The Energetic Landscape Of Earth

This article will show how the Earth, and by extension humanity, is connected to great cosmic energies. All the information is primarily based on the revelations of Richard Leviton, whose books I highly recommend (the ones I used: The Emerald Modem; What’s Beyond that Star; Stars on Earth; Signs on Earth).

Contents of this article:


The Blue Room: Drafting the Blueprint for Planet Earth

The Arrival of the Dome Ships

The Domes and their Energetic Network

Earth’s Umbilical Cord

Extraterrestrials at Work on Earth

A Change in the Energy Grid of Earth and its Consequences


solarsystem     For billions of years the universe teemed with life. Then a new solar system formed out of cosmic dust, and planet Earth came into existence. Some very advanced beings decided that this planet could be shaped in a certain way to harbor specific life forms, especially life forms that would be intelligent and conscious.

     Who those beings were and how they prepared this planet is well described by Richard Leviton in his book The Emerald Modem. It is important to understand that reality is composed of multiple layers of substance or energy levels which are at different frequencies, but interpenetrating and depending on each other. The lower levels of physicality are held in existence and are formed by the energy patterns that are created in the higher levels. Richard Leviton is a visionary who had written a lot about the many different energy structures present on those higher vibrational levels of Earth which interpenetrate the physical landscapes and ultimately are responsible for the physical formation of our environment. It is about visionary geography that lies parallel to our physical reality. It is as real as our physical world, but it is of a higher frequency and contains its own landscapes of earthly surfaces, forms and beings. It was all created a long time ago in a ‘blue room’…

The Blue Room: Drafting the Blueprint for Planet Earth

     Richard Leviton had some very interesting visions about our planet’s origin. The following is quoted from his second chapter of The Emerald Modem.

     “Somewhere deep in Siberia is a large pale-blue room with crystal walls. The walls are translucent, shimmering. The room is very bright by today’s standards. There are many people there-including many beings who do not seem to be human-and they all have red and gold light around their heads. To the extent that they are clothed, they appear to wear red and gold. Some are dressed in green, and on their heads is a device like a spiral tube or perhaps what the Celts later would call a torc. Somehow these devices will help them remember something important in the far future.

     “A large crystalline table shaped like the Greek letter Pi, perhaps 12 feet long and waist high, stands in the center, and on its sides tower three archangels. The table is intensely bright, and it’s only intermittently a table; it continually blinks into another, indescribable form. This “table” was brought here from the heavenly realm; it is the interdimensional energy matrix for the creative interactions of the archangels Uriel, Raphael and Michael. There are in fact many angels present.

platonicsolidsarchisolids       “Placed upon the crystalline pi-table are the five Platonic Solids and the 13 Archimedean Solids, 18 different geometric shapes made into handheld models. Some are simply like a cube and pyramid, some more complicated geodesic solids. Each is made of a different mineral, and together they represent the different energy matrices of the Earth as seen over its future lifetime, for this is a moment very early in its life.

grid01     “Looked at more carefully, the “table” resembles a vertical column with three vertical sections; each is an archangel. It’s as if they are standing elbow to elbow inside a pole of light that is turning clockwise like  a tornado in slow motion. The Earth’s energy grid, and perhaps the planet itself, is inside this angelic tornado, as if sucked into the whirling vortex; more likely the higher dimensional spin of these three archangels working in unison has enveloped the planet. It’s hard to determine exactly what is occurring because what they are doing is in the sixth dimension.

     “In general terms, this confluence of these three archangels (out of a possible 18) energizes the Earth’s energy body, invoking the spiritual essences of the various heavens each archangel represents and imprinting them upon the planet. The vortex they have made is a workshop for the Blue Room team; they can try out different energy combinations as delivered by the geodesic solids. It is as if the archangel matrix creates a living thought of the planet expressed in multiple dimensions.

     “Their whirlwind comprises the realities of primal fire, and earth as matter and substance. It is both an imprimateur of divine assignment and a promise to the earth’s future. It is the breath of the Holy Spirit blowing like a cleansing fire through the vastness of space designated to be the home for matter, substance and Earth, preparing the space for creation and manifestation of a planet. The combined energies of these three archangels create a fiery current that burns through the space the planet earth occupies and the planet itself.

     “Among the beings in the Blue Room is a man with a brilliant red light or star in his lower back, at the sacrum. This red star is an energy transmission that brings a creative impulse into the inner and outer natures of this man,  simultaneously with the planet, by working through one of the geodesic solids on the crystal table. Somehow this man with the red star at his sacrum transmitted an impulse from it through one of the geometric shapes on the pi-table, and through it, into the Earth itself. He harnessed the creative energies of the beings assembled in the Blue Room and transmitted then into one of the Platonic Solids for future use.

