Devas: Nature Spirits and Angels

"Voice of the stars" "Life Song" Master of Transmutation and Crystaline Sciences from Anglamarke

“Voice of the stars” “Life Song”
Master of Transmutation and Crystaline Sciences
from Anglamarke

The information here is from different sources, but has been limited to people who had direct knowledge of, or direct contact with, devas. Information from folklore has been omitted as, although originally based on reality, it is almost always altered and romanticized. In my many years of study, I have found descriptions of so many kinds of beings that it would take several volumes to bring all this information together. Therefore, the purpose of this article is only to give you an idea and an overview of the kinds of spiritual beings that are around us.

     With the industrial revolution, and now in the computer age, the existence of nature spirits has been pushed aside in a little corner together with children’s tales, fantasy land, and wishful thinking. The devas much regret this, partly because man has abused nature to a great extent in the last two hundred years. Some people have picked up the subject again and written books based on their own experience. Mankind needs to connect again with the nature forces of which he himself is vital part. The purpose of this article is to give you an introduction into the world of the devas. If you want to widen your interest, go to the end of the page to discover some good books.

treeline2What are Devas?

     The word deva comes from the Sanskrit language, meaning “a being of brilliant light” and is used to indicate a non-physical being. We are using the word deva here as a general name for both nature spirits and angelic beings.

     How did devas come into being? It is said that in the beginning, when earth solidified and the physical life forms were formed, the devas were so far behind in evolution that they could not form physical bodies.

     Consciousness of the devas is directed to expansion in contrast to our consciousness that is focused and limited by the form of the human body. Devas are always conscious of their cosmic environment, and want to become ever more conscious of that what they encompass. Devic beings want to be, while physical beings want to do. Devic beings concentrate creating, while physical beings want to develop.

     Devas have an instinctive knowledge, they do not have to acquire knowledge like we do. The have instinctive knowledge of cosmic patterns, relationships, and harmonies.

     They do not have form as we understand form in the physical world. In their, astral, realm they are like fluidic open vortexes of cosmic consciousness. When people are able to perceive them, they often will take a form extracted from the human mind. Thus we will see them in a more or less human form, but in essence they are only vortexes of energies.

     They have memory and learn from past experiences. They are conscious of the archetypes of the field in which they work. They react to and improve their work according to the physical influences on the life forms with which they work. They are only interested in their own field of work. For example, the deva of the oak trees is only interested in the growth of oak trees, a landscape deva is only interested in the life forms of that landscape, a healing deva only works with healing energies. It is therefore useless to ask a oak tree deva how to heal a human body. Devas are only knowledgeable in their own particular field.

     Working with devas is of a mutual benefit. Devas acquire experience of focused consciousness and action, while humans can learn to surrender to the silence of the devic consciousness and its sensitivity to cosmic influences. Devas are always willing to help people.

     Many people have tried to classify and name the numerous nature spirits, but one has to understand that there are many, many forms of nature spirits, and one form blends over into another. On top of that their names are not consistent among the authors who classified them. But what does it matter, the most important thing, is that you have an idea of what they are and what they do. If you are really interested in working with nature spirits, I recommend the books of Marko Poganick (see end page).

     If you want to work with Devas or nature spirits, try my Soul Sounds CD. The sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls work directly on the energy levels and the realms of the nature spirits. They are often attracted by these sounds.

     According to some esoteric sources, Devas can manifest the thought forms of humans. Some black magicians used the devas to forcefully manifest their desires. This imposition and enslavement of certain devas was not appreciated, and the higher forces that oversee this planet closed off the world of the nature spirits from the world of humans. But times are changing, and  several sources are saying that the devas once again want to cooperate with humans in order to solve the great imbalances humanity has caused in nature (pollution, physical and astral).


