Medicator Tarot

by Dirk Gillabel
The first limited edition, 1980’s was in black-and-white and a couple of hand-colored copies. Re-issued in 2001, colored with computer painting programs.
The original b/w deck consisted of ink drawings. It was printed on heavy paper and came in a cardboard box. Th 2001 edition is a revision of the original black-and-white deck. The drawings have been improved and the cards have been given English titles. The booklet is also new and makes the deck more accessible for those who are not schooled in esoteric knowledge. The cards have been painted using several computer programs. The philosophy behind the Medicator deck is the basis of all the deck made by me.
The Medicator was my very first major arcana deck. It was created at a time when I felt the need to express my esoteric ideas into tarot cards. I wanted to make a deck that would express ideas that lie at the core of each card. I saw the traditional images of the cards as masks of archetypes hidden deep in the subconscious of man. For each card I isolated myself and meditated upon the card to penetrate the veil of the traditional representation. Focusing on the essence of each card and basing myself on knowledge that I had acquired over the years, a natural underlying flow of energy revealed itself through the major arcana. Primarily based on the meaning of numbers, but also on the archetypal content of the cards, a picture of the genesis of mankind emerged. It reveals the manifestation of man from the original divine source, involution into the material worlds, and ascent back to the source. The basic structure of the Medicator Tarot is based upon the cosmic genesis of man. The Fool, as zero, stands apart because he represent man before he left the divine realm. From one to nine, man enters the cosmic realms descending from the most subtle to the most crystallized levels of existence. This is called involution, as he becomes more and more involved with the created worlds. From ten to eighteen man starts his ascent from the physical world back to the divine realm, that which is called evolution. At nineteen, he stands once again outside the cycle of human experience. Now he has entered the divine light again but has gained valuable experience of the human involution and evolution. The next two cards, twenty and twenty-one are different aspects of card nineteen. The shape of the zero of The Fool encircles the entire human experience, but at the same time is beyond it. With involution and evolution we have two half circles of nine cards, nine being for a long time a sacred number. Many cultures in regard nine to be the number of worlds in the cosmos (also the levels of consciousness) that man came through and has to go through again. The three card after eighteen form a spiritual Trinity with many interpretations. In total it all adds up to twenty-one cards (which is three times seven) plus the Fool, making it twenty-two cards; twenty-two being a second master number (eleven is the first one). On the surface the Medicator Tarot looks totally different from a traditional major arcana. However I consider it to be an expression of the underlying, essential meaning of a traditional deck. I attach great importance to the sequence of the cards. One can argue that the sequence of cards in the major arcana is arbitrary. When tarot cards first appeared many different sequences existed and the number of cards in a deck varied. When tarot was introduced into France the cards were arranged in an sequence that suddenly would not change anymore. It was a time of flourishing esoteric orders, and tarot was being used in those circles. It is my belief that they arranged the tarot cards in a fixed sequence to express certain esoteric doctrines, especially those based on numbers. Maybe I am wrong, but isn’t the tarot an excellent tool to explore the human mind? It is a tool to find out what we are all about, and this is an ongoing process. The Medicator Tarot is one of those decks that explains to you where we come from, who we are, and where we are going.
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