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Translucent Beings

I use the term ‘translucent’ instead of ‘invisible’, because when a being is invisible, one cannot see it at all, and the being would go totally unnoticed. Translucent beings have a camouflage method that is not perfect. An outline is … Continue reading

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Translucent Humanoid Beings

Most people are familiar with the movie The Predator, in which Special Forces soldier Quinn McKenna (actor Arnold Schwarzenegger) is stalked by an alien being who is able to cloak himself with a shimmering translucent appearance. The universe is sometimes … Continue reading

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The Chupacabra: Intelligent Bipedal Predator

I had heard of the chupacabra before but I hadn’t paid much attention to it. It looked so strange and behaved unlike other animal predators. I had seen the media articles about the diseased dogs, captured or killed, who were … Continue reading

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