Star of David Crystal

“Star of David”, Marcel Vogel design

I have a unique Star of David quartz crystal for sale. It is a Marcel Vogel design, of an exceptional quality and size. It is a large crystal, measuring 80mm (3 1/4″) on each side. It is made from a large clear quartz crystal, and has two large veils. It has been cut with precision to the specifications of Marcel Vogel by one of ogel’s cutters.

This is a truly unique piece and intended for meditation or similar purposes.

Marcel Vogel used Star of David crystals with great success as a protective shield from unwanted energies. A drop of a flower essence, a homeopathic remedy or such can be placed on this crystal and it will radiate its essence throughout your body. (They were only made as medallions.) He said: “When I imprint the crystal medallion with the thought of love and well-being, I cohere all the energies of my body so that it becomes an impenetrable fortress of its own energies.”

The crystal can be programmed with your intention, and this will be magnified by its faceted shape.

The crystal has been faceted in such a way that the front displays a downwards pointing triangle, while at the back there is an upward pointing triangle. As the crystal is transparent, and one looks at it from the front, the two triangles interlock and display the Star of David.Price: $450 plus shipping. Only within the USA. Contact me at

Here are the images under different lighting conditions: