Egyptian Gods Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

Date of Publication  2004

The Egyptian Gods Tarot, as presented here, is a total remake of my earlier black/white deck. The original b/w Egyptian Gods Tarot dates from the late 1980’s but was not published and had been sitting on the shelf all those years. In 2004 Dirk decided it was time to bring it out into the open. After reworking the basic design of a few cards, he painted them all with a couple of computer paint programs. The result exceeded his expectations.

In my early twenties I was very much interested in the esoteric teachings of the ancient Egyptians. I discovered that their gods and goddesses are mainly representations of forces within man himself. The stories and adventures of the Egyptian Gods reflect initiations rites and experiences. In the Egyptian Gods Tarot the gods and goddesses correspond with the essential meaning of the cards, not necessarily with the traditional visual images.

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