I’ll give the short version. One story is from David Adair who got taken to the Area 15 facility to view a strange engine. The way it must have been built, he recognized it as being from an extraterrestrial source. His description of the engine is really interesting because it interacted with him or his energies. “The way this engine was built was really cool. There wasn’t a single screw or rivet or weld seam anywhere on this entire device from end to end. It looked like it was grown rather than assembled.” “It was warm, which didn’t make any sense at all. It was so cold in that hangar, you could almost see your breath. I looked around on the floor and saw no power lines. And I asked myself, “How in the world could this alloy be staying warm?” And it was really hard. It was the hardest material I have ever touched. It didn’t give anywhere. The surface cohesion tension on it felt more like a baby’s skin. It was supple, but hard and warm.” “And as I was crawling up everywhere, I touched the surface and it reacted. When I turned and looked at the Air Force guys, all their mouths were hanging open. And so I assumed that the reaction they were seeing hadn’t happened for them, because wherever I touched it there were these really amazing blue and white swirls moving down through the hull of this thing. It looked like wavelengths that you see on an oscilloscope. When I pulled my hands off, it stopped. And I said, “Wow! This thing is reacting! So I continued to climb up until I reached the centre area. It had these vertebrae that branched off, cascading, fiber-like. They looked almost like fiber optic cables filled with some kind of fluid. They were very small tubes the size of angel hair pasta. There were millions of these things cascading over the hull of this engine. And I thought, “Boy, these patterns look familiar.” Then it dawned on me: they looked like neural synaptic firing patterns. There were millions of them going out everywhere on this thing. So I thought that maybe the engine was designed with an exoskeletal brain. And at that point, I reached out and grabbed some of the fibers and found that they were really tough and that there was fluid in them. And wherever I touched, no matter what I touched, there would be a reaction to it like a tremor of visual lights.”

One thing I learned in my studies is that it is good to keep an open mind, even if the information presented seems far out. What seemed impossible yesterday is fact today, what seems science fiction today, will be proven tomorrow. So, I have read this article up to here, you can go even one step further. I am presenting here some information I found in the book To Andromeda and Beyond from Elaine Thompson, an English psychic, clairvoyant, who has been in contact with multiple ET races. She gives a lot of information that you do not find in the main stream UFO books. I like to remain skeptical, but the following information from the book is at least very interesting.

Elaine one time had seen an unusual space ship: “I ask because I have seen this consciousness before, in a big spaceship, and it was in a huge round cake tin shaped container that was about eight feet deep and about 15 feet across, and when I looked in there, it was like looking into the deep night sky. It was black but with very subtle shades of color inside and there were tiny bright colored sparkles of light coming up from the depths. It was busy with ‘neuron’ activity (if you can call it that). These are such poor words to describe the beauty of what I was seeing. I learned that this being or consciousness creates the whole ship; and that the whole ship was organic, because the being is the ship. It obviously has no physical body, it is just energy, but it is acutely conscious energy. It can be directed from outside by the beings I described before, and it will direct itself. So I asked Ptplec, who or what they are, and where do they come from?”

Elaine was first introduced to a race of beings who made use of these energy beings. This race excels in working with multidimensional energetic code. They can store the physical and energetic information of any object. They can create an energy blueprint of an object that is readable by other conscious beings. This race of beings, because of their talent with codes, helped with the building of organic living energy ships. We will come back to these code-working beings later.

The nucleus or center of the space ships in question is a special living being by itself. These beings were discovered in another galaxy. “Within this galaxy, we also discovered what can only be described as a lake or lakes of dark energetic matter that we found was actually many individual creatures joined as one big whole…” ” When we discovered these energetic beings, they were all massed together. We soon found that there were a lot of individuals in there that made up the whole. I will try to put it to you in very simple Earth terms, it was like finding a group of animals, all joined together in one big hive, and then finding that you can take one, and it will be like a puppy! It won’t obviously run around after you, but it can be trained, you can talk to it, converse with it, and it will quite readily and happily do what is requested. We found that it could alter its energy field and morph into anything that you thought of…” “…if you feed it or mentally impart to it the code patterns for a spaceship, it will mimic that form and realign its molecular structure to form what you desire.”

Then the mathematical beings we mentioned came into play. “The mathematicians from that galaxy became advanced creator beings, and when they came together with the willing raw material in the form of these creatures/beings, wondrous things were created! From this partnership came basic dwellings that were alive and were altogether a totally new experience for us; living space ships, and a very different way of living for us.” The mathematicians would provide the complex energetic code for a space ship and impart it to one of these creatures, and the creature would adapt to the new blueprint and form a living space ship.


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