A Short Biography of My Creative Activity as a Painter

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This is a page Joska Soos sent me with a very short description of his biography as an artist. Click on the image to read the original, in Dutch. below is an English translation.


JOSKA SOOS , shamanic painter of light and sound,

will open its exhibition with a shamanization.

Born in Apostag ( HUNGARY ) 1921.
Lives and works since 1947 in BELGIUM.
Received in CHARLEROI lessons from B. Genau and M. DELMOTTE , but is otherwise self-taught.
Member of the ” Groupe International de l’Art et Fantastique et Magique” and contributor to the magazine ” FantasMagie”.
In the 50’s he often took part in the artistic manifestations of the ” Jonge Belgische Schilderkunst” .
In 1954 he received the bronze medal in PARIS on the occasion of his participation in the international painting exhibition.

In 1970, the RTB made a color film, 25 minutes about him and his work.
In 1993, the Hongaarse Academie made a movie of 90 minutes, in my studio, commissioned, of the shamanic inspired works and shamanism.
To date, he has 35 personal exhibitions within the country, and abroad, and nearly as much participation in group exhibitions.
He is listed in several art books including
– Dictionary of Belgian Painters from 1830 until 1970 .
– Dictionary of Belgian Painters from 1400 to date .
– Catalog of the Royal Museum of Modern art in Belgium.

 – Art book “L’ Art vivant en Belgique” 1962
– Artbook “L’ Officiël des arts ” l’ Unesco in 1978.
Art pieces in various museums and private collections within the country
and abroad.


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