The Andes body, Peru

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The following is based on a video some UFO researchers posted on YouTube who went to the Anders mountains in Peru to film a mummified alien that is being kept hidden. The video is still being copied on YouTube but I don’t know who the original user was. The video does not have that high of a resolution, but you still can make out some details.
In 1974, in a desolate region of the Andes Mountains of Peru, a flying disk violently crashed into the ground, as witnessed by four peasants in the neighborhood. The event did not go unnoticed by the authorities. Military forces cordoned off the site, collected the wreckage of the ship as well as the bodies of three of its crew members and as usual, everything disappeared with trace.

However, the peasants were the first ones who arrived at the crash site. They went inside the craft and found four humanoids, of which only one of the creatures was still alive, but in a bad state. They took the being to one of their homes, but because of the extent and severity of injuries it died after a couple of hours.
The being had thin, white skin. it had no hair anywhere on the body. It had big, entirely black eyes. It had no clothes, and did not communicate in any way.
Because the creature was so unusual, and the peasants knew that the military would take it away, they decided to hide the dead body. The story eventually made its round, and reached a group of UFO researchers who in 2007 went to the site to determine if the story was true.

The UFO researchers found someone who knew where the body was, and guided them to a hiding place where the body was lying inside a small wooden coffin since the original event.
The YouTube video can be watch it here: Peru Alien Discovered in 1974 . The following are still pictures of the video.