     “Another man juggles a Slinky of light behind his head, and each time the Slinky rises, it is transformed into a different geometric shape of light, one after another, like an alphabet. This is the being who originally brought or summoned the Oroboros dragon impulse to encircle the planet… The man is juggling the slinky forms of light because he is practicing or perhaps demonstrating how that visualization of energy works. Even the Angels don’t remember his name.

     “The time is unbelievably early in the life of the Earth, long before the epochs of Atlantis and Lemuria. This is a snapshot of the time when the Hyperboreans first established a working place more or less in the physical plane within the earth’s crust. The Hyperboreans were wanderers. Although their origin is lost in time, they originally were resident in the Pleiades. This was their last assignment back then.

     “Each of the beings in the Blue Room, also present who were representatives from another star, had a task in relation to the earth’s energy matrix, which I call the planet’s visionary geography. Each had the possibility of completing an inner and outer circuit within the energy matrix, matching the awakening and illumination of an energy dynamic within their own consciousness with a corresponding one on the planet.

     “How long it would take for those tasks to be completed was indeterminate, but it would be reckoned in billions of years. How long these planet energizers would be in and out of the Blue Room was easier to quantify: 2.7 million years for the setup of the Earth’s energy and geometric terrain.

     “Certain Hyperboreans and Elohim, that family of mid-ranking angels who accomplished so much of the early groundwork for the Earth’s visionary geography, were sent to Earth by the Being the angels reverently refer to as “the Most High Architect of Supreme Existence” to lay down certain energy matrices over the surface of the Earth so that it could support biological beings with an energy organization capable of producing exalted states of consciousness by means of auric layers and chakras.

     “Think about this. It means that the Earth was designed so as to make higher human consciousness states possible, an intention that in itself provides clues for the purpose of human incarnation: to be ever more aware and awake. It also means in a parallel sense the planet itself could become a sentient being in the solar system and galaxy, capable of higher consciousness states, largely made possible by the attainment of these states by her resident humans.”

     You might find it strange that Richard Leviton talks about archangels, and physical humans or human-like beings in one breath. But you have to keep in mind, that our reality is not comprised of only the physical, and that the different layers or worlds (physical, astral, mental, are all interpenetrating. They are all in the here and now, and connected to each other. Beings on these different energy levels/worlds actively work together. We have to get used to the idea that reality is not only physical.  Thus Richard Leviton says: “The Blue Room wasn’t quite in the physical realm we think of today. Maybe it flickered somewhat between the etheric and the physical. The people in the Blue Room, even though they looked solid, fleshed out, human, probably were in some state between spirit and matter. the angels were clearly in light bodies.”

blueroom     “The “building” resembles a pale blue sphere or egg perhaps 300 feet tall set partially into the ground. Inside are many tiers, a bit like a university library with study cubicles and workstations. each Blue Room team designed its own holographic workshop. Sit down, push a few buttons or perhaps just mentally pronounce a command, and there is the entire Earth and its light pattern features before you, an interactive hologram. You can spin it, invert it, focus down on any of its many layers or dimensions; model the interfacing effects of  energy grid and geophysiology, meteorology, volcanism-anything you are interested in. Others can see instantly see your results through their own holograms.”

    Now, isn’t this interesting? Earth was prepared from in the beginning to be a planet that could harbor intelligent, conscious life forms, long before humans were living on its surface. The connection of the geodesic forms with the energy matrix of the planet is a concept that is generally well accepted among people engaged in work with ley lines and energy vortexes. They usually call it the earth grid, primarily based on the dodecahedron.

     Richard Leviton says that it took 2.7 million years after the Blue Room team first arrived until the planet was ready for occupancy of any kind. In this period there were only plants and trees on the Earth.

     Leviton says that the design, installation and maintenance of the Earth and its network of energy lines, and all kinds of energy structures on the surface of the planet are credited to representatives from eight star families acting under the commission of the highest spiritual authorities. These beings are from Sirius (in Canis major, the Great Dog), the Pleiades, Orion, Cepheus, Cygnus (the Swan), ursa major, Arcturus (in Boötes, the Herdsman) and Canopus (in Argo Navis, the Ship).

The Arrival of the Dome Ships


     In addition to this energetic and physical preparation of the Earth, this planet was visited by energetic dome structures/ships, which built an energetic network between themselves. Originally the domes were energy structures that were sent to Earth and established an energetic network. They had traveled through space in the higher dimensions and arrived at Earth into a more physical reality. One could say they were kind of like spaceships but not what we presently understand by that term. Inside a dome it was another reality, multiple dimensions populated by star-gods, angels and celestial beings called Cosmic Chaplains, who came with the domes.

