More Information about Joska Soos

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My primary interest in Joska Soos is his paintings of light-sound beings. Here are more pages and links to information and documents about him and his works.

About Joska:

Joska Soos was a Táltos

Drum Paintings

Shamanization Recording

Other People who have known Joska Soos:

Eric Theunis

Freddy Vantomme

Texts and brochures Joska sent me over the years:

Self-Promoting Brochure 1979

Short Chronological Biography of Joska Soos

A Short Biography of My Creative Activity as a Painter

A UFO Sighting by Joska Soos

Videos about Joska Soos:

Videos I made (these are slide shows of his paintings of light-sound beings:

Cosmic Light-Sound Beings, by shaman and artist Joska Soos

Travelling with Light-Sound Beings, paintings of the Hungarian Shaman Joska Soos


Ik Genees Niet, Ik Herstel de Harmonie (Kernak, Amsterdam, 1985, ISBN:90-6350-030-0 ): biography and some teachings in Dutch language.

Oude Kennis Voor Nieuwe Tijden,Leven En Lessen Van De Sjamaan Joska Soos, by Yurek Onzia,  Uitgeverij Van Halewijck ( ISBN10: 9056177265; ISBN13: 9789056177263); Dutch language,  2007

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