Cosmic Beings (articles)

Articles about strange beings.

Cosmic Beings contains my articles that deal with the appearance of humanoid beings and other forms of intelligence, other than animals. We use the term humanoid for beings that have a recognizable human shape: a head, a torso, arms and legs. These beings are living here on this planet Earth. They can elemental in nature, physical, or even composed of light.

Some elemental beings can enter our physical dimension and become temporarily physical. It seems that others can shift easily between dimensions and roam around in out physical world for longer. It is not always easy to identify them, but the following articles will give you an idea of the kind of beings that are around us all the time.


Physical Humanoids

Elemental Beings

Other Topics

Physical Humanoids

Elongated Skulls from Ancient Races: Information and pictures about elongated skulls and long skull people of the past from all over the world.

Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings: in the form of skulls, skeletons, mummified remains and personal encounters of humanoid beings that have lived or are presently living on this planet Earth.

Encounters with Terrestrial Aliens in the Outdoors: Examples of encounters with aliens in the outdoors, woods, and caves, that show that these beings are of terrestrial origin.

Elemental Beings

The Chupacabra: Intelligent Bipedal Predator: a detailed description of these beings based on eyewitness accounts and reports from researchers.

Who is Sasquatch/Bigfoot? An exploration into the many characteristics of this intelligent human-like being, and his psychic abilities.

Music of the Sidhe: Stories of people who heard music in the woods or the countryside, made by an other-dimensional people, called the Sidhe in Celtic countries, but present world-wide.

Unmasking The Sidhe: An exploration into the true nature of the legendary Sidhe, from a historical point of view and modern day accounts, and pointing out similarities with the UFO phenomenon.

Translucent Humanoid Beings: Experiences of people who have seen Translucent Humanoid Beings, often called invisible beings, predator like beings, or cloaked beings, in the woods and even in houses.

Bird-headed Beings: strange reports of bird like humanoid beings.

Oceanic Humanoids: Strange stories of humanoid beings coming out of and going into the ocean, or swimming at great depth.

Humanoid Beings with Horns: encounters with strange humanoid creatures, seemingly intelligent and which had horns.

Gnome Encounters: A summary of the characteristics of the earth elementals, called gnomes, through history and by means of psychic, visionary perception and encounters or contacts.

Mermaid Encounters: An overview of the appearance, nature and relationships of mermaids, or water spirits. Mermaids are elemental beings belonging to the element of water.

Sylph Encounters: An overview of the different air spirits or elementals, from history, and from psychic observations, including fairies, fays and sylphs.

Salamander Encounters: An exploration into the fire elementals, commonly called Salamanders, through history and through the visions of a few people gifted with psychic talents.

Devas: Nature Spirits and Angels: descriptions of different nature spirits and the higher developed angels. For those who want a greater awareness of the nature beings around us.

Atmospheric Beings: observations of life forms living in the Earth’s atmosphere of a different nature than the biological life forms we are familiar with.

Other Topics

The Face on Mars: My spiritual experiences in regard to the Face on Mars, and some ruins left on its surface.

How Intelligent Beings Travel in the Universe: a way to make a ship and everybody in it mass-less and travel faster than light.

Strange Encounters of the Unusual Kind: Accounts of strange experiences I heard from people. UFOs, strange beings light balls…

Who is Dumping All that Stuff on Our Heads?: An explanation of who is responsible for the strange rains or falls of fish, frogs worms, colored rain, ice and snow, and other materials out of the sky.

The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity: An exploration in the experiences of an energy net and its connection to the matrix systems of planet Earth, which have been taken over are controlled by alien beings for the control of the human population on planet Earth.

The Afterlife: Part of the Illusionary Matrix: The afterlife might not have been what we have been told, and instead it might be manipulated by alien beings who have a vested interest in making human souls return to the physical plane.

The Afterlife Process Questioned: A critical review of the afterlife process as told by near-death experiencers, and the possibility that the afterlife is controlled by…aliens.