Physical Evidence of Humanoid Beings

In this article I will touch on a couple of interesting references to intelligent beings other than humans on this planet Earth. There are non-human or humanoid races who have lived or are still living on this planet, but I have limited myself to only those of which we have some form of physical evidence.
There has been stories of physical evidence being deliberately erased by our governments, but there is still enough evidence available to give you an idea that we are not the only ones on this planet with an evolved consciousness/intellect.
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The Starchild Skull, Mexico

The Sealand Skull, Denmark

The Rhodope Skull, Rhodope mountains, Bulgaria

The Bolshoi Tjach Skulls, Adygea, Russia

The Novo Selo Skull, Macedonia (possibly a werewolf, dogman, wolfman)

Bulbous Skulls

Horned Humanoid Skulls

Mummified Bodies

The Kyshtym being, Russia

The Conception being, Chili

The La Noria, Aracama, being, Chili

The Obnaruzheli body, Russia

The Andes body, Peru

The Pedro mummy of Wyoming, USA

The Tres Cruces body, Peru

The Ucumar of Cerro El Creston, Argentina

The Karaj body, Iran

Photographic Evidence

Filiberto Caponi Close Encounter, Italy

The Fresno Beings, California

Various Pictures of Alien Beings