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Orgonite and Electrosensitivity (2)

119. Orgonite and Electrosensitivity (2) One of my earlier posts contained some customer’s feedback about how orgonite has helped people with electrosensitivity (sometimes also called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). Electrosensitivity is a growing problem. I once read a story about a woman … Continue reading

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Orgonite, Dowsers and Computers

There is not that much information available about dowsers who have checked out the properties of orgonite. I found on YouTube a short video of a Chi Gong Master who also uses dowsing in her practice (see below). She shows, … Continue reading

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Orgonite and Dowsing Energies

Orgonite has been around for a while, and a lot of people have found it beneficial in multiple ways. Its primary function is to transform the subtle energies around us, and in our own biofield. Its energy of effects are … Continue reading

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More Orgonite

The other day, a customer wrote me: “Yes, your orgonite pendants work!  I borrowed the tungsten pendant from its recipient yesterday, because I had jury duty at the criminal courthouse in Los Angeles.  The dark energy had much less effect … Continue reading

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Orgonite Experiences

In 2004, while surfing the world wide web, I stumbled upon the term orgonite. People were making it for neutralizing chemtrails, and converting the harmful microwave from cell towers into more beneficial waves. Although I found it all a little … Continue reading

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