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The Afterlife Process Questioned

I had read about this strange topic before: aliens involved with the afterlife process. There are only a few people who point out that there is something wrong about what near-death-experiencers encounter in the afterlife. I decided to look into … Continue reading

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Hybrids and the Future of Humanity

back to Cosmic Beings: The Alien Control Agency A look into the intentions of the alien breeding program of hybrids and their plans for the future of mankind. The Difference between Aliens/Hybrids and Humans The aliens (in this article the … Continue reading

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The Net, and its ties to the Matrix, or Control of Humanity

The Moon has had a long history of ill-bearing. Something is radiating from the Moon that has a negative influence on humans. Moon-light has the power of illusion, and the full moon creates an increase in disharmonious activities. There are … Continue reading

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