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Elongated Skulls from Ancient Races on Earth

I have completely revised my two pages about elongated skulls. When I was organizing it a little better, i started to find more information and new pictures. I found old archaeological records talking about a race of elongated or long … Continue reading

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An Elongated Skull in England

I have added another picture of an elongated skull to my Elongated Skull Photo Gallery, this time from England. Elongated skulls displayed in European museums are rare. Maria Wheatley, a British dowser, managed to track down a woman’s skull found … Continue reading

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Elongated Skulls: No Artificial Cranial Deformation

It has been such a long held belief that all elongated skulls found (and there are many, all over the world) were the product of skull binding, or artificial cranial deformation. To me this is such a ridiculous conclusion. Would … Continue reading

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The Elongated Skulls of the Longheads

A couple of days ago, in this month of February 2014, Brien Foerster from the Starchild Project, released some preliminary result of DNA testing of the elongated skulls: “We were permitted to take samples from five of more than 40 … Continue reading

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