Element Earth


Gnomes are connected to the earth element, which includes the minerals. They live inside the earth, although there are some forest gnomes, who take care of the forest on the level of the earth element. They vary in size from 2 to 3 feet. They look a bit knotty, gnarled, and in general they are a bit gruff, and do not trust easily humans.
Gnomes take care not only of the earth and minerals, but also of the roots of plants. They have strong senses and intellect. They understand what they hear and see. They not only receive the cosmic influences, but also ideas. They have a clear consciousness.
A plant receives energies from the cosmos and lets them sink into the soil, where the gnomes collect this information and pass it on to the earth, to all the minerals. Their knowledge is immediate, that is, when they receive information through their senses they immediately ‘know’. Because they have a universal intellect they tend to look down on humans as incomplete beings. They don’t have to think things over as we do, thus they think that we are dumb.
Gnomes have an inner sense with which they experience what is in the minerals and metals, these being receivers of what is above the earth. They also seem to be sensitive to influences of the moon. With full moon, they form a thick ‘skin’ to protect themselves against the moon light, with new moon they are almost transparent. They are always alert what happens around and to them.
They give spiritual support to lowly developed animals.


They are smaller than gnomes, and are much finer and playful, very friendly, They like to help, and even help with tasks in the house, but at the same time they remain cautious.


Giants can be really big, as they are often connected to mountains. They can also live in ancient forests. They are not clever, are very touchy and dangerous, although there are some exceptions. They like noise. They are afraid of magicians and certain smells.
Giants are very dense in ethereal substance, and thus they are easily seen by people with second sight.

Mountain Devas:

Far more developed earth devas are the mountain devas, beings that permeates and work with a whole mountain or with mountain ranges. Here is what a mountain deva had to say to Dorothy Maclean: “Our consciousness is so deep in the Earth, so used to channeling through rock, that we are almost as divorced from our higher selves as are humans. We are deep down, firm and constantly overshadowing our environment, attached to it and paying heed to little else. We do not mind if you try to translate our consciousness in your words – what is one passing human in eternity? We steady and maintain. We are the great maintainers of the world, the strength of the earth itself continually translating forces up and down, the pores of the earth breathing, and I, one entity commanding here. There are many of us. We go on forever. I know man changes and alters the countryside. That is only at our feet and he has not altered us. We are of the Earth itself. We are before and after man.” (1)

Element Water


  Nymphs are connected to the element water, but at the same time can also be connected to a mountain or forest. Their action radius is very localized.
There also are nymphs that regulate the flow of water in the earth’s crust. In general nymphs distribute the feminine qualities of water into the landscape. They can give a specific individuality to a water place. A well nymph can turn the waters of the well into a healing place. It is not uncommon for them to appear in the religious form of the goddess that people of that area worship. Hence the appearance of Maria at wells in Europe.
They do not have a clear consciousness as do gnomes. They dream constantly. They mostly dream of the stars, the sun, light and warmth.
They have a tendency to merge temporarily into a fish form, but will take on other metamorphoses just to avoid to possibility of turning into a fish form permanently. They do help the fishes and amphibians.
Nymphs bind and unbind matter. They take care of the chemistry of plants.
Nymphs can have a kind of morbid death wish.
There also male nymphs, or water-men, who embody the male aspect of water. They seem to be rather withdrawn.


Here is a description of undines by Geoffrey Hodson : “There are two different grades of water-spirits at this (water) fall. One is apparently connected with the whole ghyll, and was first seen traveling swiftly up the mountain on which the stream rises. It is definitely of the undine variety, but rather larger than those previously seen, though similar to tern in other characteristics.
The figure, which shines as if wet, is female, nude and without wings, the exquisite limbs gleam through the white auric flow, the arms are particularly long and beautiful, and she waves them gracefully in her flight. She is about four feet in height and her general coloring is silvery white, with gold stars round the head.
She moves up the fall by a series of darting motions of exceeding swiftness, disappears from view as if into the rock, reappears. and flashes down again. As I watch her rapid movements she appears suddenly to become languid; her form slowly dissipates and her consciousness sinks into the ground, as if to rest. At the particular place where she disappeared-a large rocky bluff covered with bracken and heather-I can still sense, I would almost say see, the undine, at a distance of six to ten feet below the surface of the ground.
She has reappeared, and obviously experiences considerable joy, taking great interest and delight in the large fall, over which she hovers in a fashion that suggests some emotion akin to brooding tenderness. She shows a certain natural seriousness; in her there is none of that careless inconsequence which marks so many of the lesser nature-spirits. In her mind there is a sense of responsibility for certain aspects and processes of evolution which are taking place here, connected chiefly with the water and the vegetation. Over the rock under which she retired there is a decided magnetic influence, due no doubt to her long-continued presence there, which has given the place a strongly defined aura and influence of its own.
There are some less evolved undines at the actual falls, where they appear to be permanently stationed. They too, can pass in and out of the rock at will. They differ from the one described chiefly in size; they are less than a foot high, and appear to be making vocal sounds. Their joy is more unrestrained and their whole bearing more irresponsible than hers. They are five or six in number. Their slim, graceful, nude bodies are supple in the extreme, and they constantly assume poses of great beauty as they float in the midst of the fall. or hover just in the edge of the spray. A characteristic attitude is one with the body upright and more or less stiff, limbs straight, arms close to the side, head thrown slightly back, eyes looking upward. In this pose they ride slowly upwards through the falls to the top, like a bubble rising through water; having reached the summit they flash free into the air, releasing the concentrated energy which they appear to have absorbed, making a brilliant display of color and light, radiating joy and delight in all directions. (6)


