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Experiences of Changed Reality

Have you ever experienced that reality around you has changed for a brief period? You found a house in the woods that never existed. You turned into a street that wasn’t there before…or afterwards. Driving through an entire town that … Continue reading

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Humanoid Beings with Horns

In the old folklore we find accounts of people who encountered strange humanoid beings which had horns. I always wondered where these beings came from. Even in our modern times there are people who have had chance encounters with such … Continue reading

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The Day I Woke Up

One day I faced the Unlimited. What can one say about the Unlimited? There I was, me and that what has no limits. It cannot be described in words, because all our concepts and understanding are limited. When I came … Continue reading

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Are You Happy?

Happiness, is that not what we all want? Then, why are so many people unhappy? Are you happy? What makes you happy? A new car, a more expensive one than the one of the neighbor? A big house, fully furnished? … Continue reading

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An Extraterrestrial, an Energy Place and Subterranean People

This is a mysterious story that happened around 1990. I knew Gerda from a Reiki group (hands on healing) she was leading. Gerda had bought herself an old farm in the countryside of Flanders, Belgium. She was fixing up the … Continue reading

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