These dome structures did not stay on Earth. They came here to create a lasting energetic impression in the energy matrix of the planet. The energetic impression is like a copy of the original structure, and thus they are presently perceived as a dome. These energetic light and sound impressions imposed a conscious matrix on the planet that makes it a place where conscious beings, like humans, are able to evolve.

The dome structures came here three times. First to seed and energize a preset pattern (a couple of billions of years ago); the second confirmed it and gave it an amplification; the third time (about 18 millions of years ago) to activate it and hang around to answer questions.

The Domes and their Energetic Network

The domes range in size from a few to dozens of miles in diameter. They are variously colored through mainly translucent shades of gold, orange and lilac, and they throb with radiant energy. Each dome emits particular patterns of dome energy to other domes in the form of straight energy lines. In total, there are 1746 domes on the surface of this planet. The patterns and the location of the domes were predetermined before the domes arrived on Earth.

grid02The dome lines are pulsating lines of energy that oscillate in intensity at various times during the calendar year. Each of these domes also has a subsidiary network of smaller energy domes.

Why are the domes important? They correspond and energetically represent the 1746 brightest stars in our galaxy, those most relevant to our style of human conscious evolution here on Earth. The domes form a star map on the surface of the Earth. They give us a connection to the universe. The domes were brought to Earth to create a paradise for humankind. Each dome carried a light form, or seed crystal, of what was to be, both locally and globally, through the grid. Of these paradise seed crystals. Some have been activated, but otherwise humanity has either not been aware of this divine potential or has not bothered to make use of them to create the intended Earth paradise.

Each dome is the holographic presence of a specific high-magnitude star. This star is the generator or energizer of the dome. The dome curvature slows down its speed of light. From the point of view of a person on earth, when he enters a dome, both light and time speeds up. A physical place in the landscape, where there is a dome, will change one’s perception of his usual physical experience, and will alter his sense of time and space. using one’s psychic perception, one will be able to perceive and interact with the higher dimension realities within that dome.

Meditating at the place of a dome will bring experience and information about the particular energies of the dome, and can further one’s spiritual evolution. A dome imparts the experimental essence of a specific star, but you can also spiritually travel to that star. It can act like a dimensional portal. Extraterrestrials travel through these portals from a specific star to the dome on earth and back. This happens primarily on the higher dimensions. These star beings thus come to Earth, and they move around and work on the higher planes of Earth, what we usually call the etheric or astral levels.

earthstar2Aside from the domes, there are also other places on Earth that act as connection points (such a higher dimensional ‘space port’) to stars or constellations. At these points one can interact with the corresponding extraterrestrials on a subtle, visionary or psychic level. According to Leviton, the Pleiadians have an extensive array of the points on Earth. ET’s can come and go whenever they wish through these ‘star gates’ at their corresponding locations on this planet. However they are not limited to these geographic locations, as, once here, they can move around the Earth in their spaceships. In other words, these ETs, or star beings, are all around us. We just don’t see them, as they are in a higher state of vibration, although some of them, and their ships, can become visible if they want to, and they can be mistaken for physical beings or metallic ships.

There is much more complexity to the domes than what is explained here. If you want to know more, read the books of Richard Leviton.

Earth’s Umbilical Cord

aveThe energy lines connecting the domes consist of a heliacally intertwined cord of a golden and a silver line. The center of this network is Glastonbury, a large stone circle site in Southern England. At Avebury we have the master dome of the planet. The golden and silver cord act like the ida and pingala energy circuits in the human body (ida and pingala are the subtle energy channels running along the spine). Originally Avebury had 72 large stones in the outer circle. Only 27 are left today, but the place is still energetically active.

The interesting thing about Avebury is that it is the energetic navel of the Earth, connecting Earth through an umbilical cord of a gold and silver line to two stars: Sirius in Canis Major (the Greater Dog), and Canopus in Carina (the Ship’s keel) which is part of Argo Navis (the Ship Argo). The are the Father and Mother star of Earth. The golden cord of light leaves the top of the master dome at Avebury and goes to Sirius, while the silver cord goes to the star Canopus. Sirius also has its own dome at Carnac in Brittany, France; and Canopus at the Island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland.

