Inspiration Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

Date of Publication: 1992

After having taken a course in Primal Painting, Dirk decided to make a major arcana in a similar way. The paper was wet with a sponge and would dry out in five or ten minutes. Thus, he had to be quick, and also judge how the paint was going to flow. With primal Painting one does not think or plan anything beforehand. One just starts to paint, whatever comes out of one’s psyche. With the Inspiration Tarot, Dirk had not planned anything on beforehand either. He only focused on the basic meaning of the card. In a couple of cards he did let the paper dry completely in order to add some more imagery that otherwise it would be impossible to paint on wet paper. Card 8, Justice, is an example of this. The image of a chessboard came up and this would only be possible on dry paper. Because of the limited time frame and the limitations (and the advantages) of painting on wet paper, the result are direct, straight forward, simple images which have an almost childlike look. Primal painting allows the child within to come out, to be direct, playful, open, spontaneous. Images like this can be much more powerful than sophisticated and detailed paintings. It also allows to bring forth images from the human psyche that are different from the traditional tarot images. The human psyche, or unconscious, is a vast reservoir of unlimited potentials.

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