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My Out-of-the-Body Experiences

In my twenties I had a series of out-of-the-body experiences (OBs) that were quite interesting. Originally I didn’t know what they were. When I was deeply relaxed I found myself moving but things were different. I would mostly stay withing … Continue reading

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Unmasking The Sidhe

In my previous post I wrote about the music played by the Sidhe in woods and in the countryside, and occasionally heard by somebody who happened to be in the neighborhood.  The Sidhe are ethereal beings living among us on … Continue reading

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Insight into Aetheric Structures

While in deep relaxation an insight welled up spontaneously from my unconscious. Several persons working together can build an aetheric structure, that can be governed and directed by an (artificial) elemental appointed for this purpose. This can be done in … Continue reading

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Aetheric Current

It must have been in the second half of the eighties. When I woke up one night, I found myself floating horizontally about one foot and a half (half a meter) above my physical body. I was totally awake, but … Continue reading

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