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kyshtym00A strange, little being found nearby Kyshtym, in Chelyabinsk region, Russia, that looks very similar to the Chilean being, The La Noria Being, Chile. It might the same kind.

As is often the case, the English articles about this being are short and often contain mistranslations and contradictory information. So I looked at the Russian sites, and managed to find a number that had reliable and in-depth information of this case. It turns out that this case was very well studied, although the deceased body of the being disappeared soon after it died. This is almost always the case when a humanoid being or body is found. Anyway, I have puzzled together the information from the different sources (links are the end of this article).
Kyshtym is a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast, a Federal Subject of Russia, located on the eastern slopes of the Southern Ural Mountains 90 kilometers (56 mi) northwest of Chelyabinsk.
It is often called the Kyshtym alien because the mummified corpse was analyzed in a hospital in the city of Kyshtym. The being itself was found in the village Kaolinovyy, just south of Kyshtym.


Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina

Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, was a retired old woman who lived in an apartment in the village Kaolinovyy (Каолиновом), which is a couple of miles south of the city of Kyshtym (a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast). She had a mental disorder and had been in a mental hospital before, because she was a little weird. She used to gather flowers from the graves and decorated her room with these flowers almost every day.
On August 13, 1996 (according to other information it might have been two months earlier) she found the creature in the forest lying under a tree (and not on the local graveyard as was erroneously reported). She took the creature to her home, and cared for it for at least two weeks.

Source:  Vadim Chernobrov

The body of Aleshenka (the diminutive name she gave to the creature, after the name of her deceased grandson) was plump and was swaying like jelly. The skin on the body was gray, and it had dark brown spots on the head. No hair, small holes instead of ears. Small flat nose enabled the creature to breath. Dark-gray eyes. No eye-lids. The vertical pupils of the eyes were constantly narrowing and expanding. Long fingers had small sharp claws. No genitals to reveal the creature’s sex. The creature had no navel. The woman could not figure out how to feed Aleshenka. Its mouth resembled a tiny hole and had no lips, but it could stretch itself widely. The lower jaw was very small, and a huge scarlet tongue occupied almost the entire mouth cavity. It would not be able to chew.
Tamara Vasilievna put a caramel candy into the creature’s mouth, and the alien started sucking the candy. She gave Aleshenka some milk and water with a teaspoon. Moist sweat appeared onto the creature’s body after eating. Aleshenka started disseminating a sweet smell soaking clothes and furniture. Tamara wiped Aleshenka with a rag from time to time. The creature was lying and did not move most of the time. From time to time it started stretching its legs. It squeaked in response to light and moving subjects. Its eyes showed that it was suffering.
The next day all the villagers heard of the news. The woman was telling everybody that she got a child and his name was Aleshenka. At first many people thought that Tamara was imagining the child because of her mental condition. However, one day her daughter-in-law (also named Tamara) came to her place. After sitting and talking in the kitchen for a while, the old woman said it was time to feed her child. Her daughter-in-law followed her into another room and saw the weird creature wrapped into a cloth.

Although both mother and daughter-in-law knew of the creature, they did not report it to the police. They said if Aleshenka was a human child, they would report the police. But the creature was not a human being, and this it must be an animal, and there is no reason to report it. The daughter-in-law said: “Let it be Tamara Vasilievna’s pet. She will take care of it, and she will have something to do”. However, a neighbor reported Tamara Vasilievna to the psychiatrists, and one day an ambulance came and took the woman to psychiatric hospital in Novogorny. Tamara Vasilievna tried to explain that she left a child in the house, but the doctors did not take her words seriously. Her relatives were not aware of her being taken to hospital, and therefore there was nobody to feed the creature. Soon it died of thirst and hunger.
However it is also possible that the creature died by an accidental crushing of a drunken man. As empty houses in that area often are hangouts for drunkards, a drunken man, according to his testimony, said that he had accidentally crushed the creature. He said that he sat down on the sofa not knowing that the being was lying in a blanket on that sofa, and thus crushed the skull.
Later, the daughter-in-law, Tamara Prosvirina Jr., testified that he had seen this creature alive: “I used to visit my mother-in-law twice a week. She was living on her own. On that day I brought her foodstuffs just like I did before. I was about to leave when she told me: ‘We’d better give some food to the baby too.’ Then she showed me to the bed. I took a closer look at it and saw him. He was on top the bed, squeaking some funny sounds. I could see his mouth shaped like a small pipe. His tiny scarlet tongue was moving. I also spotted two teeth inside. In a way, he looked like a little baby. His head was brown, and his body looked gray. I didn’t see any eyelids. He didn’t have any genitals either. His head looked like an onion. And the pupils of his eyes were widening and narrowing just like the cat’s eyes do when you turn on the light and turn it off again several times in a row. The fingers on his hands and feet were pretty long. I only bothered to ask my mother-in-law where on earth she’d got the monster from. She told me she’d found him in the forest. She kept calling him ‘Alioshenka’. She gave him a candy and he started sucking on it. I thought it was some kind of animal.” Tamara Prosvirina Jr added: “He was giving off that smell, you know, one of a kind. You can’t take it for any other smell. Actually, the smell was pretty agreeable yet somewhat nauseous at the same time. And he didn’t pass any liquid or solid waste matter. He was sweating, and that was all. I saw the mother-in-law wipe the sweat off his face with a rag.”

