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When the Day Turns Dark… for a second

It’s a bright day. You are in the kitchen and in an instant it is pitch black. You can’t see anything. There is no light coming from the outside in through the windows, nor is there any light inside the … Continue reading

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More Fish from the Sky

It’s a phenomenon that keeps on happening. This time in Tampico, Mexico. Small fish came down with a light rain. It was posted on the Facebook site of Protecci√≥n Civil Tamaulipas.¬† Here is the picture they posted: At least this … Continue reading

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Anomalous Showers of Stones, Water and Other Objects

No, we are not talking here about meteorites, but about the appearance in midair of ordinary stones and pebbles, and other objects, sometimes from nature, sometimes man-made. They appear and then fall seemingly out of nowhere both outside our houses, … Continue reading

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Who is Dumping All that Stuff on Our Heads?

It is a phenomenon that has bewildered people all around the planet for many, many centuries: things fall out of the sky that shouldn’t do this. Even today you can find news reports of “It Rained Fish!”, or “Frogs fall … Continue reading

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