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The Magic Stone

The following story I translated from the french book PrĂ©sence des Invisibles by Robert Laffont, 1983. To be understood by my reader, I must recall that in one of my books I had the imprudence to give a “magic” recipe … Continue reading

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Large Stone Sphere in Bosnia

Dr. Sam Osmanagich, founder of Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation, just announced that they had found another stone sphere in Bosnia, and it might be the biggest or heaviest one in the world. This is also important … Continue reading

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The Sun Gate Calender of Tiahuanaca (Tiwanaku)

About twelve thousand year ago great cataclysms happened on Earth. Some legends mention the great floods and tsunamis that wiped out coastal civilizations. In recent decades we have discovered the ruins of several cities under water near the coasts of … Continue reading

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A Dragon on Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, NY

I came to Woodstock, NY in 1993. The following year I was drumming my shamanic drum, just to go into a deep state of relaxation and meditation. After a while, I started to see, with my inner eye, a figure … Continue reading

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Ley Lines and Earth Energies at and Around Findhorn, Scotland

The Findhorn community is a well-known spiritual community in Scotland situated on a peninsula with, at its tip, the old village of Findhorn. The old village is actually the third village. The former two villages were further down the peninsula, … Continue reading

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