Nixies enliven rivers, springs, lakes and marshes. They show themselves as beautiful maidens, sometimes with a fish tail. They are music lovers and excellent dancers, and they have the gift of prophecy. Although they can give certain gifts to human, one has to be cautious as they can be harmful, usually by drowning people.

The Naiads presided over rivers, streams, brooks, springs, fountains, lakes, ponds, wells, and marshes.

Element Air

Elves or Sylphs:

These live in the element air, and are like light in the atmosphere. Sensitive to the movement of the atmosphere, they have a sleepy consciousness.
Their task is to transfer light to the plants.
The stream of air caused by a flying bird creates a sound they can hear. They like birds flying through the air.
Sylphs are connected to movement in space, like modeling and directing the wind. Elves (or fairies) are more connected to the expansion of life in their area.


Small fairies work with plants, helping the building of leaves, flowers and the like.
The tall fairy is related to the elves, but she is more interested in humans and animals, and has a strong magical persona. Fairies can act as protectors or guides for people involved in magic.

Storm Devas:

Dora van Gelder: “Probably the most characteristic air fairy is the one that is associated with storms. They are small, some four or five feet high, but shapely and beautiful. They are well proportioned according to the human model, with faces that are weirdly narrow framed by streaming hair. Their principal coloring is like a silver birch, but with faint lights of pale blue and violet. They are generally some of these about, because they is usually some wind blowing, but their relation to wind is not as intimate as that of cloud fairy to cloud. They seldom come down to earth level and are seen mainly in great troops high up in the sky. When a strong wind blows, however, they descend to earth or ocean surface. They have intelligence of high order and are, in fact, close to the sylphs in nature. Perhaps there may be a group of sylphs especially attached to wind later described in connection with the hurricane. Sylphs, like all other fairies, work under the direction of angels. Their superiors are a special group of angels associated with storms, and when a great storm is about to break, they are rallied for it. Just as rain storms are high spots in the life of of cloud fairies, and other fairies have their special pleasures and events, so the wind storm is the great joy of these particular fairies. They sweep over the top of a forest in the wind, over the surface of the earth, and are to be seen normally only about great peaks in high mountains. They are superiors of the cloud fairies and direct them.” (4)

Element Fire

Salamanders, or Fire Spirits:

The salamanders collect warmth and transfer it into the flowers. They feel very connected to the world of butterflies and insects. They are very difficult to see.
The fire spirits are spirits of transformation (dying, decay and regeneration), they make the compost pile into fertile soil. The are the fire that burns the candle or the wood. They take life processes to maturity, and through the processes of decomposition and transformation they take them to the threshold of a new birth. For the nature spirits in between life and rebirth there is a period of regeneration in the blazing life force of fire.
They are also radiating light and have to do with enlightenment and with the world made visible through light. They can appear in light bodies, radiating brilliant light.
They also can be spirits of inspiration, mediators between the angelic world and the more physical levels of creation. In ancient times they were called the muses.
While the fire-spirits in the forest are small, in a volcano they are seven up to fourteen feet tall. They can appear in human form with a kind of devilish look on their face, although they are quite attractive. In a volcano are also great angels of fire.
There are also important fire spirits in the center of the earth, connected to the destiny of the planet.

