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Akashic Memories Beyond the Threshold

The following few experiences happened a few times in a short time span when I was in my twenties. Each time I was accessing a very particular state of consciousness when riding a train to work in the mornings. I … Continue reading

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Healing at the Bosnian Pyramids and Tunnels

Excavations and research at the newly discovered Bosnian Pyramids continue. Over the last ten years, people who were working there, especially inside the tunnels, have noticed a clear improvement in their health, with a few cases of healing. We know … Continue reading

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The Sun Gate Calender of Tiahuanaca (Tiwanaku)

About twelve thousand year ago great cataclysms happened on Earth. Some legends mention the great floods and tsunamis that wiped out coastal civilizations. In recent decades we have discovered the ruins of several cities under water near the coasts of … Continue reading

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Elisabeth Haich on the Race of Elongated Skull People

There is a lot of interest in the so-called elongated skulls. For a long time archeologists claimed that these were the result of head binding. However the latest research shows that these were natural features, with other physical characteristics of … Continue reading

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Ancient Crystal Technology

When browsing the Web I have found a couple of stories about ancient crystal tablets that shared similarities in their description of these objects. They seem to have been made by an ancient civilization, like Atlantis, or by extraterrestrial technology … Continue reading

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Power Generating Pyramids

In 2012 Linda Moulton Howe, from, published an interview she had with Bruce L. Pearson, the son of a military pilot, who was told by his father that he had been taken on a flight to a location in … Continue reading

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The Atlantean Cave

When I was in my twenties I often had memories of a subterranean laboratory during the times of Atlantis when I had been a scientist. Earth has known many advanced civilizations, of humans and other cosmic beings who came here, … Continue reading

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