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Be Aware of Your Self

Life isn’t always easy, especially in our present times. However, it is almost a requirement to keep your awareness in your center, most of the time. Your center is your divine self, that goes by many names and many descriptions. … Continue reading

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Number 81: The Relationship Between the Divine and Creation

Numbers are really interesting. The whole world, even the universe, would not exist without them. Everything is based on numbers, and mathematics. Our entire civilization wouldn’t even be as it is without numbers. There is so much you do with … Continue reading

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The Goddesses Have Come to Earth

In June 2010 I had a dream: I am at a place in the upper spiritual realms, in luxurious large room where a group of 15 to 20 goddesses reside. They are tall, several times a human’s height. They are … Continue reading

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We Are the Divine

One day, after having been asleep for a while, I awoke slightly and found myself in a state between sleeping and being awake. Suddenly I was one with The Light, for a short time. There was only The Light, and … Continue reading

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The Lady With the Star

Once in a lifetime the Divine stretches its hand out to a human being and touches the soul. One would think that such an experience would be exalting, but this is not necessarily true. It depends on the level to … Continue reading

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