Some More Nature Beings


Fauns are nature spirits with half animal, half human appearance. They might follow humans around but are harmless.
Traditionally they are depicted as young men with the lower body of a goat and horns on their head. Fauns are tree spirits, in the sense that they help trees grow. They direct the growth of trees in certain useful directions. They have a relative autonomous intelligence with which they can watch the environment of the trees both below and above the ground.
Thus a faun offers his consciousness to help the tree grow harmoniously into its environment. In return the tree provides the faun the opportunity to gain experiences in matter. Through this reciprocal action the faun is tied to the tree for its entire lifetime.

Body Elemental:

When talking about nature spirits we always look around in nature. But you have one right inside your body! It is call the ‘body elemental’ and is actually situated within your etheric body. The function of this body elemental is to first build the form of your body, through the process of conception and gestation, help it grow and mature. They stay with a person until the life expectancy of the individual terminates. The body elemental is a highly developed spirit being of the earth element.
The body elemental is responsible for the well-being of your body. It manipulates the energies from nature and from our higher bodies to make them suitable for the etheric, and therefore the physical body, in this way keeping the energy levels up for every cell and organ in the body. This helps your body to function properly in the physical realm in your everyday life so that you may fulfill a greater life purpose in the outer world. Therefore the body elemental is instrumental in aiding in any self-healing process. It knows the blueprint of your atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level because the Body Elemental helped create your very physical body as a house for the soul. It knows exactly where the trauma and the memories have been stored and holds the roadmap to pinpoint the locations that contain the problems. It is able to retrieve the information and release the ‘know-how’ of how to best facilitate self healing or healing for others.
The body elemental can be contacted by meditation, or in a healing session, to help with the healing process and in keeping the body healthy. As with all elementals, or nature spirits, you have to approach your body elemental with respect. Do not expect it to do all the work, you have a big part to play in keeping yourself healthy by what you eat and drink, and by your life style.
Apparently, the body elemental sits in a place between the solar plexus and heart chakras, connecting the soul and body to the divine mind elemental which sits above.
Marko Pagonick (see end of page) describes the feeling of the body elemental as a warm, fur-like construction which supports the body from the ground upwards, solidly grounding the body. It must be this that made the ancients depict Pan with hairy legs. Then there is a connection of the body elemental along the spine up to the head.


From Greek mythology, Pan is “the Feeder of Flocks.” God of herds, fertility and male sexuality. Pan has the horns and legs of a goat and plays a syrinx, a pipe with seven reeds. An ancient god, he has no moral or social aspect whatsoever, and is simply the embodiment of pure, basic instinct. Some said that Pan taught Apollo the art of prophecy. Pan especially loves mountains and wild country. Pan has a dark aspect as well, causing men and animals to go suddenly mad with terror in distant, lonely places. His name is therefore the root word of “panic.”
In our modern days, spiritually gifted people have had experiences with Pan, mostly in his traditional form. From this it is clearly that Pan is a multi-level being. Pan can give you a full experience of the world of nature spirits and its connection to the divine.


These are spirits that are very aggressive and dangerous, and have a lot of power.

Dragons are nature spirits of great strength and power which they can transfer to humans, including psychic powers. They also have the ability to cure all kinds of diseases. But there is a pitfall: they give a lust for power and sexual passions.
Dragons can be from the four elements. A gold dragon (fire) gives wealth and gold. A black dragon (earth) causes wars and is often associated with the military. A white dragon (water) attracts money, but in a lesser degree; it also influences economic affairs. A blue dragon (air) transport souls with preordained mission from heaven to earth.
There are many more kinds of dragons.
Dragons have been seen floating very high above any cloud level, in all kinds of vivid colors. Their intelligence seems to be low. These dragons never descend into the lower atmosphere. In nature they are mainly used as a reservoir from which the angels and fairies draw energy

House Spirit:

Each structure built and occupied by people has a spirit that develops according to the energies of that structure and the people living in it. It is a primitive form of consciousness that has no form nor will it become visible. When new people move into the house, their new habits and rearrangement of the different parts of the house can cause stress on the house spirit. Therefore it is good to immediately tune into the house spirit, make some offerings, and communicate what you plan to do with the house and the rooms. Otherwise the displeased spirit could cause trouble for the new occupants.

