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The Hyperdimensional World View of Burkhart Heim

This is for people who are interested in a physics theory that also includes other dimensions. I made some correlations with more esoteric views about the universe and spiritual worlds. Recently, I discovered the works of Burkhart Heim, a German … Continue reading

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The Akashic Records, or the Memory of the Universe

You probably have heard of the so-called Akashic Records. Everything that ever happens in the universe, on our planet or in your life, is recorded onto an all-pervading astral, or etheric, medium, called Akasha. According to the Samkhya school of … Continue reading

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The Vast Universe

A tiny speck in the night sky: a cosmic pile-up of multiple galaxy clusters (Abell 2744).  A galaxy cluster is a structure that consists of anywhere from hundreds to thousands of galaxies. Each galaxy contains billions of stars and planets … Continue reading

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There is Only Change

There is only change. Everything is changing all the time at all places in the universe from the microscopic to the macroscopic. There is no unmovable point to hold onto, no axis, no object, no planet. Space is in constant … Continue reading

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We Are the Divine

One day, after having been asleep for a while, I awoke slightly and found myself in a state between sleeping and being awake. Suddenly I was one with The Light, for a short time. There was only The Light, and … Continue reading

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