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Signs of Advanced Ancient Technology

I have seen many videos and pictures of ancient monuments and stone blocks that have been cut, worked, drilled, and moved by technology that surpasses much of what we have today. It is obvious that at one point in time … Continue reading

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Sethian Architects of the Egyptian Pyramids, from Cygnus

Is there a link between the correlation of the wing stars pf the Cygnus constellation (instead of the Orion Belt)  and the three pyramids of Giza, and the bird-looking extraterrestrials seen in a vision which happen to look exactly like … Continue reading

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Large Stone Sphere in Bosnia

Dr. Sam Osmanagich, founder of Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, just announced that they had found another stone sphere in Bosnia, and it might be the biggest or heaviest one in the world. This is also important … Continue reading

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Healing at the Bosnian Pyramids and Tunnels

Excavations and research at the newly discovered Bosnian Pyramids continue. Over the last ten years, people who were working there, especially inside the tunnels, have noticed a clear improvement in their health, with a few cases of healing. We know … Continue reading

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More about Moon Control

In my previous article of the The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity, I made some references to the Moon as the place where there is alien technology that keeps humans on planet Earth ignorant, but … Continue reading

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Power Generating Pyramids

In 2012 Linda Moulton Howe, from, published an interview she had with Bruce L. Pearson, the son of a military pilot, who was told by his father that he had been taken on a flight to a location in … Continue reading

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Powerful Earth and Cosmic Energy Release

I just added another article under the Shamanism section. It is called Powerful Earth and Cosmic Energies. Actually it is a collection of several stories I have come across over the years of people who accidentally released powerful energies from megaliths, … Continue reading

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