My Spiritual Experiences

My first blogs were about the spiritual experiences I had in my life. An index of these spiritual experiences is on this page.


Otherworldly Beings

Aetheric Energies

Past Lives




Otherworldly Beings

The Lady With the Star

Cosmic Guardian at a Globular Star Cluster

Loud Bangs and a Feathered Entity

King of the Gnomes

The Goddesses Have Come to Earth

Shamanic Encounter With Earth Spirits

Ancient Living Statues

Teachings in Higher Realms

Two Spiritual Masters

Aetheric Energies

Ley Lines and Earth Energies at and Around Findhorn, Scotland

Aetheric Current

Stone Circle Energies at Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England

Energetic Egg Vehicle in Ancient Times

The Abstract Light-Sound Matrix on the High Spiritual Levels

Large Bright Light Dome over Neighbor’s House

A Dragon on Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, NY

Past Lives

Past Life in Ancient Egypt

A Past Life At the End of the Atlantean Period

Past Life Reliving of a Lost Paradise


Missing Time

Akask Mudra

We Are the Divine

My Encounter with Infinity

Being As Pure Awareness


Healing at Silbury Hill

A Singing Bowls Story and Healing

A Strange Reiki Healing


My Out-of-the-Body Experiences

The Face on Mars

Planetary Visits

Moon Around a Planet

A Crystal Ball

A Sweat Lodge, Magic and a Templar

An Extraterrestrial, an Energy Place and Subterranean People

Atlantean Underground Laboratory

Inside a Flying Saucer

Scenes From a Distant Past

The Mysterious Astral Pull

Akashic memories Beyond the Threshold