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A Dream

A Dream is a poem by the famous mystic writer Herman Hesse. As always, there is profound truth in his poem. Guest at a monastery in the hills, I stepped, when all the monks had gone to pray, Into a … Continue reading

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You are a Magician

We have absolutely no idea what immense forces lie dormant in every person! Powers that have a vast potential if only we could awaken them to the unwavering belief in themselves and their possibilities.” Emile Coué (1857-1926) ♥ What is … Continue reading

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A Sweat Lodge, Magic and a Templar

In 1992, I went for a sweat lodge ceremony my friend Mia was organizing. A sweat lodge ceremony is always preceded by preparatory work. The wood for the fire needs to he hauled, the stones to be heated are carefully … Continue reading

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