In relation to Sirius, Richard Leviton mentions that Sirius, the Dog Star as it is called, is part of the constellation of the Greater Dog (Canis Major). Leviton’s spiritual guide told him that the Dog is the guardian of the Zodiac. One cannot enter the Zodiac without the blessings of the Dog. In Hindu myth, Sirius is the Lord of the Dwelling, the guardian of the thousand-gated House of Varuna. (Varuna is associated with the night sky, and is the keeper of order and universal law).

Sirius also has a connection with the the constellation Ursa Major (the Great Bear, also called the Great Wagon, the Big Dipper, the Plough). Leviton’s guide tells  that the seat of the Cosmic Logos is at the Great Bear. The energy of the Great White Lodge originated within the Great Bear and was first focused within Sirius. Then after its focus and the beings within the Sirius system became sufficiently developed, the focus of the White Brotherhood or Lodge moved to Earth.

In Hindu astronomy, Ursa Major is the home of the Saptha Rishis, seven wise men (one for each star). A Rishi is a Spiritual Master who has mastered the spiritual sciences through his long and persistent efforts. He is a person who has experienced God and because of that experience, is able to manifest God’s qualities in his life. A Rishi’s higher experiences makes him one of the wisest people in the entire creation.

Richard Leviton says that all domes, to be fully activated, must be wired to the 14 rays of the Great Bear. The 14 rays are specific energies associated with the 14 Ray Masters (seven male and seven female). This is being done over time. He explains that the Ray Masters are understood by Hindu mystics to be the embodiments of various fundamental laws and principles of the universe and the basic energies that create and sustain life.

Extraterrestrials at Work on Earth

saucersThe domes, and other sites in the energetic network on Earth also function as a base of operation for certain of certain races of cosmic beings. Leviton tells us that there are 15 races working here on Earth with permission of the Supreme Being. Most of them do not interact with humans. Some work for the benefit of humanity, or for the planet, or have a certain self interest with the work they are doing. Some examples: the Aaeoloans purely observe the interactions of humans, plants and animals. A certain reptilian looking race extracts the energy of human aggression from the atmosphere and makes this into an antidote for their fellow beings on their home planet (being themselves very aggressive); they do not interfere in human affairs. A mantis looking race are here to obliterate obstructions to the flow of joy.  They also create little orbs of joy in specific areas. Snail looking beings are monitoring solar radiation and they keep the ‘shipping lanes’ open for ships from other stars. A saurier-type Pleiadian race look after human intentions, and the development of higher mind capabilities. Some yellow beings from another galaxy come here without ships, and they study sex and polarized energies. Other beings help with geomantic energies at sacred sites, especially megalithic sites. White wheel looking beings help clear the air element of obstructions and toxicity. These beings are not always human looking and vary in their energy make-up and the programs they have running here on Earth. It also shows that we have to start thinking in a whole new way about the vast energetic landscape that underlies our physical reality, and the beings who are living and working in this energetic landscape. In this article we focused primarily on the domes, stargates and the extraterrestrial connection, but the energetic landscapes are also inhabited by other beings like gnomes, dragons and the like who have specific functions in relation the Earth as a living system.

Then there are a few cosmic races that are here by mandate, with permission by the spiritual hierarchies overseeing the Earth. The Pleiadians are well known and have a long history. Simply put, there are good and bad Pleiadians in relations to the issue of supporting or hindering human freedom. Some of them have acted improperly in the past. Their interest in Earth is also varied. The Sirians are deeply involved in the maintenance of Earth and its evolution of higher consciousness through humans. Beings from Orion regulates and oversee DNA expression in the galaxy because Earth is one of the planets were renegade aliens have conducted their own unsanctioned DNA experiments. The Orion beings are working to clean out these experiments. Canopus is host to beings who travel throughout the galaxy to benevolently influence other races. They consist of very subtle energy and are hardly perceivable, even by psychic sight. They can transform dark negative energy by the ‘touch of a finger’, causing a positive change in the humans associated with that darkness energy. They are so powerful that they work very lightly with humanity, in order not to shatter our consciousness.

workingIt is time for humanity to become aware of the invisible landscape of earth and its energies and beings, and how all of this is influencing and shaping human awareness and well-being. Richard Leviton has brought us an enormous mount of valuable information through his many books. I highly recommend reading them.

A Change in the Energy Grid of Earth and its Consequences

Many people in the New Age movement have been writing or have been interested in world changes, especially in relation to 2012. As I have shown in my article The 2012 Manipulation Scheme, almost all of these predictions, explanations or theories are misguided. However we can clearly see that humanity is undergoing a rapid and big change on multiple levels, especially on the level of consciousness. As our expression as humans on this planet is directly related to the more subtle energy levels, both within our own subtle energy system and that of the planet, there must be a change happening on these energy levels that is significant enough to cause the big changes that are happening the world today. These are not tied down to a certain date of year, but are happening gradually. I have encountered a few trustworthy sources that speak of these changes on the subtle energy levels, which they happened to discover in the process of their own energy work.

