Skinny Bob, the Grey alien

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An Overview

The Footage

Skinny Bob Remote Viewed

An Overview

A YouTube user named “ivan0135” uploaded a series of four videos on YouTube that claimed to have been culled from leaked classified material. The video first appeared on the internet from April 13 to May 17, 2011.

Skinny Bob is the name given to one of the Grey-type aliens, shown in the footage.

Since 2011, no individuals have claimed credit for creating the video. faking this kind of footage would have cost a lot of money. No viral marketing, no profit, no fame to be had.

When you look around on the internet, there is very little if no interest in these videos. Nobody has made an analysis of the videos. Although I am open minded, I am also skeptical because fake alien information is nothing new. Nevertheless I find these videos very convincing. In my opinion they show real Grey aliens walking around, and one of them poses for the camera. It is all too easy to call it a hoax without any explanation. That way nobody is going to laugh at you. Although the videos show very short clips, it is enough to recognize them as authentic living beings. There is nothing more than can be said in regard to authenticity; look for yourself, notice the details and use your intuition.

From the commentary accompanying the videos, there was a first contact with these beings in 1942, followed by diplomatic visits with high ranking officers. They were first filmed with a hidden camera, but after that filming and photographing was not allowed. I guess the officers didn’t realize that the aliens can easily read our minds.

The second video mentions that “The material is an edited compilation of the documents that we have.” This would suggest that ivan0135 is only one person from a group that is releasing this material, and that the videos are only a small part of what they have.

The third video claims that they have 7 video tapes recorded between 1942 and 1969. The materials they have comprises UFO incidents, recovery and study of extraterrestrial life forms. Here the name ‘Skinny Bob’ is mentioned, indicating the alien shown.

For as much as we can make out any details in these videos, the Grey aliens look very human-like. They have a slender human form, large head with a very large cranium, large eyes, a small nose and a mouth. Ears seem to be absent. Arms are long and reach just below their knees. The hands have three long fingers and a thumb. Because the videos gives us moving bodies, they are very life-like with nuances such as blinking eye lids, moving neck and arms. They wear a one-piece tight fitting clothing, so often reported in the so-called abductions cases. These are not actors in an alien costumes.

The videos do not explain where the footage was shot. The fourth video starts with a (rather fuzzy) image of a KGB patch. Together with the username of ‘ivan’ we could assume that the videos came from the KGB of the Soviet era. However it might also be a misdirection as to the source of the material, by the USA or any other country.

The fact that ‘ivan’ was able to upload four videos in a time span of a month points to a sanctioned (or at least allowed) release of the footage.

The Footage

The first video gives us four clips. Two of them show a flying saucer filmed from a moving car, and from an airplane. The other two clips show a crashed saucer and dead bodies.

The flying saucer footage is nothing spectacular, but they do seem to be shot from a short distance.

The next clip shows a flying saucer on the ground with alien bodies lying around. I stitched two still pictures together to show a more complete picture of the ship. Right picture is enhanced.

An alien body is lying in front of the ship, and we get a detail of its face:

In the second video, the alien shown is called Skinny Bob. He appears to be sitting on a chair and operating something in front of him (right picture enhanced):

The second clip in the second video shows a complete scan of the entire body of Skinny Bob, minus the feet. As the video camera moves upwards, I took still shots and pasted them together to show a complete picture (right picture enhanced):

The third video is just text about the authenticity of the material. The background is showing a hand-print of one of the aliens. The right picture I enhanced in Photoshop by Auto Levels. Aside from the missing little finger, it looks very much like a human hand.

The fourth video, called Family Vacation, shows several type of Grey aliens arriving. The footage is a little fuzzy, and unstable, probably because someone was carrying a hidden camera and was moving around.

Still shots from the video:

Skinny Bob Remote Viewed

The Skinny Bob videos never got a lot of attention. Although the footage is very convincing, and you can watch these aliens alive, walking and Skinny Bob performing some task, the videos seem to have falling through a rabbit hole. In contrast, the alien autopsy videos got a lot of attention and are circulating all over the ufology network. I have found only one source that remote viewed Skinny Bob in an effort to find out if he was a real alien being, or just a hoax. That person is John Vivanco who wrote an interesting book, The Time Before the Secret Words, about his life as a professional remote viewer. His website is RightHemispheric. His remote viewing information about Skinny Bob is at his YouTube channel Right Hemispheric Remote Viewing.

Vivanco describes the results of the remote viewing sessions of his team as: reference to a UFO, something crashing, and the army. In regard to the ‘subject’ (Skinny Bob), he is being described as lonely, empty, feeling abandoned, angry, isolated, defeated, discouraged, feeling trampled. “Everybody left me, why me?” He feels like he landed on the ‘Planet of the Apes’, meaning humans as being inferior to them.

The physical descriptions of the subject range from being bald, and thin, to a yellow-green skin. The large hands had three fingers and a claw. He is a lizard-looking person, one viewer called it a creature. A drawing of face with almond shaped eyes was drawn.

One viewer saw a silvery object and the beings are traveling through space from very far away. What are they doing here: exploration, scavenging, mining and harvesting.

What did not show up in the sessions was the concept of being faked, deception or a hoax.

In regard to Skinny Bob specifically and where he was located, the viewers described a cave like space, constructed, high ceilings, skeletal metallic appearance. An underground complex. The location is a medical laboratory. The subject was non-human and the same physical descriptions are given as above. There is also a small rubbery pool filled with a warm liquid. (abductees also have described Greys bathing in a liquid vats). The subject behaves stoic at the outside, but at the inside he is going insane. His mind is connected to a hive mind or collective unconsciousness. He is sending out distress signals through his mind in the hope that his fellow beings will come and rescue him.

Where Skinny Bob came from is a planet with crystalline structures on the surface. The viewers also describe an all-pervasive mind on that planet that seems to be interwoven with the crystalline structures.

Although I do find remote viewing interesting, I am a little skeptical in regard to the reliability of the information as I have pointed out in my article of Remote Viewing: Real, Fantasy or Far-Sighted? However if Skinny Bob was a hoax it would have shown up in the information from the team of remote viewers. So, we can say that at least the video is authentic and Skinny Bob is a real Grey alien.