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The Eye in the Triangle

In my first grades of school (in the late sixties in Belgium), there was a poster above the door that had an eye in a triangle with a text telling you that God was watching you. Really impressive for a … Continue reading

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The Oldest Ouroboros Depiction

The image of Ouroboros, the serpent that bites its own tail, is well known in hermetic literature and especially in alchemy. It is generally used to express the idea of renewal, death and rebirth, and the process of cycles in … Continue reading

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Sethian Architects of the Egyptian Pyramids, from Cygnus

Is there a link between the correlation of the wing stars pf the Cygnus constellation (instead of the Orion Belt)  and the three pyramids of Giza, and the bird-looking extraterrestrials seen in a vision which happen to look exactly like … Continue reading

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Elongated Skulls from Ancient Races on Earth

I have completely revised my two pages about elongated skulls. When I was organizing it a little better, i started to find more information and new pictures. I found old archaeological records talking about a race of elongated or long … Continue reading

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The Serapeum of Saqqara: Atlantean Technological Devices?

The so-called Serapeum in Egypt has slowly getting some attention from people who are familiar with advanced technological features in ancient ruins all over the world. Officially the underground tunnels in Saqqara are called a Serpeum as archaeologists claim they … Continue reading

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Elisabeth Haich on the Race of Elongated Skull People

There is a lot of interest in the so-called elongated skulls. For a long time archeologists claimed that these were the result of head binding. However the latest research shows that these were natural features, with other physical characteristics of … Continue reading

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Once I had a special ‘dream’ about a past life in Egypt. I have written about it in a previous post, but I am giving it here again: “Once I had a special dream. It was in full color and … Continue reading

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