Marko Pogačnik is a Slovenian author of several books on nature spirits and energy lines and places in nature. He works with various elemental beings and the subtle energies in nature, such as ley lines and sacred sites. He has extensive experience in connecting, identifying and correcting these energies where necessary with groups of people and the use of certain procedures and the placement of upright stones. He wrote two very interesting books about this: Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings; and Healing the Heart of the Earth, both published by the Findhorn Press. In the latter book, he mentions that: “Since I finished writing this book in the spring of  1996, the earth has been going through several phases of change. From autumn 1997 onwards I have been able to observe radical changes in the quality of its radiation. It seems that the planet is passing through different stages of its transformation in a more or less monthly rhythm. According to my insights, the Earth is leaving behind its phase of extreme materialization and it is starting to expand its subtle levels. She is going to reveal her multidimensionality again., so that the presently invisible levels will become more and more obvious to everyone.”

     ” Prior to our earth-healing work in Mexico around New Year 1998, Devos, the Angel of Earth Healing, stated in a message given to my daughter Ana Pogačnik that the decisive phase of the earth changes is going on right now. I asked for clarification on this. He confirmed that the planet is making a transition towards another level of being. If humanity is able to collaborate with this enfoldment, he says,  the transition could take place step by step so that we would ‘glide’ from one level to another. At the opposite extreme, the enfoldment could be painful, especially for humans, because we have the least room for adjustments. He emphasized the importance of earth-healing work in this connection, stating that because of this kind of work being done by individuals and groups worldwide worse shocks arising from the earth changes will not be necessary. There are more and more places which have been properly cleansed and revitalized that are able to act as mediators in the process of change. They are propping up the earth energy systems in the present situation so that they will not collapse.”

     “At the full moon of February 1998, I experienced a  further radical change in the Earth’s radiation. The quality of the radiation has become horizontal and liquid. The next wave of change came in on March 9th, bringing the quality of the air element into focus. The next one followed on April 20th…”


Richard Leviton in his “The Emerald Modem”: “In 1985, the Ofanim said that the spiritual hierarchies had not yet decided which shape the Earth grid would eventually morph into; it was still experimental then. In 2002, they announced it had been decided: an icosidodecahedron, one of the Archimedean Solids, a combination of the dodecahedron and icosahedron. This complex polyhedron has 32 faces (some pentagons, some triangles), 60 edges, and 30 vertices. It is just more than a superimposition of the two Platonic Solids, which the now “old” Earth grid exhibits. It is more like melting the two Platonic Solids and regrowing a new crystalline shape out of their combined essence called the icosidodecahedron. This is the new shape of earth, now being “grown”.

     “With this in mind, it is fairly easy to conceive of how the prolifically prophesied and variously modeled Earth changes can happen. The geometric shape of our planetary reality is undergoing a morphological change. The old, classical grid remains, but a new one is growing out of it. Where the new edges and vertices of the icosidodecahedron are popping out of the old Platonic Solids grid, major fracture areas are being created for earth reality; these will likely manifest in multiple ways, through changes in the weather and climate, geopolitical upset, geological turbulence, psychological edginess. As planetary reality gets set at a new energy level, our sense of the world will be in turmoil.”

     “The old grid will carry on to a degree even if the anchoring of the new dynamic doesn’t completely take form. The new pattern that emerges is free of some of the constraints of domes and dome lines, which have locked the growth spiral on earth into a particular pattern for a particular period.”

     “Now it becomes more open. We are looking at a multidimensional field, a hologram of possibilities, a new grid structure emerging from the potential seeding from the beginning, from the source.  When enough of these grid points are empowered and cognized, then the Earth will automatically detoxify. Gaia will be freed. Everything changes.”

     “Where the new sacred sites will be in this transfigured planetary grid system is still uncertain, still open to development and experimentation. Many more of the original sites will be activated in the coming decades, “facilitated by the Archangel Michael, as he brings the Supramundane Light to the subtle body of Gaia”, the Ofanim note. It won’t be over in 2012. There is much to be done over the next 50 years before the next phase is completed.”

Leviton emphasizes the importance of the role of humanity in helping to build this new grid. “Part of that “much” to be done is that more people need to become familiar with the Earth grid or the planet’s visionary geography so that they can participate as co-creators with the angelic realm in bringing life to the many sites that need attention.”

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