Soul Sounds CD

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Soul Sounds CD

a shamanic recording of the healing sounds of Singing Bowls

soulsoundscoverSoul Sounds is an enchanting sound therapy CD that brings you into a guaranteed deep relaxation and meditation. A sound bath of harmonious sound tracks and waves helps you to quickly reach inner harmony.

Soul Sounds is the result of fifteen years of experience with a collection of the finest, hand picked singing bowls. Dirk originally learned how to use the singing bowls from the Hungarian shaman, Joska Soos.

I have decided to share my Soul Sounds CD for free by putting it up in YouTube:

Sound Healing

If you are into sound healing, or clearing energies with sound, you might want to buy my Soul Sounds CD. The session was recorded using professional recording equipment that could handle both the very low and very high sounds produced by the singing bowls. These sounds have a profound impact on energy body of living beings, but also on the environment in general. For those unfamiliar with singing bowls: this is not music. However, the sounds are soft and harmonious. It starts calmly and builds up gradually. The primary purpose is deep relaxation allowing you to come into contact with your inner self. The sounds also have a profound effect on the subtle bodies, and on the environment in which they (or the CD) are played. I love to hear from you. How did you react to the sounds of the singing bowls sounds? What effect did they have on other people around you?

How I Discovered the Singing Bowls

I first encountered the singing bowls on a magical tour of Southern England with friends. Passing through Glastonbury, they visited the ruins of the abbey. There, in front of the legendary tomb of King Arthur, a young man was making strange sounds with two shining metal bowls. One of my companions explained that these were singing bowls. She said she knew Joska Soos, a Hungarian born shaman living in Antwerp who used these bowls in healing sessions that he called “shamanizations”.
Later I visited Joska Soos for a shamanization. I was so intrigued by the singing bowls that I decided to buy two of them, a choice I would never regret. During the following year I played these bowls every evening, which resulted in an opening up of my character. I experienced first hand what a profound effect the bowls have on the physical, psychological and spiritual level. Over the years I acquired more singing bowls, using them for group sessions in a meditative and healing way. My aim is to help people benefit from this natural and mystical way of healing.

The Advantages of Soul Sounds

  • Deep relaxation to unwind that stress we all build up in our daily lives. Because singing bowls create a garden of tranquility.
  • Meditation practices: the sounds of the singing bowls entrain the brain waves to go quickly into meditative states.
  • Healing work: singing bowls enhance healing in massage therapies, Reiki sessions, regressions, emotional release, and other healing techniques. Singing bowls work strongly on the chakras.
  • Clearing: It is my own personal experience that the sounds of the singing bowls clear a room from negative energies, and they create a peaceful environment.
  • Energy work: the singing bowls create the right energetic atmosphere for ceremonies, celebrations and rituals when working with Nature and Cosmos.
  • Background music: singing bowls are very relaxing during daily routines, when doing physical or yoga exercises, breathing exercises or chakra work.

What People Say About Soul Sounds:

“Thank you so much for responding so fast. I am so excited to get your cd. I have listened to many singing bowl downloads and your are FAR SUPERIOR with no distortions and able to capture a full range of sounds. Blessings”

“I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I listened to the sample of your CD on your web page. I found that my nerve plexuses (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal) even enteric nerves were released of tension and trauma. Even the meninges became free of irritation and inflammation. This has been the first time that I have smiled in many years due to the relief, peace and freedom I felt… Joseph”

Dear Dirk,
I received my CD and began to play it. The changes in my house’s energy and now mine are very noticeable. Thank you so much.

“We got the CD and use it at night when we go to sleep. It’s so lovely! It’s very conducive to a restful and peaceful state.”
“Great sounds! Chilled out the whole house!”

I was just listening to the demo online and it moved me to a deeper state of relaxation faster and i just had to order the CD of the singing bowls…..thank you John

Thank you so much Dirk, The CD arrived quickly and is beautiful. It will be the perfect addition to our Reiki circle. in-joy, Debbie

Hi Dirk, I’m Cees Bonhof from Holland, and I just want to let you know I enjoyed reading your book(s) about singing bowls. It’s always nice to know there are more players who are down to earth as regards the origin(s) and qualities of singing bowls so I read your book with great pleasure.
Your whole website breathes an atmosphere of openness and trust and I like that very much. I prefer to hear my own bowls of course, but the fragments of the two recordings I listened to were very nice in that you keep it so utterly simple, one bowl at a time and not many bowls in the whole recording. In my own playing I play mostly at least 10 or 15 minutes on one bowl, only after5-10 minutes things really start to happen. Keep up the good work and greetings from Cees.”

Hi Dirk! I am Jasmyne. I have just recently begun using the singing bowls music during meditation. It has been ….?.. indescribable! I have been meditating for a few years, and I have used many different techniques to quiet my mind. Never before have I been able to slip into my practice so effortlessly! They are truly magical! I cannot thank you enough for this priceless download. Since discovering this amazing music, I have spent quite some time looking in stores and online for recordings. They are certainly not easy to find ( especially for one as technologically inept as me!). I was working with a 10 minute track that I found on you-tube and just replaying it, but then I stumbled upon your page and WOW! Your art is just beautiful! So, I thank-you again for this amazing gift!


also…tell Dirk that I really really love his special “Singing Bowls” cd…I am playing it a lot INSTEAD of watching TV and getting online…LOL… that is why I didn’t get right back to you… Lynn

Hello Dirk,

I received the CD and it does help clearing departed souls that are visiting too often and to close:))


Dear Dirk,

I just received your cd.. its really beautiful.

Thank you!


I just received your cd, and it’s amazing how fast it arrived. Thank you very much. Just finished listening to it now and it is very powerful.


“Love the CD!”

“Great meditative CD!”
“Excellent cd Blessing to you for producing + recording a great cd.”


Hi Dirk, I received my C.D. ok today and thank you, It is beautiful, so calming and centering.
Best Wishes,

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