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Nothing Has Changed in the World

Over the past decades there have been so many people who have found effective, cheap, natural cures for maladies, who have invented all kind of alternative motors and other devices, or method to prevent pollution or clean up polluted environments, … Continue reading

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Experiences of Changed Reality

Have you ever experienced that reality around you has changed for a brief period? You found a house in the woods that never existed. You turned into a street that wasn’t there before…or afterwards. Driving through an entire town that … Continue reading

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Humanoid Beings with Horns

In the old folklore we find accounts of people who encountered strange humanoid beings which had horns. I always wondered where these beings came from. Even in our modern times there are people who have had chance encounters with such … Continue reading

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The Day I Woke Up

One day I faced the Unlimited. What can one say about the Unlimited? There I was, me and that what has no limits. It cannot be described in words, because all our concepts and understanding are limited. When I came … Continue reading

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Are You Happy?

Happiness, is that not what we all want? Then, why are so many people unhappy? Are you happy? What makes you happy? A new car, a more expensive one than the one of the neighbor? A big house, fully furnished? … Continue reading

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An Extraterrestrial, an Energy Place and Subterranean People

This is a mysterious story that happened around 1990. I knew Gerda from a Reiki group (hands on healing) she was leading. Gerda had bought herself an old farm in the countryside of Flanders, Belgium. She was fixing up the … Continue reading

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