Astrological or Birth Fairies:

With every birth there are at least one or more birth fairies present at the crib of the newly born. They give the baby one or more gifts or talents. These gifts or talents are actually enforcements of a certain pattern already inscribed in the astrological blueprint of the baby. Such a gift can be very decisive, because it will send the person on a certain path rather than an other. For example, the position of the planet Mars can make a person choose for the profession of surgeon but also of a soldier. The Faries can reinforce, for example, the energies that will make that person choose for surgeon.
Do you know why it is a custom to give candies around at the birth of a newborn? It is a continuation of an old custom to bring offerings to the birth faries and thus ask for a positive future for the child. Although the birth faries are rarely visible, as they are not that interested in showing themselves to mortals, you don’t want to miss out on their good energies. So make sure you bring those offerings into the room as soon as possible!

Guardian Spirit
This is an artificially created elemental spirit that is programmed to guard a certain territory or object. It needs to be continuously charged by the person or group who created it.


A djinn is a nature spirit that is being controlled by a human for the purpose of carrying out certain works. The human has to be in total control of the djinn, otherwise the djinn might take control over the human, or play tricks, like making objects disappear and appear, or wander around.

Sound and Dance Spirits:

Sound and dance spirits are of the same nature as elves, kobolds, aerial spirits but more developed and more subtle. They attach a lot of importance to higher aesthetics. They react positively to beautiful sounds and movements of people, and thus end out strong vibrations that influence the fate of man in a positive way. But those who create disharmonious sounds and jerky movements disturb their own aura, by their actions they offend the sound and dance spirits. At the same time they become open to the energies of bad spirits.
I have made a special CD with the sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. When I spoke to the Hungarian shaman Joska Soos, he confirmed my feeling that the singing bowls are connected to sound beings. Playing these bowls brings these sound beings into the room where they exert their positive influence on the people present and the environment. For more information go to Soul Sounds!

Group Elementals:

This is an elemental being that came into existence when a group of people was formed. Its formation and continuous existence depends strongly on the emotions in the group. The group elemental also influences the members of the group, making a close connection between all the members. A new member of the group will be absorbed if his emotions or mental energy correspond with the group elemental, or he will be rejected.
Any group you can imagine, has a group elemental, for example, a religious group, professional group, activist groups, also a town or a country, city or tribe has a group elemental, and so on.

The Tuatha De Danann, or Sidhe:

The Thuata Da Danann is a race of beings, once primarily known in Ireland. It is said that long ago the Sidhe were a people very much like ourselves, living a life similar to humans. Their origin is unknown, but they are considered to be a non-human race of intelligent beings with great knowledge, and not quite physical, although many people have seen them. The size of the lower class Sidhe is a little smaller than the size of humans, those of the higher classes are taller. Both classes often have blond or golden hair.
The Sidhe reigned over Ireland until they were conquered by human invaders. They fled to the depths of the earth, into caves and other underground places. Their dwelling places are also often under lakes. They inhabit beautiful palaces, enjoying feasts, lovemaking, and music. They are not a working class but rather military-aristocratic. Their realm is now called Tir-na-nog, one of the many Otherworlds. Their world is generally described as a place of harmony and beauty.
The race of the Sidhe is not confined solely to Ireland. As the Irish psychics themselves say, they also inhabit other countries around the world. They move from one place to another and take great interest in man. They travel in magical ships. During the nights they are often seen traveling in spheres of light.
The Sidhe are often described as tall, beautiful beings who have eternal youth. But when they appear to humans they can take any shape they want.
Between the Sidhe and humans there has always been an exchange. They can appear in our world and take fine-looking young men and women in order to marry them. Living in their realm these mortals were bestowed with a fairy immortality. When returning to our world, they are confronted with the passing of a lot of time in the physical world. Somehow time is experienced differently in the Sidhe world. Another aspect is that the person has remained young while his earthly relatives have grown old or died.
Children from unions between Sidhe and humans turned out noble and heroic. Some of the greatest figures of antiquity are declared to have been such children.
Sometimes people go off with the Sidhe in a kind of trance or dream state, which can last days or even months. But mortals were not always forcibly taken. They could be invited, or go on their own account, for example for the love of a fairy woman, or to perform some mission. They could live forever in the Sidhe world if they wished. When entering the world of Sidhe, one undergoes a kind of bodily transformation that changes one’s physical nature into the nature of the Sidhe. Some people say that the Sidhe themselves transmute the physical body of humans into a body like their own. People who have been in the realm of the Sidhe have had difficulty in getting accustomed again to their ordinary lives. Most of them have undergone some inner changes and have begun to see life from a different angle.
That Sidhe are not physical is proved by many witnesses who have seen the Sidhe going through stone walls, or into a hill side.
The Sidhe have magical powers by which they can cast spells upon people. They can put a state of akinesis (the inability to move) on a person who enters their territory, or on someone who is watching them. The Sidhe also have to power to look into the future with great accuracy.
The Sidhe have a reputation for teasing people, making jokes and disguising themselves.
An important aspect of the Sidhe is that they are amoral. They do not care about the effects of their teasings. Being themselves immortal (in the sense of having a very long life) and at the same time amoral, they do not seem to be bothered when their interference with humans turn out negative or deadly for the human.
The Sidhe seem to have a close relationship with nature and especially the atmospheric phenomena. It is also said that some of them direct the magnetic currents of the Earth.
Music is one of their favorite pastimes, and at times they have been seen traveling through the air, playing music and singing. My own grandmother, in her young days, has seen light spheres traveling through the countryside accompanied by music. The country people in her area didn’t quite know what to think of it.

The Higher Developed Devas


These beings, usually called angels, archangels and so on, are creative intelligences building our world. They know how to manipulate ethereal substances into ever more crystallized forms of which the end result is physical matter. They build vehicles for every life form.
They do not have free will, but are very powerful in what they do. Their form changes as they move around, and changes over time. They live in a state of immediate knowledge and are a source of happiness and exaltation. They live fully in the moment, in full concentration and in unity with the flowing energy of the field they are working in.
They can create sounds in the ethereal worlds that have a positive effect on humans and their environment. They work with sounds, mantras, and movements to create energy patterns.
There are devas which encompass more abstract ideas or concepts like power, healing, music, peace, education.
The following, The Deva of Stone, is an example of a cosmic deva at work, a deva where you would least expect it. (from To Hear the Angels Sing, by Dorothy Maclean)

The Deva of Stone:

Nature is full of paradox, in that as you seek contact with what you consider a lower form of life, you in fact contact a more universal being. The mind of man codifies and formulates, which is within its right and purpose, but forgets that all is one, that God is in all, and that basic substance, seemingly most void of sensitive consciousness, is held in its state of existence by its opposite, a vast consciousness, too vast for you to do more than sense its fringes and know that it extends beyond your present imagination. You realize too that dense matter is influenced in its make-up by stellar energies.

Classification of the Angels:

Most people with the second sight have focus on the elemental beings, only a few also have contact with the angelic realm. They have described angels of sound, color, healing and so on, angels associated with the Christ energy and creative forces, but for a basic classification of the higher developed beings we have to turn to the old, but still valid classification in the Jewish/Christian tradition. So, here we go:
Besides all the beings and forces we have seen thus far, there are even more, greater beings that work on the fundaments of the cosmos. Here is an overview of the traditional hierarchy above the Archangels. The first name is from the Catholic tradition, the second name, between brackets, is from the Jewish tradition.
The Seraphim (Haioth ha Qodesh) distribute the universal force that allows mankind to fixate within themselves the divine unity. They determine the four supreme cardinal points, from which comes those of space. From these beings come the four elements, and all other group of four that determine existence. They are without any form.
The Cherubim (Ophanim or Galgalim) regulate and equilibrate the primordial chaos. They provide us the forms by which we are able to visualize the divine things. Their vibrations are in form of light as well as sounds. Their function is to maintain manifestation in movement.
The Thrones (Arailim) allow our spirit to fixate the images formed by the Cherubim. They maintain the primordial ether in the visible form in the subtle substances. They regulate and stabilize the power of the divine to give it form. They reside in the area of the cosmos where material form begins to take shape.
The Dominions (Hhashmalim) are like a reservoir of energy that animates nature. They give to men the necessary force to conquer the inner enemy and to achieve the ends that are assigned to them. Dominions are Angels of Leadership. They regulate the duties of the angels, making known the commands of God.
The Powers (Seraphin) have to do with divine sanctity and purification. Powers are Warrior Angels against evil defending the cosmos and humans. They are known as potentates. They fight against evil spirits who attempt to wreak chaos through human beings.
The Virtues (Malakim) work primordially on the mineral kingdom, the environment in which the beings of creation evolve. They produce the mineral realm, the metal, the gems and are the soul of all mineral medicine. Virtues are known as the Spirits of Motion and control the elements. They are sometimes referred to as “the shining ones.” They govern all nature.
The Principalities (Tarshishim) give us the submission of all things, they embrace of all forces.
The Archangels (Beni-Elohim) rule over the animal kingdom and give man domination over it.
The Angels (Keroubim) are the guardians of the threshold, the defenders of the holiness of God against fallen man who would otherwise take the Tree of life. They deliver the prayers to God and God’s answers and other messages to humans. Angels have the capacity to access any and all other Angels at any time. They are the most caring and to assist those who ask for help.

Evil Devas:

Good devas keep themselves to the realm they are working in. Evil devas will approach animals and humans with their bad intentions. It is said that strong plant poisons are caused by bad elves, and gnomes and nymphs can become parasitic.

Benevolent and Malevolent Beings:

More evolved does not automatically mean that they are benevolent to humans. Superior spirits, however, have made a vow that they will never introduce themselves with a personal name as a means to make people believe in them. They decline any personal recognition. Their messages are always refined and, if high in vibrancy, short with a profound meaning, and they are not compulsive. True spiritual beings of high development have a full aura. They are filled with a particular quality of white clear light.
If you want to know with what kind of spirit you are dealing with, ask to show them their inner, divine light. True spiritual beings will respond, while spirits with bad intentions will not. Or ask them their name, a good spirit will not give one.
Malevolent spirits interfere with life on the physical level, and cause trouble when they give psychic powers to people. They often give prophecies of disasters. They have no sense of the beautiful or the artistic. They cannot fake beauty or artistry, or sincerity, as all this comes from the heart, and from the divine. They might have a great amount of intelligence, but it is not rooted in truth. They like to talk about and fake the truth, wisdom, righteousness and love, but it is all distorted.
Malevolent spirits feed on fear. To avoid them learn to keep your fear under control, or learn to eliminate it. The opposite of fear is trust, trust in the divine. Don’t pay attention to them. Don’t hate them either, or be angry. They are also children of the divine, who went the wrong path. Respect them for who they are, and make a clear choice not to get involved with them. Know you are rooted in the divine, and bring out that divine light, which we all have in ourselves.

Recommended websites:

Anglamarke: an amazing website with many accounts and information from a woman who have had contact with nature beings of all kinds her entire life. It also contains many of her paintings of these beings.

Some good books about Devas, or nature spirits:
1. To Hear the Angels Sing, by Dorothy Maclean
2. Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings, by Marko Pogacnik (Findhorn Press)
3. Healing the Heart of the Earth, by Marko Pogacnik (Findhorn Press)
4. The Real World of Fairies, by Dora Van Gelder
5. Devas, Fairies and Angels, by William Bloom (Gothic Image Publications, Glastonbury, England)
6. The Brotherhood of Angels and Man, by Geoffrey Hodson
7. Man as Symphony of the Creative Word, Rudolf Steiner
8. Sacred Land, and Voices of the Earth, by Clea Danaan


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  1. V. Styx says:

    We seem to be on a similar wavelength. I’m enjoying your words! 🙂

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