Introduction to James Bartley

If you have come to the conclusion that the entire UFO phenomenon has a negative impact on humanity, that the aliens or extraterrestrials are not here to save mankind, that humans lives are manipulated, destroyed, even killed and mutilated by those ETs, that the hybrids released within our society are not our best friends either, that every aspect of this phenomenon is geared on total control and manipulation of humans, then you might go on step further and read about aspects of this UFO- or ET- or alien-phenomenon constantly avoided by most of the UFO researchers. This is about intense and perverted sexual manipulation of abductees by reptilian beings, about life long mental manipulation of programming by the ETs of the abductees, and the degradation of human society to a level of constant war, the erosion of morals, and the sinking down into lower emotions that keeps us wrapped up in the expression of distorted energies of fear and other lower emotional energies which the parasitical reptilians need for their own survival.

James Bartley has written and spoken about of all this. I am not a researcher, but I have been interested in the UFO phenomenon for several decades. Instead of projecting any preconceived notions onto the phenomenon, I always wanted to understand who these aliens were, and why they were doing this or that, why they were contradictions in what they were claiming, but most importantly, their actions and results on witnesses and abductees were almost always negative and harmful. It also surprised me why abductees would like, and even love their abductors whose actions were clearly not benevolent. Only few abductees realize that the aliens are not benevolent.

So why do I mention James Bartley? Because he dares to go into those very dark corners of reality that most people don’t want to acknowledge, because it would collapse their wonderful world of angelic ETs who are here to lift humanity up into the all-light fourth dimension (or is the eleventh dimension?). The abductees themselves also cannot accept that they are being used and abused, controlled and programmed to their own detriment and that of human society in general.

Yes, it is hard to finally realize that you don’t live in a paradise, that you find yourself not at the top of the food chain, but at the bottom; that there are other intelligent entities on this Earth that manipulate us and see us, humans, as prey.

Yes, we are in a very difficult situation right now, and the future looks dark. However, we humans also have powerful potentials inside of our being that can brace these adversaries and change the tide. For this to happen we have to change ourselves, primarily open our heart, and cultivate our discernment.

Back to James Bartley. below I am giving a couple of excerpts from one of his articles that gives a good summary of the conclusions he drew based upon his own experience and research. For those who really want to delve into the dark corner of the alien agenda, I have also provided a couple of links to his articles and YouTube channel. I have to warn you, some of his articles contain very graphic descriptions.

Excerpts from Ufologist Questionnaire

As stated above I have had personal encounters with non-human life forms in my home, in my car and on board alien craft after I had been taken “onboard.” But the ET experience encompasses far more than just face to face encounters and UFO sightings. The ETs routinely conduct “dream hacking” and create “stage-managed dreams” while we are sleeping. Some of these dreams can be highly symbolic in nature or could be efforts at indoctrination and/or training. An abductee could wake up from such “dreams” and feel compelled to tell the world about the wonderful benevolent ETs who are bestowing upon him knowledge and wisdom. This creed is fortified by numerous alien inspired synchronicities.

The ETs strive to activate the ego of the abductee and make him or her feel as if they are a “chosen one” who must bring forth the ETs message to the world. I call abductees who succumb to this very basic form of alien indoctrination and brainwashing “muppets” and there are no shortage of muppets within the abductee community. The ETs also frequently interact with our astral bodies and will trigger out-of-body experiences within abductees when it suits their needs. The ETs can also telepathically communicate with the abductees but oftentimes these messages are metaphysical pablum mean to reinforce the indoctrination they are already receiving.

The ET manipulation of abductees is far more pervasive and all encompassing than the mentally rigid abduction researchers would have us believe. Most of the mentally rigid alien abduction researchers have never even had ET experiences themselves, so I don’t take them very seriously. What irks me about them is they consistently and persistently downplay certain aspects of an abductee’s experiences such as reptilian encounters or military abductions.

I believe some ET groups and especially the reptilians have “upgraded” humans insofar as they can more easily control them and use them to their own advantage at the expense of the human race. Many people have alien manipulated DNA. The Aliens want to instill their own attributes into their human-alien hybrids. Reptilian-human hybrids are a case in point. It should come as no surprise that a person who comes from a reptilian bloodline would become a pedophile, serial murderer, satanist or habitual abuser of women. The reptilians sow these unpleasant characteristics into their hybrid bloodlines through genetic manipulation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the reptilians are always doing the genetic manipulation. Certain alien races that are vassals to the reptilians, in particular some of the “greys” may be doing the actual genetic manipulation of a given human bloodline but the result is the same.

Would you like an ET/Earth Alliance to occur? – I believe it is already happened but it has been to the detriment of the Human Race. I believe the series of crashes in and around Roswell New Mexico in 1947 was a “Trojan Horse” operation that allowed the negative ET groups and particularly the reptilians to gain control over large parts of the military-industrial complex involved in the back-engineering of alien technology and the development of alliances with various ET groups.

This was accomplished by ensuring that rep and drac human hybrids working towards the New World Order agenda attained positions of authority within the deep black UFO program, as they have throughout every meaningful institution of Human Society. The Human Race is suffering from what has been described as “Planetary Confinement.” It is the destiny of a small percentage of people to depart from this polluted strife torn world and head out towards the Cosmos. Those remaining will have their numbers drastically culled and the survivors will be mindless automatons working on a global plantation.


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