After the alien’s death, its body started drying out and becoming mummified. Only one person, Vladimir Nurdinov remembered about the creature. He used to come to Tamara Vasilievna’s place, and saw Aleshenka. After hearing that the lady was taken to hospital, the man came to her apartment to take Aleshenka to his house. He found the mummy lying in bed. “I was about to throw it away like a piece of trash. But that thing looked like a real alien, I kind of liked it. Finally, I put it on the garage roof,” Nurtdinov said. The sun desiccated and tanned the body of Alioshenka to the utmost. Then Nurtdinov hid the body in a garage.

kyshtym17 kyshtym19Then, one day, the police detained Vladimir Nurtdinov. He was suspected of stealing electrical wire in Novogorny. He promptly told the police about the strange object hidden in the garage. The police confiscated it. Having removed a piece of red cloth from the object, the police were amazed to see a small mummified body of the strange creature. They confiscated the strange body and videotaped it. The creature looked stone-cold and lifeless. It felt the same by touch. Major (Ret.) Vladimir Bendlin, a former investigator with the police department of Kyshtym was assigned to the case to figure out what it was. Bendlin thought it might be the body of a child and took it for expertise. This was not an official investigation, and he did this in his spare time. The fact that the police did not an official organization into what looked like a possible aborted baby, or a young child, can only mean that they did not consider this a human being in the first place. Bendlin said that “When the question arose about the registration of accounting department of internal affairs, the sound consensus was that this is a different form of life and the issue of registration of this fact lies outside the competence of the police.”

The following four pictures are from the original video made by police investigator Vladimir Bendlin. They show how different the skull is from a human. This being has four petal shaped skull plates, and a crest on top of his skull.

Igor Uskov, an urologist with a local hospital was the first medical professional to examine the body. He reckoned that it might as well be a human fetus, some 20 weeks old. Dr. Uskov asked his colleague Irina Ermolayeva, a gynecologist, for a second opinion. Dr. Ermolayeva agreed that the body looked very much like an underdeveloped fetus expelled from the womb prematurely i.e. a miscarriage. Bendlin expected to close the case right after getting an opinion from a pathologist from the city morgue. Stanislav Samoshkin, a physician-pathologist, and head of of morbid anatomy department at the Kyshtym hospital performed a thorough visual inspection of the body of the body, as he was not allowed to cut into it. And then he announced that the creature was neither a human being nor an animal. According to him, it was some new life form. Dr. Samoshkin said: “The creature was not by any means a human being. The human skull consists of six bones. The skull of that creature was made up of 4 bones. There were other differences in the skeleton structure. Those anomalies didn’t look like any congenital malformations known to date.” The skeleton was different than that of a human, especially the pelvis, which would allow the creature to walk on all fours. Arms and hands are different than those of a human. The skull consisted of four plates: occipital, frontal and two parietal-temporal. The pelvis was typical for a bipedal creature. Proportionally, the skeletal structure does not conform to that of a human. The hands, when stretched would reach up to the knees. It had no teeth, and it was impossible to examine the bottom of the mouth. It had no ears, and very large eye sockets. Internal organs could not be determined because the body had mummified. There was no navel, an no genitals.

As the creature was non-human, police investigator Bendlin decided to consult the UFO organization “Star Academy UFO Contact in Zolotov Method”. The Academy was 200 kilometers away, in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky of Sverdlovsk region. The head of the organization was Galina Semenkova came over to see the creature. She told Bendlin that the it was a biological but artificial creature, that it was programmed to study the environment and life in space, among other tasks. She persuaded Bendlin to hand over the body of the creature, so she could do her own research, and promised the give him the results in the future. Although Bendlin didn’t believe their claims, he gave them the mummy because his wife wanted the mummy out of the house.
When Bendlin contacted the organization later on, he was told not to worry, they are studying the mummy. Then, Bendlin was unable to contact her again. Every time Bendlin called her, he got all kinds of excises from the person at the other end of the line: “she went shopping”, “she went for a walk” or “she is away on a trip”.

