Magical Mystery Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel

Published: late 1980’s, re-issued in 2002

Originally it was a 20 card Trump deck. Cards 19, 20 and 21 were condensed into one card. At the time it was difficult to get good reproductions of the fine pencil drawings. Color copiers have much improved and the copy is almost the same as the original. So I decided to re-issue this deck in 2002. I have worked over some of the drawings a little bit and replaced the card 19-20-21 with three new cards, making the deck into a full 22 card major arcana deck.

The general theme of this deck is pagan or wicca, but I let my intuition and even my dreams come through as well. The booklet gives a basic explanation of the cards, but I really want the images themselves speak to you. Wicca is about experience with Nature and with your inner self, and this is the way the Magical Mystery deck should be experienced.

Booklet in PDF format