Light-Sound Beings (paintings)

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This page looks specifically at light-sound beings themselves.


The core of the light-sound beings is the brilliant white light. It is highly structured, strongly geometrical, and often some symmetry is present. Lines, circles, half circles, short and long lines, angled or perpendicular, are harmoniously interwoven into an entity that appears to us as abstract. But it is not abstract as for example in a Kadinski painting. When I look at one of Joska’s paintings I can see and feel the being in it, and the power that emanates from it. However, some people cannot see any further than the paint on the canvas of his paintings. They only see abstract art, not the beings themselves. I guess your inner ‘spiritual door’ must be open, or otherwise you can not make a connection with those beings.

Besides the accompanying colors, or colored energy lines, many of his paintings also have swirls like the ones shown here.

jsnote1   jsnote3jsnote2

These are sounds, like notes. Can you see where we got our music note symbols from? Many of our symbols, including numbers and letters, are derived from the light-sound realm, as certain people were able to see them, or just intuitively felt how they are shaped.

The following form represents a star. It means that the being on the painting is associated with a particular star.

js star1jsstar2

The paintings are to be experienced, so just look at them and feel how they affect you!

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