Then a Japanese TV crew phoned the relatives of the daughter, Tamara Vasilievna’s. The Japanese were working on a documentary about Aleshenka and wanted to interview her. However, just several days before the Japanese TV crew arrival, the mental hospital released her, late at night on August 5, 1999. Tamara Vasilievna somehow showed up on the road. Tamara had rushed out without shoes. Eye-witnesses say it looked like the woman was reacting to somebody’s call. People wanted to take the woman off the highway, but she became the victim of a hit-and-run accident. People saw not one but two cars converging on her and running her over. The police did not want to do an investigation into the accident.
All that was left now was a video, made by Vladimir Bendlin when the features of the creature were inspected, and a piece of cloth with bodily stains from the creature when it had been wrapped after its death. Major Bendlin also managed to locate some people who had seen the creature while it was still alive. Several adults and children had seen a number of these creatures in the village, and had chased them as if they were animals. Tamara had picked up a wounded one, and tried to take care of it.
Nemdlin also heard from the locals that the group of beings had moved away from their village, and every year they were seen further and further away towards the Ural mountain range.

Two beings seen by a motorist alongside a road. Source: Source:  Vadim Chernobrov

Two beings seen by a motorist alongside a road.
Source:  Vadim Chernobrov

A local woman found a similar being inside her house when she was counting a large amount of money (the salaries for employees). She felt a gaze, and turned around to see a being stare at her. She was perplexed because all the doors were locked. As in a hypnotic trance she went to bed and slept through the might. In the morning, one of the doors was unlocked and left open. The money was still all there. This was July 1996.

A local woman found a similar being inside her house when she was counting a large amount of money (the salaries for employees). She felt a gaze, and turned around to see a being stare at her. She was perplexed because all the doors were locked. As in a hypnotic trance she went to bed and slept through the might. In the morning, one of the doors was unlocked and left open. The money was still all there. This was July 1996. Source: Vadim Chernobrov

Later on, the cloth was examined by Vadim Aleksandrovich, coordinator of the Association “Kosmopoisk”, in 2004, he found that the cloth had the outlines of the creatures produced by sweat. At the place where the head had been, he found traces of blood and a white substance that he thought was brain tissue. This would have been oozed out of the skull, as two of the four skull plates of the creature were pulled apart, as this was still visible in the mummified body. This would tie in with the statement of the man who accidentally crushed the being (see above).

Scientists carried out five series of laboratory studies investigating the DNA samples of the creature’s biological material, found on the cloth. The study conducted by a Moscow-based Institute of Forensic Medicine produced sensational results. “A gene discovered in the DNA samples doesn’t correspond with any genes pertaining to humans or anthropoid apes,” said Vadim Chernobrov, a coordinator with the public research center Kosmopoisk. “No gene samples available at the laboratory match the gene. The experts in DNA research haven’t come across any creatures with such an elongated DNA molecule,” Chernobrov added.
However the results of the genetic analysis did not match any genes from humans or animals. Its gene sequence was not in any DNA data bank, which has all gene data from all living creatures on Earth.
He also went to the house of one of the ‘ufologist’ who had taken the body and took off with it. Her name was Ms. Semenkovo, from Kamensk-Uralsky. She never opened the door for him. He also noticed that he was being followed by a man.
Only recently Galina Semenkova, the head of the UFO organization, who had taken the mummy, said at a UFO seminar in Tokyo that after having taken the mummy from the police investigator, when she was driving home from Kyshtym to her home town, a flying saucer appeared in the sky and made her car stop. Aliens from the flying saucer demanded the body of their dead fellow, and she handed the body over to them. (if we are supposed to believe that…)
However, somebody else went to Galina’s house and managed to ask her a couple of questions. Interestingly, she said the body did not disappear, but that the Federal Security Service had examined it. (the FSK counter-intelligence is the internal and border security, counter-terrorism, and surveillance as well as investigating some other types of grave crimes and federal law violations in the Russian Federation. Well, this makes more sense! The FSK told her that they would release the information when it would be the right time. (ah well, another empty promise)

I did not manage to find the source of the following pictures. They seem to have been made with a special camera under special lighting condition that bring out the detail of the mummy.


the Ren-Tv documentary: