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Accidentally Viewing of Past Scenes

We all have heard of physic people who are able to get impressions of past events at certain locations. They can see a lingering ghost, or smell or feel something that belongs to the previous occupant of a place. Places … Continue reading

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The Atlantean Cave

When I was in my twenties I often had memories of a subterranean laboratory during the times of Atlantis when I had been a scientist. Earth has known many advanced civilizations, of humans and other cosmic beings who came here, … Continue reading

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Once I had a special ‘dream’ about a past life in Egypt. I have written about it in a previous post, but I am giving it here again: “Once I had a special dream. It was in full color and … Continue reading

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My View on Karma

After so many millenniums, humans on the physical plane continue to create and undergo  much pain and suffering. Why is this? Physical life cannot be seen as separate from the astral realm. Humans cycle from the physical to the astral … Continue reading

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Here and Now

Do you live in the here and now? Hardly, you are constantly thinking about things in the past, about things in the future. What you said yesterday, what somebody told you the day before yesterday, the good and bad that … Continue reading

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Past Life Reliving of a Lost Paradise

It is important to see your present life, and its issues, in a larger perspective. When you are ready, memories of past lives will surface and give you insight in another part of your self that is important. As I … Continue reading

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A Past Life At the End of the Atlantean Period

Memories of past life scenes often happen spontaneously, like they did in the following experience. At night, we not only have the usual dreams, but we go through many forms of consciousness, which we usually do not remember. Our nightly … Continue reading

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