Intuitive Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

Date of Publication: 1989

A 20 card major arcana deck, as I condensed card 19, 20 and 21 into one card.

I was born in 1959. The sixties passed him me, I was too young to understand what was happening. I had heard the songs of the Beatles, but it wasn’t until 1990 that I first heard “The Fool on the Hill”. It absolutely entranced me. The Tarot door flew open and inspiration came in to create a new Major Arcana. It was a pure pleasure to create the images. All are representative of his mood at that time, which was influenced by the Beatles’ songs. Only three images are directly related to the Beatles. Card 0 is the Fool on the Hill. Card 12 is a compilation of the the four Beatles, the Yellow Submarine and Lucy in the Sky. Card 19-20-21 is “the woman with the sun in her eyes”. Not all of the images have a specific reason for being there. Some of them simply presented themselves to my mind. As a result of my previous work with the tarot, I had learned to attune myself to the essence of the cards and accept whatever my intuition presented. I intuitively knew card 11 had to have an upright sword. Then the image of a woman came through; she wanted to be in the upper left corner. I had no idea what she had to do with this card, but I accepted it and complied with her demand. Many months later, when meditating on the deck, I finally understood. Her presence is needed to show the sword as the symbol of forging will power. This is very important if you want to wield your Strength. Wielding a sword implies the right use of your Strength. Look to her face and she will tell you what your Strength is about and how to use it properly.

Originally, the Intuitive Tarot consisted of pencil drawings. Later on, in the late 1990’s, my wife, Carol Herzer, painted the cards, transforming it into a magnificent deck.

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