Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings

In this article I will touch on a couple of interesting references to intelligent beings other than humans on this planet Earth. There are non-human or humanoid races who have lived or are still living on this planet, but I have limited myself to only those of which we have some form of physical evidence.
There has been stories of physical evidence being deliberately erased by our governments, but there is still enough evidence available to give you an idea that we are not the only ones on this planet with an evolved consciousness/intellect.
The following is the main index with links to all the subpages. Each link leads to a separate page.


The Starchild Skull, Mexico: a very unusual and well studied skull, at least partially non-human.

The Sealand Skull, Denmark: a well preserved and strange skull with large eye sockets.

The Rhodope Skull, Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria: extremely odd skull, studied by scientists who don’t have a clue what it is.

The Bolshoi Tjach Skulls, Adygea, Russia: two odd skulls with left and right protrusions and lack of a mouth opening.

The Novo Selo Skull, Macedonia: an authentic dog-man, wolf-man or werewolf skull.

Bulbous Skulls: a variety of voluminous, round skulls.

Horned Humanoid Skulls: human looking skulls that grew horns.

Whole Bodies

Chupacabra Skeletons: Several stories that appeared in the newspapers about chupacabra carcasses found by farmers or locals. Also footprints.

The Kyshtym being, Russia: a small humanoid being seen alive by several people. Well researched and sketched

The Conception being, Chili: a tiny, humanoid, but strange looking mummified corpse

The La Noria, Aracama, being, Chili: a similar tiny corpse

The Kovashi River being, Sosnovoborsky, Russia: the remains of the upper body of similar tiny humanoid creature

The Kamensk body, Buryata, Russia: a frozen humanoid body found in the snow

The Andes body, Peru: a preserved mummified alien body with large head, kept in a secret location

The Pedro mummy of Wyoming, USA: a well known mummy of a small humanoid being found in a cave

The Tres Cruces body, Peru: another preserved mummified alien body with large head, kept in a secret location

The Ucumar of Cerro El Creston, Argentina: a small animal looking head but thought to be of a humanoid

The Karaj body, Iran: a tiny mummified body, looks genuine, but was for sale as a hoaxed body

Photographic Evidence

Skinny Bob, the Grey Alien: An overview of the videos posted on YouTube of live Grey aliens, and of one named Skinny Bob. Most likely authentic footage.

Filiberto Caponi Close Encounter, Italy: several pictures of a live humanoid entity, most likely burned or hurt

The Fresno Beings, California: very unusual stick-like beings caught on video

Various Pictures of Alien Beings: a small selection of pictures of supposedly alien beings

Bigfoot: surviving hominid species, analysis and stories

Giants: history of archaeological finds of giants skeletons which always disappear into the basements of museums